Lilith and Pluto

“As with planets, the influences of the Black Moon will depend on it’s placement in the horoscope, the sector and sign it occupies and the aspects it forms. Since it expresses radical values, it brings to the horoscope the best and the worst, the careful ambassador and the criminal mind, simultaneously and instantaneously.

Some will try to find similarities with Saturn and Pluto, but the Black Moon differs significantly from these. Saturn gives frustration and guilt by lack or mourning for something dear. Pluto brings anguish, transformation, and expiation. But both lack the suddenness of impact which characterizes Black Moon Lilith. While the culpability of Saturn eventually fosters the Plutonian punishment, the Black Moon radically executes the sentence. And although Saturn and Pluto have instincts of sacrifice, neither have anything to do with rebellion or disobedience.” The Dark Goddess Lilith by Demetra George

I could not have said this better myself: especially not in English. The above quotation is a significant point if it comes to our understanding of Lilith. Many compare her with Pluto, which is understandable and they do have a relationship with one and other. In fact Pluto is a very important factor in Lilith coming out of the shadows, repression and denial to face what ever it is there is to face, within the zone between Mean Black Moon Lilith and Corrected Black Moon Lilith. Before you get her true clarity back, as well as her true strength. In life, the psyche and on a collective level.

But he isn’t her. Pluto is manipulative, works underground and has a certain paranoia/suspicion that is in his nature: Lilith on the other hand is as straight as they come. One of her symbols is the Flaming Sward, as well as the Tibetan Dakini Knife. The deeper meaning behind this is: they both cut through the truth, by cutting away the unessential…

However, no one in the world has a better understanding if it comes to Lilith then Pluto has, and he is the one who breaks her out into the open. Transit Pluto square Natal Pluto is a very significant factor before you open up the Black Moon Channel again, so you can consciously work with it. It will show you your Lilith polarity in the Lilith/Priapus axis dilemma, and help you to step back into your own power again.

The best analyses I have ever seen, if it comes to the Lilith/Priapus dilemma, didn’t come from an Astrologer; nor by a Jungian analyst. It came to me through Quentin Tarantino’s Movie Kill Bill.

Bill (Pluto), played by David Carradine, is giving Beatrix Kiddo (Lilith), played by Uma Thurman, his vision why becoming Mrs.Tommy Plimton wouldn’t have worked out for Beatrix (The Bride), in the long run.

Click here for a 10 minute version of  the  next scene. It’s  a brilliant performance if it comes to the true Plutonian archetype and the nature of the Lilith/Pluto relationship in terms of their equality. Or watch the  3 minute Superman dialogue in the video screen: It has one hell of a punch line. Enjoy…

Inspired by: Q. Tarantino © 2010 Fauvism Astrology
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2 thoughts on “Lilith and Pluto

  1. A on said:

    I’ve been studying lilith for quite a while now, Tarantino’s insight is the best i’ve come across yet for the lilith/pluto energies. Really enjoyed reading your articles, thanks! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your reply and I agree with you. If you look at Kill Bill as some sort of a modern popart version of a Lilithian story you’ll see that the whole movie is great Lilith study material. But especially the scene between Bill and Beatrix Kiddo.

      Thanks again and I am glad you enjoyed it.


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