New Rules for Lil – Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is not only famous for his work as an actor but, also as a stand up comedian. His corrected Black Moon Lilith is on top of his Ascendant in Leo; together with Uranus.

Besides the fact that BML gives a certain clarity as well as pureness, among other things it can also  make a person with a prominent BML position kind of raw. Eddie Murphy is a very good example if it comes to this. One of the most successful one man shows he has ever done is called: Raw. His show Raw is not only a clear example if it comes to his BML position on the Ascendant in Leo, but also highlight’s his Priapus position on the Descendant in Aquarius. Enjoy…

Click here: New Rules for Lil on YouTube

Corrected Black Mooon Lilith Rx in conjunction with the Ascendant and Uranus in Leo.The Sun, ruler of the rising sign in the 9th house in Aries, Trine: Ascendant, Corrected BML and Uranus.

Click here for Eddie Murphy’s Chart 

Corrected BML Rx on 17°30 in Leo: Mean BML on 6°54 in Leo: True BML on 7°34 in Leo. Which gives him a Lilith Zone between Mean BML and Corrected BML of 10 degrees.

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2 thoughts on “New Rules for Lil – Eddie Murphy

  1. Ha ha! I love the rules for Lilian. I have always loved that Raw show. As much as I see the Lilith AC I’m not sure I would go as far as using yet another Lilith. This corrected Lilith is the “Natural” one I take it.
    I would say he has a black hole of a Lilith corridor with the mean & the true only 30′ apart. Wow! Thats the tightest I’ve seen and in the 12th house too,’a bullet hole straight to the collective consciousness, perfect for stand up. Priapus on the DC tho. Ooooh yes!
    New Blog looks great btw. I have updated your link now. Mine has also changed. Lilith Pages on Funkastrology now.


    • Ha ha: Thanks Marina,

      I love the show Raw myself a lot as well. To me It shows the Lilith/Priapus dilemma as clear as it gets. With the divorce and relationship issues and all. It’s shoots straight through the truth of many relationship dependency issues, which is a Ascedant/Descendant dilemma in a Lilithian raw kind of a way. Lilith doesn’t polish things: She tells it like it is.

      I know all this Lilith positions are confusing but all together they do tell a story. I work with 5 right now but my focus point is on what we (who work with Carteret’s system) call the BML Zone between Mean BML and Corrected BML because it is the most visible. It is a true kick in. This zone can’t be bigger then 12 degrees, btw.

      Murphy’s chart is a great example for this because his True and Mean BML are both in his 12th house and not close enough to the Ascendant to make it this visible. One of the problems with working with it are the calculations. There are different calculations if it comes to Corrected Black Moon Lilith. I work with the tables from a book written by a woman named Rosa Wouters. Ten years already and they are spot on accurate. You have my e-mail send me your data and I can look up for you where your Corrected BML is so you can check it out for yourself. You’ll see it’s quite accurate.


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