Mars Retrograde in Leo

wpid-rh11.jpegMars Rx in Leo finally hit me:I can’t do anything this last week, and live in some sort of complete silence. I am a Cancer and withdrawal comes natural to me. We Cancers all do this every once in a while, because we need to keep the balance between our own emotional needs and those of others. However, this time I feel like  I’ll never pick up of any type of action ever again. That’s just how it feels, there’s no doubt in my mind that this will pass, but like I just said: I am a Cancer, we do feel things deeply. Fortunately, I do have a couple of days completely for myself: Nobody in the house. I needed that…

At the beginning of this Mars Rx period when people where starting to feel uncomfortable about it, to me actually it felt like a holiday: Slowing down a little.
I have Natal Mars square Uranus in conjunction to Pluto and an incredible drive. As well as a demanding live. I kind of liked the Retrograde motion. At the moment I started to feel the urge of the Mars Rx to truly slow down (which is in my 8th house) I spontaneously in the moment decided to start this blog. Give it a foundation, and to slow down after I’ve done so. I started to swim up against stream to pull it off. We Mars/ Uranus/Pluto people are quite good if it comes to these types of actions.

The chart of this blog has Mars Retrograde in Leo in opposition with A Sun, Lilith, Venus conjunction in Aquarius: On top of my Natal Pars the Fortuna as well as my True Lilith. Which means Mars Retrograde is in conjunction with Priapus as well. I didn’t plan opening this blog. Didn’t give the possible chart a thought even, when I did.
The Ascendant of this blog is on 8 degrees Virgo with an exact Moon Vesta Conjunction on the 3rd degree of Virgo: On top of my Natal 9th house Moon ruler, of my 8th house, in opposition with my Natal Mean Lilith, in the 3rd in Pisces: I opened this blog gave it a foundation, get followers and end up in a complete silence,  which is unusual for me. It actually is giving me a real uncomfortable feeling. My poor, poor Priapus…

Feeling uncomfortable about all this I opened my mailbox. Where I found this e-mail from one of my oldest, and dearest friends, who happens to have his Virgo Sun on my Virgo Moon. The message was short: I hope you guys are ok… He also posted a You Tube link which when I opened it lightened up my day. I was watching an other 8 house Mars (action), Retrograde (backfires), in Leo (on a public platform) situation that made me realise, even though I still feel kind of uncomfortable: It could have been a lot worse.
So: I decided to post it and give you something to read and watch on my blog, until I get out of this total state of non action again…

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