Black Moon Lilith and the Cardinal Crisis

The last couple of days, I ‘ve been reading many astro blogs and site’s about the upcoming Cardinal T-Square.

Pluto in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra, sure is a party breaker. Todays governmental parenting feels so rigid that I feel like I am living in an almost totalitarian system. Unfortunately: many people feel the same. It’s not just me.

In a  month Uranus will join the scene moving into Aries. I think that’s not a bad thing at all, but do understand that this combination is quite a molotov cocktail  which is scaring many people. Fortunately,  for me I have a tight natal Uranus Pluto conjunction into my 9th house  squaring my natal Mars, into the 7th; ruling my 4th house.

I outlived  this astrological fact  already for almost 44 years. As well as the fact that this square outlived me for the same amount of time: we do know each other quite well, these days.

In Traditional Astrology the 4th house rules the home, the family background, as well as your roots: your ancestors and your homeland. In Psychological Astrology the 4th house also rules the base of the personality. Why should I worry…?

 I have some Lilith factor going for me as well in  difficult and hard times. I don’t only know how to fight, I also know how to survive. So: I have confidence and I am in the crossfire if it comes to my natal chart. In my chart the T-square will make a Grand Cross. With my MC/IC axis as well as with my Sun in Cancer.

Here are a few points to consider for those of you who are nervous about the coming period. First of all Saturn is in the sign of his exaltation: Libra is a sign of balance and among other things a sign of  justice. Pluto in Capricorn is transforming outdated structures. Which in my opinion  truly is necessary. Pluto/Saturn aspects are extremely tough: together they have a resistance that is made of iron. Uranus in Aries might truly have the power to blast through this.  Jupiter is right behind him until he will make the conjunction and moves on.  Here we have another planet which is also known as a protector of justice and rules the higher courts.

Jupiter in Aries is about personal freedom and  maintenance of the self. Uranus in Aries is about uniqueness and freedom of spirit in general. While Pluto is taking care of  old structures.

In concept it doesn’t look bad to me at all. But I am aware of the dangers as well. Because of this, I think Saturn at the opposite side in Libra   tempering all this fire is quite an intelligent solution. It is quite some diplomatic factor the universe is giving us in all this basically, in nature, atomic fire power.

In one of my previous posts: Lilith and the age of Pisces I am sharing the fact that I have a theory if it comes to Lilith as being a principle of sacred  justice. I don’t know yet if I am right: time will have to tell. But if I am: This year will be her last cycle trough the zone where the age shift from Pisces to Aquarius will take place. Black Moon Lilith has a nine-year cycle and her principle has been repressed through the whole age of Pisces.

One of her symbols is the Flaming Sward and/or the Tibetan Dakini Knife. Which cuts through the truth by cutting away the unessential. I am convinced she will uncover a lot of hidden truths while she is transiting from Aquarius to Pisces. Her sacred anger is about equality as well as the right to her authenticity, and the right of being an autonomous person. Sounds pretty familiar if you compare this to Jupiter and Uranus in Aries doesn’t it…?

Thinking of all this I asked myself where exactly is Black Moon Lilith during the cardinal crisis? At July the 21st the day Saturn will enter Libra: Mean Black Moon  Lilith will be at the 2nd degree of Pisces. The last time she was on the same exact degree in Pisces was nine and a half-years ago, at 9/11 2001: the day the Twin Towers came down. Trust me it wasn’t Black Moon Lilith’s fault. Taking down two status symbols with 2000 to 3000 people in it  is more a Priapus issue and/or power abuse from Narcissistic Personality Disorders.

Lilith is about naked truth, equal rights, authenticity, and autonomy. But what to expect from a wild principle as Lilith that has been supressed, oppressed, and hidden for almost a complete age…?

At July the 21st Black Moon Lilith will be on the second degree of Pisces in conjunction  with Chiron on the 29th degree of Aquarius, and Neptune on the 28th degree of Aquarius. This is interesting because Neptune is ruler of Pisces and spirituality in one of his highest forms. He also is co-ruler of the age of Pisces.

In one of his lowest forms he is one of the  root factors if it comes to narcissism. Which in my opinion is a social disease running through the age of Pisces. Suppressing the part of the Divine Feminine and pulling the complete Divine concept out of  proportion, so you can keep it to yourself; by controlling it for a complete age, is a truly stupid thing to do, and looks like a severe case of  hubris to me. Or shall I call it Priapism…

In the old Celtic  Priestesses-Hood cults, as well as in Vajrayana Buddhism, the earlier days; the Divine  principles were equal male and female parts. The Gnostics call this  Hieros Gamos and it has nothing to do with suppression of one or another. It just wont work that way and will bring a huge imbalance. Which exactly is one of todays biggest problems. Just look at the Catholic Church, to give you one example. It became some sort of  archetypical, male sexuality out of balance institution, and Lilith has to take the blame if it comes to the demonic side of it all. I am truly sorry to say this: but I don’t think she will.

On July the 21st Neptune, Chiron and Lilith will be at the apex of a Yod-Configuration. In astrology  also known as:  The Finger of God.

