Lilith in the chart represents a point of repression, denial, refusal and trauma. If you have worked yourself through all her layers in the end she will be a channel straight into the Universe. Which is truly powerful on a profound level.

On a collective level she represents a powerful female principle that has been repressed and abused for century’s through all of our history.

She has been buried  and kept  hidden through the complete age of Pisces. Woman who carried the Lilith principle strongly were, hunted, abused and burned. Their offsprings were killed and abused.

The inquisitions and witch hunts in the dark ages are the best example of her repression that already is going on for centuries.

As a result of all this repression she became craving angry. Like all the essentials you ignore long enough in life. Her autonomous pure female energy is raging for justice and will not step a side for God even. But we are talking  sacred anger  here.

With Lilith comes anger for centuries of repression: Witch hunts, rape, taking a way her offsprings and  forcing her into prostitution if she picked up on the right to make her own choices. For centuries she had to live in shame, exile and denial.

Lilith in my opinion has nothing to do with being a feminist who doesn’t need anyone. She is a woman and women need to merge with someone they love. It’s in their nature. In the Myth, her feminism: Not needing anyone was born out of her demand for equal rights. Equal rights seemed logical to her and the choice she made, to not accept Adams oppression turned her in to a woman living in exile and shame.

 Making this choice and taking care of herself by living the consequences makes her into an autonomous woman. Strong enough to survive on her own. No matter the consequences.

But as a woman she still wants to connect: It is simply her nature. There is pain involved but she can live with it because it wasn’t fair of Adam to oppress her in the first place. After all they  were both made out of the same Earth…

In the end Lilith in the psyche as well as in the chart is a clear open channel to the universe: If you fully realize her in yourself you will channel her through your complete system where she streams out through your third eye. Even though her energy streams through the  third eye, you have to be heavily grounded to be able to do so because it is incredible strong energy and quite wild in nature.

She is what Tibetans call Vajra: Vajra means lightning bolt. If your energy is not strongly grounded into the Earth; you might  blow yourself away on a energetic level.

In her best form she is your most authentic self in corporation with the universe. Beautiful and strong: The ultimate kundalini rising and highly tantric in nature. But her path go’s straight down through the Earth.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for pointing this out to me.. I didn’t even know it existed because I kept trying to go back farther and couldn’t find many older posts. So I tried to search the blog and then found it by going back..

    “the lighting bolt” wow!

    Still much to learn, but its good to know I’m getting the information I need intuitively..


    • You can also click on archive at the bottom of the left side bar and start with clicking on February. Every tag on my tag list is a link: Click on them and it will open all the posts which are written if it comes to the tag topic.


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