Transit Stress

I promised to write a post on cracking Pluto and I will: Just not now. Right now; the personal Transit Stress is coming out of my ears…

I will write that post one day: Some day. Just don’t ask me when. Besides Transit Pluto is in opposition with the exact midpoint between  my Sun and my Jupiter: Ruler of my rising. He also is making a sextile to Black Moon Lilith herself: The exact midpoint of my 10 degree Lilith Zone. Those two are rocking me of my socks already for almost two years! Right now I am done with them. I want them both out of my face.

I am sorry for those who were waiting for the Cracking Pluto thing and the Lilith initiation afterwards. She is not half the evil witch everybody thinks she is, but: God she can be annoying.  Besides all the other transit stress I do have: I also am just in front of my Lilith return. May god bless me and at least half of my hometown for that matter.

To give myself some space I am going to dwell on my Transit Neptune and Chiron who are  making a square with my Venus, by doing nothing with some music on and maybe even a couple of beers, who knows… We are talking Neptune here. So I am in tune if I do so. I’ll share some of the music with you all, but the beers I’ll keep to myself.

Among other things, Saturn is making a square with my Sun already for way to long: It makes me just as needy and greedy as the rest of the people these days: Thank God for me… I thought I would never learn that one. So: Cheers…!

Lauryn Hill and Curtis Mayfield – Here but I ‘m Gone… ( Just for a spring break )

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