Saturn in conjunction with Mars will be at one side of the sextile and the Sun at the other side of the sextile. At July 26th we will have a Full Moon which will give this Yod quite a tight orb. In the old Celtic Priestess-Hood cults, the Druid caries the archetype of Chiron: the initiator. The Priestess caries the archetype of Lilith. Lilith  isn’t just a Priestess as Adam first  consort created out of this Earth: she is the one and only archetypical High Priestess and master of the Kundalini. Symbolized by the serpent  which accompanies her.

After  2000 years of repression this truly makes me wonder: Will we be in for a Finger of God? Or will we be in for what I call: ” a Flying Fist of Judah…?” We’ll have to wait and see how this archetypical drama will play out, in todays reality.

In the mean time:  A song dedicated to Lilith at the end of the age of Pisces. Happy Easter…

Nobody’s Wife – Anouk

© 2010 Fauvism Astrology

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9 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith and the Cardinal Crisis

  1. I am so glad you are looking into how Lilith is fitting into the cardinal T square. I am also not freaked out by the thought of Uranus squaring Pluto. I have that conjunction squaring my AC by less than a degree. Are you a 1966 baby too then?
    I guess the Priapus set are going to be more worried because the time before the 60’s when there were similar aspects was just before the wall st crash.
    I love all the connections you make. So Lilith was at 2 degs Pisc when the twin towers were hit almost 9 and a half years ago? The symbology of the numerology is amazing. The human gestation period in all and the number of completion. I’m a birth 9 too. And the Beatles song Revolution 9. Cycles…
    I am locking horns with a Priapus on our site right now, that sort of patronising behaviour would have thrown me a few years back, but not anymore. Trust in right brain intuitive thinking has got me further in the last 6 months than years of logic. The feedback I am getting from other goddesses on Facebook has been amazing.
    With the Catholic church abuse scandle its only a matter of time before the divine feminine re-emerges. I feel the momentum is building. These Earth quakes from the bowels of Pluto/Persephone are another sign. I can’t wait for the 21st of July. Lilith, Chiron and Neptune at the Apex of a Yod is just too juicy for words.
    BTW This for me is by far the best article I have read about Cardinal Crisis. It’s the one I wanted to write, but you saved me the bother, so thanks! What I will do is the next time I write something mundane about Lilith is link to it.
    I don’t know what will happen either, but my Jupiter rising says it must be good!
    Flying Fist of Judah tho…Lol.


  2. Oh I just realised “Cardinal Crisis”. Crisis for those Cardinals lol?
    BTW. My Url has changed on Lilith Pages. I havent got your email address here as I am not in the UK right now. I can pick up tho. Can you email me? I wanted to ask you if you were on Facebook, I’m gonna post a link to this there. Its been great for Lilith networking.


  3. Hey Marina

    I didn’t realize the Cardinal Cross Crisis was this literally when I wrote this post either. Thanks for pointing it out. Lol…

    I am not on face book or twitter. I hardly ever open my e-mails. It’s some sort of a miracle I actually am a blogger these days. I’ll e-mail you tomorrow. I just closed my mailbox and have to go through passwords again.

    About the baby from 1966. Actually I am middle aged woman from 1966 who refuses to go on botox which is making me grumpy lol. How do you think I came up with that Flying Fist of Judah …? (It’s a line from the album “The Score” by the Fugees.)

    I can’t wait to read and see (I love your illustrations) your post on the Cardinal Cross. Thanks to you that phrase will never sound the same again…

    You also are a Sag Rising: Isn’t it a blessing…!? (Or Cancer Rising wit Jupiter on the Asc. !?)


  4. Hiya,

    Actually I found an excuse put a link to here from Jamies post on Pluto station retrograde-April 2020 I also got a great response to this article when I posted a link to it on my facebook wall.

    I’m a 18 degs Gemini rising with Jupiter in the 1st at 22 degs. Years ago an astrologer told me that I was protected by it. I like to think I am. I need to be with Pluto squaring AC by only 6 mins!


    • Thanks Marina

      For getting my rates up. (Isn’t that a Priapus thing to say…?)
      Jupiter/Sag. rising definitely is a blessing to me.
      I’ll mail you somewhere today….



  5. Hiya,

    This series of articles are thought provoking indeed. I am a Scorpio, looking for what the Cardinal Cross could possibly mean for me…natal (1969, Sydney) chart had sun, moon, mercury and i think neptune in it, so it’s going to be an interesting time! I don’t feel apprehensive about this Cardinal Cross…isn’t it something quite spectacular? A learning curve facilitator???


    • Hi Sistaa

      Thanks for reading it all!

      About the’ thought provoking’ : I have Lilith in the 3rd house and can’t help myself if it comes to that one.

      The Cardinal Cross will be a test to many of us but I do strongly feel we need the change and oppertunity’s it might bring. So, I am not all to scared and decided to go with the flow and cry whenever I have too.


  6. Ann Louise on said:

    I really enjoy your posts! This is really thought provoking indeed and good job! I love how you and Marina include Lilith and her cohorts in the interpretation of current events and personally! And I have and am still learning how they work in a chart! Totally fascinating! Keep up the good work! This is great!


    • Well, thank you. Personally I am glad I am not the only one writing on Lilith: It’s a tough topic which also generates a lot of anger.

      Thanks again.


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