Lilith And The Age Of Pisces

In The Netherlands a group of Astrologers introduced a French astrological system: The system of Jean Carteret. This system is based on the spiritual points: North Node/South Node, Black Moon/Priapus, and Black Sun/Diamond.
This system is highly accurate if it comes to timing the Nodes in the sense of finding the turning point from the South Node to the North Node. Even if it (IMO) doesn’t cover the whole Lilith area: it is a big help if it comes to working with Black Moon Lilith as well.

Lilith is a channel to the knowledge of the Universe and/or the spiritual realm: there where we are coming from. When we are born the channel Black Moon Lilith represents is still open. Around the age of 6 to 7 years it gets traumatized by the outside world and the channel closes… You switch over to the polarity point Priapus and develop a fake personality which is highly acceptable by your social surroundings, and grounds you in society.

Usually you function really well in the house where Priapus is positioned, and things go really smooth for you in this area of life. If you live on your Priapus position , because the Lilith channel is shut, you are loved by establishment but it isn’t truly you.

 Lilith will be waiting among the shadows; building her shadow, which usually is as large as the denial is. Facing the shadows, the rage, and working yourself through the layers to open the channel up again; is quite a journey with a lot of challenges.  It starts rocking after your  Progressive Full Moon when you get in touch with the purpose of your North Node again (since early childhood).
By the time you’ll get your second progressive New Moon, as well as the Pluto square Pluto transit, which if everything go’s well, will make you step back in to your own power again: you have build the strength to work with Black Moon Lilith  in relation to your true spiritual talents, while the  Kundalini is rising.

Within Carteret’s System as well as my own experience in working with it, the degrees between Mean BML and Corrected/Natural BML, are called the Lilith Zone. The Lilith Zone can’t be bigger than 12 degrees.

If it gets hit by a transit from the outer planets or by Black Moon Lilith herself (True, Mean or Corrected/Natural), it can be a true kick in.
To me, Black Moon Lilith in the chart represents the missing link into the human psyche. We’ve repressed this part of our nature, personal as well as on a collective level,for almost a complete age: The age of Pisces.

In the last week of June Neptune will be Rx at 28 degrees of Aquarius: Mean Black Moon Lilith  will be at 29 degrees of Aquarius and Chiron will be at  0 degree in Pisces. Together they will form another triple conjunction; in the degrees where the age of Pisces will shift into the age of Aquarius. Interesting is that the North Node is in a 1 degree orb on top the Black Sun at  12°35 in Cancer, and the south Node is in a 1 degree orb on top of the Diamond 12°35 in Capricorn…
I don’t know how this will play out for us, but there is no doubt in my mind that this will be an initiation into the years to come: and how they are going to work out for us on a collective level.

The last time Mean BML went through the first degrees of Pisces; the Twin Towers came down. Mean BML was on the second degree of Pisces on September 11 2001 and we were collectively traumatized. I’ll hope this time we will collectively close the cycle which was initiated back then, in a more positive way.

Jupiter and Uranus will make a conjunction in the first degrees op Aries and Saturn will be in a 3 degree opposition on the 29th degree of Virgo; before he will move on to Libra again and takes his position in the coming Cardinal Cross: between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus/Jupiter, in the beginning of August.

We will be in for an interesting summer this year. I have this theory about Black Moon Lilith being a principle of sacred justice as an equalizer. I hope she cleans the house, but cleaning a mess this big is going to take time. But if I am right this will be the first initiation into the process

Here is some  Lilith advice for the times to come from a special man who had a total understanding of how she energetically works…
Bruce Lee: Be Water My Friend on YouTube


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