Pluto Stationary on April the 7th

On April the 7th, Pluto  will go Stationary before he starts his Retrograde motion in Capricorn, till mid September.

After  Mars Retrograde: the lower octave of Pluto, which started in december and just ended, I am convinced this will be of great significance on a personal, as well as on a global level.

Mars is going through the retrograde shadow in Leo, and will make another inconjuction with Pluto, on april the 11th. Inconjunctions to me always feel like a bad toothache. I would love to see the dentists statistics BTW with Pluto in Capricorn, and fiery Mars in Leo…

Anyway: It will give some of us, who have planets or points in those degrees, some sort of outcome on certain issues: Mars will be on my Vesta in Leo and I don’t have a clue what to expect. I thought Mars Rx going over my 8th house Vesta would be truly interesting. But I have to admit: I still haven’t figured it out…

Besides the inconjunction Mars made, and will make again, during his Retrograde period with Pluto, he also made quite a significant opposition with Mean Black Moon Lilith. He will make another one, together with Priapus, on May 30 at 26 degrees of Leo; in opposition with Black Moon Lilith at 26 degrees of Aquarius. Right before she will transiting her way through the zone where the age shift will take place. All this right before, and during the Cardinal Cross, we all have to go through this coming Summer. On May 30, Jupiter will be at the 29th degree in Pisces, Conjunct Uranus on 00 degrees in Aries. Saturn will be Retrograde in  opposition in Virgo on the 27th degree; Pluto will be at the 4th degree of Capricorn in his Retrograde motion.

While Black Moon Lilith at 26 degrees of Aquarius will make an opposition with  Mars and Priapus: Neptune will be at 28 degrees Aquarius, and Chiron will be two degrees away at 00 degrees of Pisces. The North and South Node axis are conjunct in what we, who work with Carteret’s System, call: The Diamond and Black Sun axis. Which to us is very interesting and could be of great significance for the times to come. According to Jean Carteret: North Node/South Node, Black Moon/Priapus, and Diamond/Black Sun axes, are spiritual points.

On May 30 Transit Venus will make, together with Transit South Node, a conjunction with the Black Sun on the 12th degree of Cancer. Which is definitely interesting, because it also is two days after the full Moon on May  28.

The New Moon on May 14, before the Full Moon on May 28, will be on the 23rd degree of Taurus: making a conjunction with Fixed Star Algol and in a T-Square with Black Moon Lilith and Priapus; in a wide conjunction with Mars on 18 Leo (5 degree orb). Interesting isn’t it..?

The problem is all of us who are working with Carteret ‘s System for the last decade, are still checking the system out! Most of us who work with it on a psychological personal level already know how well it works: but what does all this means globally…? We can do wild predictions, or wait and observe…

I’ll  go for the last option myself, if you don’t mind. I am a Psychological Astrologer who doesn’t like to speculate: I want experience first. So, I’ll have to wait  and sit this one out. Just thought some of you would like to know. So you can watch the coming events with me. There definitely will be interesting times coming. Already are for that matter. Just keep your eyes open from the  New Moon at May 14, till the end of September: Just a tip…

If it comes to Black Moon Lilith: Pluto and Mars are connected  to her. Priapus opposes her. They say Algol  like Lilith are both connected to the Great Mother and we have Alcyone at 0 degree 08 in Gemini as well; the main star of the Pleiades. Sister constellation to this Earth. Also called: The Weeping Sisters.

If this post resonates with you, start watching closely from the New Moon  at May 14 2010.  I’ll be watching this process myself,  like a hawk.

For more information on Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn:Click here for a great article by Melanie Reinhart. Click here for an article on Mars Rx In Leo by Melanie Reinhart.

For more information on the Retrograde Mars period we all have been going through as well as an update where we are now: March 2010. Click here for a radio interview with Barabara Hand Clow (posted by Linda on Utopian Love Connection). Click here for Barbara’s monthly New Moon updates on Astroflash (scroll down).

For more information on the coming Cardinal Cross also called the Cardinal Crisis: Click here and you will visit Theodore White’s blog, Global Astrology. Written by a profound  true Mundane Astrologer: who truly knows his job.

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2 thoughts on “Pluto Stationary on April the 7th

  1. Wow! I too will be watching the Lilith T square like a hawk. Great informative post. Thanks.


  2. Thanks Marina,

    You’re welcome.

    It is interesting. The Mars Rx in Leo in opposition with BML in Aquarius to me is facinating in this period of time. With all the fake Priapism that’s going on, globally these days.


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