The Holy Grail: Priapus in action through history

One of our today’s sign of times is the uncovering news which is brought to us by the alternative media on the internet. This phenomenon as well as new Archaeological discovery’s and the release if it comes to books as the Davinci Code are all parts of uncovering hidden parts of our history which IMO basically is Lilithian in nature.

When in the 4th century the Roman Emperor Constantine embraced and conciliated the Christian Church the old Pagan belief systems based on the God and the Goddess had to come to an end together with  the Devine Feminine and went underground.

During the 11th century certain Gnostic groups were formed for instance: the Knight Templar’s, the Rosicrucian’s, Cathars, the Priory of Sion, the Freemasons and later on the Illuminati which remained pagan knowledge and/or information about the real meaning of the Holy Grail; and where we all are coming from: These groups claim to hold on to secret occult knowledge that opposed, or also has been kept by the Vatican. There are a lot of speculations and theories about all this, but not that many solid facts: At least not in our mainstream history.

What everyone today is calling The New World Order, Global Elite and/or illuminati actually is a part of our hidden western history. Hidden behind the laws of the Vatican a long, long time ago…

All of the New World Order, Global Elite and Illuminati conspiracy theories have these Gnostic groups as their ingredients. The believe systems of most of these groups go back as far as ancient Egypt, the Sumerians as well as the believe that an Alien culture landed on the earth and possibly created our human live.

Writers like: Laurence Gardner, Jim Marrs and Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln to name a few researched the Gnostic groups, and wrote interesting books about them. If it comes to the Grail line, the Grail symbolism and the different groups and factions.

To make a (truly) long story short: These Gnostic groups all created different factions and spin offs. From my understanding, they used to work with one and other on an occasionally base: The Night Templars for instance invented our bank systems. The Free Masons are responsible for a lot of the buildings, churches and cathedrals around the world and so on.

These groups were the silent powers behind the thrones in many occasions and are standing at the root of our today’s secret services. What happened is that a long time ago they’ve got into power battles with each other as well as with the Vatican.

In the 18th century the Renaissance has been initiated Democracy got introduced and the Founding Fathers created America: In other words the power structures chanced. These groups must have worked over time spying on each other and manipulating it all their way’s. I think back than and up until today, they don’t even know themselves who is who anymore: It’s a mess…

They’ve all must have had their own agenda’s and what we are facing right now if it comes to the Global Elite IMO is a result from groups and factions behind the scenes trying to get total control of power. The one who has the majority if it comes to the masses is the one that wins. Controlling a big population is a difficult thing to do. So: There is a propaganda war going on for our minds and maybe ( many people believe this ) a plan to reduce the population…

Personally: I don’t have a clue how far this go’s. But I do not need conspiracy theories to see the dangers and the insanity of what’s going on in today’s world.

The last  decade on a global level basic constitutional laws have been turned back if it comes to ” power to the people.” A pretty scary thing which is looking us all straight into the eye’s and we do have a choice in this. But not many people are reacting if it comes to these facts. Strangely enough…

On a personal level I am very curious to see how it will work out on a global level when Mean Black Moon Lilith together with Chiron and Neptune will make a conjunction at the last degrees of Aquarius, and will go through the zone where the age shift will take place, – the next coming summer: In the last week of June.

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