Lilith and Priapus

Lilith is a clear-sighted multidimensional channel that synthesizes on a right brain quality. The usual left brain intellectual society around her feels threatened by it and rejects her quality’s. Nobody accepts her message and she lives in exclusion because of it.

Black Moon Lilith in the chart, among other things (she is incredibly complicated), represents a point of injustice: There where you get enslaved because you are multidimensional, clear, powerful, wild and uncontrollable. Linear left brain orientated society doesn’t like that and will try to control you because of it.

Above all you do know it better if it comes to this part of your nature. Besides the fact  it is your connection with universal  consciousness, it also is an incredible powerful part of your psyche, as well as your personality.

Nevertheless you’ll become outcast or a renegade in the areas where she is working in your chart/personality. Because of this, the channel closes through a traumatic event at a young age and you cross over to Priapus by submitting to the intellectual left brain orientated society that surrounds you.

Needles to say this comes with hidden resentment. This part of your nature will get wild if it is kept repressed , oppressed, covered up, and will build shadows. No matter how loving you think you are and how many people you have to confirm it: It’s a law of nature.

Those who open it up again later in life will have to deal with the feelings of trauma, injustice, resentment, anger, and rejection of the outside world by going through it. Lilith is about taking back your power by living it. It is top realism of the highest order. This quite raw clarity, which is called Vajra in Buddhism, is what it is: It doesn’t come out in a sense of showing you what is, but by ruthlessly cutting away what not is…

Which btw, isn’t the same as acting out on the emotions of your reptilian brain when you are experiencing the Lilith rage. The emotions of the reptilian brain are part of us, but useful for true survival in the moment.

It’s about living the Lilithian emotions, so to speak, down to the bone but by being in control of them. Human emotions are a part of life; they make you human. But we are living in a society where they don’t want you to have them. The further away you are from your true emotions (Moon), the less ground you’ll have under your feet. The less ground you have under your feet: the easier you are to control. It’s that simple.

Priapus is the polarity point of Lilith placed in the opposite sign and house: It’s the exact opposite point of Black Moon Lilith.

The sign and house where Priapus is located is where you adapt very easily to mainstream society.

It’s the area where you ground yourself into society. You are highly potent in that area of your chart but it is a fake personality. In the end it will leave you ungrounded within yourself and with it your true spiritual power. No matter how high levelled your spiritual concepts are. They are what they are: Just concepts and ways to make you feel better and more secure without true spiritual roots. But acceptable for society.

Lilith is where the roots are. Going through the motions by feeling it and dealing with it is the key.

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