Planet terror and passive aggression: fully loaded.

The Cardinal Cross, we all are going through,  as well as the fact that Black Moon Lilith is coming into a 5 degree orb on top of Neptune, is keeping me busy and makes me observe people and situations everywhere I go.

One of todays sign of times, I am spotting,  and is striking to me; is the amount of passive aggression that’s going on. Even though I do see other kinds of aggression as well: passive aggression is a bigger issue, at this moment, then openly expressed aggression. Which isn’t all that fun either, but  easier to react on or to think : ” You know what…?  I’ll just step aside for the moment… ” So, to me this is coming as a surprise.

If somebody starts to become passive aggressive towards you,  most of the time it isn’t that obvious, but will leave you with an uncomfortable “what just happened…? ” – drained feeling. I always thought of it as a problem related to Neptune in relation to Mars, and/or Mars 12th house connections. Mars in Scorpio, or Mars/ Pluto contacts can keep it underground for a long time, but it will come out at a certain point. Venus /Pluto also can be indicators for  more hidden resentments under the surface.

At least with the more Plutonian types of repressed anger, you always know the other person started  a cold war against you.  But real passive aggression always feels truly Neptune colored to me.

Today for the second time, I  have been reading an article about Lilith on Astrology by  Kingsley in which he  mentioned passive aggression as being a Lilithian problem as well. The first time I have been reading the article I wasn’t all to sure about it. Even though an unacknowledged Lilith will build her shadows: she also is famous for her rants and raging anger. If she comes out, she is as straight as it gets. This in my opinion is  why she  subconsciously and/or consciously is feared, and repressed by many. But realized Kingsley is right. Lilith in the chart represents a point of repression in most of the cases, but strong as she is; repress her long enough and she will become craving angry.

Somehow I did had a difficult time to picture her as passive aggressive. I actually picture her more like the woman in the poster. Even though this Lilithian woman has some kind of a funky Chiron factor going on with that leg; she is very Lilithian and doesn’t look passive aggressive to me.

 But on the other hand that leg is a visual sign of  past trauma, and trauma’s do make you passive and paralyzed for quite some time. They also make you angry in kind of a paralyzing and freezing way. Somehow Lilith and trauma are as much related to each other as Chiron and his wound. Even though I don’t like to face it: Lilith and passive aggression definitely are related to each other. Maybe in a different way as Neptune is, but they are. Where Neptune will do anything to remain a saint in appearance, and will give it to you with a Jesus smile on his face: Lilith will show you some rough and sharp edges when she becomes passive aggressive.

A great example to show this that came to my mind, is the legendary movie: What ever happened to Baby Jane…? With Bette Davis and Joan Crawford… ( Click here for a 3 minute scene on You Tube )

 But Lilith as well as Neptune  both can be quite lethal. Severe passive aggressive behaviour is a serious form of abuse. Which harms and disempowers the person on the other end of it, on a deep level. It also creates fear and if you confront a person with it: he or she will deny everything and starts telling you how good him or hers intentions are, and you shouldn’t make such a big deal  out of everything. Passive aggressive people are masters in Gas Lighting you, and at the moment it  is a sign of times on many levels.

When I saw the Cardinal Cross coming I was prepared for riots like they happened in Greece for instance, under the influence of Jupiter/Uranus against the old power structures:  Saturn and Pluto because of the fall of the financial systems.

Nor will it surprise me if we end up in some sort of  cold war situation: Saturn/Pluto with a strong serious threat, but without the real big explosion; Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter/Uranus in Aries with Saturn in opposition in Libra. Even though many people are afraid for a nuclear war under these transits: I strongly doubt it. Most people are thinking about Iran if it comes to this one, but I just don’t see it happen.

On the alternative news sites on the internet as well as at the conspiracy sites there is a lot of buzzing going around about a coming false flag operation in the Gulf of Aden. Even though many people are saying there are  already many marine ships and submarines from all over the world  patrolling in the waters near Yemen, I can not find it back in the mainstream news. But have to admit Yemen is popping up in the main stream media more, and more. This might be interesting: Who knows…? If it’s true, it is intriguing.

Closer to home I am prepared for a lot of aggression on the streets, and personally believe people will tremble loose if it comes to repressed emotions. However I wasn’t prepared for the amount of serious passive aggression I am seeing everywhere, lately.

People holding on with iron wills to old structural thinking and starting a cold war on you: Yes… (Pluto/Saturn).  This amount of passive aggression, which to me is a Neptune factor: Not at all… Unless Lilith plays a part in this as well and she is slowly getting out of her paralyzing denial.

Thinking of all this and reminding the fact that Lilith is very much related to nature, I suddenly realized the volcano outburst in Iceland: Pluto is related to volcano’s. Uranus could have started the sudden outburst. Saturn could be the factor why of all volcano’s in the world, this one is a volcano on one of the coldest places on earth. But if you think about it, it is quite some passive aggressive volcano to start with. She bursts out a little: many European  airports were shut down and in the end she says: “Dont make such a big deal out of it. I am just spitting some ashes…”

  The next quotation comes from an article about the  volcano eruption from the BBC News:

“This was a rather small and peaceful eruption but we are concerned that it could trigger an eruption at the nearby Katla volcano, a vicious volcano that could cause both local and global damage,” said Pall Einarsson, a geophysicist at the University of Iceland’s Institute of Earth Science, Associated Press news agency reported.”

Which makes me wonder: Peaceful or passive aggressive? It sure is scary. Even though I realize  by now Lilith  also is related to passive aggression: I still somehow don’t like it. But  will stop being passive aggressive about it, right now.

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