I started this blog as an Astrologer to structure information on what we in Astrology call: The Black Moon Lilith. However, this  blog is not only about Lilith but she will walk as a red thread through my posts with or without me mentioning her. You can learn and study  her in this space, if you open the links I post, and watch the video’s.  I wont be a teacher: just a person passing on information with a high Lilith factor. On a personal level, as well as on a collective level.

I started researching Lilith in 1994. In those days there was  just one small book about her. If you research an archetype, you go back in history where she for the first time appeared. In her case officially this was in the 13th century and it’s a horrible story. It didn’t feel right: I instantly knew it was a cover up. Luckily these days here is a lot more information about her,  but  she still is hard to grasp, pin down, and go’s beyond comprehension based on the fact that we’re missing a plausible roll model:  Lilith, Wikipedia.

When I research an archetype, in a nutshell, I go back to the source of the myth; slice it up to pieces, so I can analyze how it works out through the human psyche. After doing so, I pick it up with people and their charts, for a couple of years, to see how it works  in real life. I did it before with Pluto (before I found Jeff Greens book) and with Chiron. Usually I am good in doing this and cover the whole thing, including the practical astrology part, in about two years. Lilith has been an completely different story. It’s a 22 year journey already, and she keeps tricking me. All of us who are researching her: It comes with the job.

Nevertheless, it gave me a lot of experience and insights into the topic. The biggest surprise of all was that she maintained all of my unanswered questions: my big, standing with a fist to the sky, why‘s…?!

During my research she made me live her like nobody else. Only to realize you can look at her in a chart but talking about her is not done. She is an inner journey: absolutely magical but completely fluid. At least most of the time…

In the first stage of my research I couldn’t grasp my mind around her at all. A big break trough for me was coincidently reading the Mists of Avalon, by Marion Bradley. Even though it’s a fictional story she researched priestesshood very deeply.

First of all: that book completely resonated with me. It gave me a perfect example of what a woman who is carrying the Lilith archetype, in a powerfull way, looks like trough the character of Morgaine. I picked it up from there: researched priestesshood, Pagan believes and traced the origins of the myth back to the Sumerians.

Uncovered 2000 years of hidden Gnostic  belief systems, and the history around them. She made me end up doing a two-year long research on conspiracy theories, and secret societies.

Lilith took me on a trip to the end of this earth, and back again. Brought me completely down on to my knees in my personal live, but rewarded me  with tremendous strength back because of it. But  remains the mystery she is…

However, in the personal lives of women with strong Lilith placements the themes of oppression, abuse, trauma, threats, and/or loosing their children, are heavy. The power of endurance and fighting back when necessary, is extremely powerfull. Women like this aren’t martyrs: they are emotional heavy weights…

They are powerful women in their own right and respect, but somehow this is sort of an invitation for people to victimize, and to control them. They all are priestesses in their own way’s, without joining any group nor religion in most of the cases.

They don’t care about conventions or dogma’s, at all. Most of them have strong psychic abilities, but are heavily grounded and down to earth. They almost, always are single women, because they don’t compromise easily, in terms of equality. They are examples when it comes to the full meaning of the words: Authenticity and Autonomy. And they all do have a great sense of humour. But if it comes to it they don’t fool around. They can be really drastic, but  have my deepest respect…

I don’t do Lilith readings on-line, because she is multidimensional, and I can’t cover her true meaning without me knowing the person very well. The subjects that can come up, if it comes to Lilith, can be quite “wild” to say it politely, and I like to handle them with great delicacy. I can not do this over the net: she a right brain principle and because of the trauma’s that can be involved, you’ll have to be carefull. Working with Lilith in the chart is like horse whispering to me…

If there is severe trauma, the left brain approach by talking about it will only increase the damage. It has been scientifically proven that creative right brain outlets are one of the better tools for trying to heal trauma. While in severe cases the left brain, intellectual approach actually causes more damage.

What I like to do on this blog is showing her to you, in her many shapes and forms, through poems, music video’s, and movie characters. Which covers a part, or maybe the full image, of the Lilith archetype. Lilith shows herself through layers, but what you will find at the end is beautiful and powerful.

But you will have to go through the layers first: the denial and the shadows it creates. Refusal, trauma, dealing with trauma, and rage: what they call Vajra Anger in Vajrayana Buddhism. Which means sacred anger. Lilith is fighting for your inner most core, if it comes to authenticity, and if it comes to what is truly sacred to you. Willing to give up everything and paying the “social price” without any concessions: if it comes to what should be sacred to all of us.

It will be a Ying/Yang right brain/left brain approach, because viewing her from the right brain in my opinion is easier. I also discovered that working with music, poems, and over the top, blown out of proportion,  pop-art movie scenes , like Quentin Tarantino’s Beatrix Kiddo for instance,  –  is great Lilithian therapy.

I strongly recommend it to everyone who is a blogger, because it’s a great way of giving back the Lilith rage to Mother Earth. After all the internet doesn’t go through the air: it go’s through the ground. I will  release some tension  on this blog myself as well: Giving it back to Mother Earth…

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