Black Moon Lilith, Neptune, Chiron and the Flower Power Children

Right now, Lilith is coming into a 5 degree orb on 23 Aquarius in conjunction to Neptune on 28 Aquarius. We already have the Chiron Neptune conjunction and soon Lilith will join them both and will make another triple conjunction in Aquarius/Pisces.

This triple conjunction will make a quincunx with Saturn in Virgo/Libra for quite some time.  With all these mysterious  planets, points and transits it is difficult to make a good  interpretation. So, I thought it might be good idea to analyze them one by one.

Chiron conjunct Neptune in Pisces

First of all Chiron moved into Pisces and is positioned at 00 degree 27 in Pisces. Which gives him a double Neptune influence. In Chiron and the Healing Journey, Melanie Reinhart Writes about Chiron Neptune aspects:

“With Chiron Neptune Contacts, limits exclusiveness or boundaries that prevent this merging (with universal consciousness) could make us feel victimized or become angry, depressed or confused. Conflict is particularly threatening and wounding, as it highlights the reality of separateness, and we may find it difficult to stand up for ourselves and our personal needs.

A common Chiron/Neptune response to interpersonal conflicts is tearful collapse and feelings of being unable to cope. those with Chiron /Neptune aspects often idealize or depreciate themselves and/or others, employing the hysterical defence or playing victim and ‘poor’ me if they sense imminent confrontation; they may assert themselves by well-timed displays of emotions, vulnerability or physical weakness; they are not above playing mad in order to avoid uncomfortable situations.

conversely they are sometimes easily deceived, and tend to be  easy prey for people intent on deceiving them or exploiting them; they may not see any danger until it is too late.

The dissolving of the illusion of duality is often a feature of the Chiron/ Neptune experience, but to allow our individual life to melt into chaos is to literalize this.” Melanie Reinhart: Chiron and the Healing Journey.

There are two reasons for me taking the liberty to quote these words: First of all they describe quite clearly what I am seeing happening around me these days if it comes to passive aggression, even though I do  strongly feel Lilith is playing her part into this one as well.

But also because it explains certain feelings I am having myself lately. I don’t have Chiron in aspect with Neptune: but do have a Chiron conjunction with Saturn in Pisces; Corrected Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius and  Mean Black Moon Lilith (The Lilith Zone) in Pisces. So have many others who were born in 1966. Those who were born in October 1966 even have a Lilith,  Chiron and Saturn conjunction in Pisces.   These people do have natal aspects that are similar to the Saturn quincunx with Lilith, Neptune and Chiron.

The Flower Power Children and the Mid Sixties

Besides the fact that most people who were born in 1966 are in their Saturn opposition. They also are on the verge of their Lilith returns in the last degrees of Aquarius and/or the first degrees of Pisces. All this in combination with the Cardinal Cross will be some of a reality check: especially for this particular year.

On a collective level many of us are  wounded and angry because of  the deception (Chiron/Neptune) by the financial and governmental systems (Pluto/Saturn) as well as by our religious institutions,  Guru’s and New Age Movements.

During the years we were born as well as the years we grew up, many of our parents were going through the Flower Power experience: Carlos Castaneda trips, eastern meditation techniques and guru mania. Marijuana, LSD and all sorts of drugs were hot and possible ways to enlightenment.

Spiritual quests and all sort of sects and spiritual groups were instruments for spiritual growth.  People were searching in many different ways for spiritual enlightenment.  Chogyam Trungpa called this Spiritual Materialism. I have met many interesting and great people who lived through this period as consciously as possible, but non of them actually were enlightened.

At the backdrop of all the spiritual fun, the cold war was in full motion. The war in Vietnam had been Americanized  by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965.  During 1965 and 1966 over  half  a million  Indonesians were killed  in Jakarta: east and central Java, as well as in Bali. The Indonesian killings of 1965-1966 were a violent anti-communist coup in Indonesia, and were seen as a victory over communism at the heights of the cold war.  On  May 6 1966 Mao Zedong initiated the Chinese Cultural Revolution .

Charles de Gaulle, presidency of France, withdrawals from the NATO and requests all NATO troops to leave France, in 1966. June 5 1967:  The Six Day War started in the middle east. The results of the six-day war effects geopolitics up until today.  October 7 1967: Ernesto Che Guevara gets executed after he was captured in Bolivia and with him the revolutionary’s. After Che’s execution revolutionary’s were  called terrorists, and we were on the verge of  what we now days call: war on terrorism.

On August 29 1969, a group from the Popular front of the Liberation  of Palestine (PFLP) hijacked TWA flight 840 on his way from Rome to Athens. One of the group members was the Palestinian woman  Leila Khaled .

She and her family, were taken out of  their houses, from one day, on another, when she was a little girl in 1948 when the state of Israel was created.

It was the first hijack in four similar hijack’s that would be followed by the Jordan civil war in September 1970; better known in the Arab world as : Black September.  The hijack’s and the civil war in Jordan brought the Palestinian problem under public attention all over the globe, and was the beginning  of the involvement of many revolutionary radical, left orientated groups, from places all over the world.

The beginning of the seventies were marked by groups like the RAF (Red Army Faction), IRA (Irish Republican Army), JRA ( Japanese Red Army), and a new Palestinian faction with German RAF members among them, who were calling themselves: The Black September, and were responsible for the blood bath at the Olympics in Munich, on  September 5 1972.  After  the Jordan civil war  many left orientated, radical groups started to interconnect with eachother.

In those days: if you didn’t belong to the mediocrity it wasn’t uncommon to join or the flower power movement, or some left orientated group with intellectual roots into the works of Marx, or Trotsky.

In the mean time a young man from Venezuela, who was inspired by Simon Bolivar, was raised by a father who was a marxist, and send him to the Patrice Lumumba University in Moskow, also got involved into the Jordan war in September 1970.   His name is Illich Ramirez Sanchez, but got worldwide fame as Carlos the Jackal: king of the terrorists before Osama Bin Laden came into the picture.

Although Carlos was a terrorist, with lots of activities on his name, it  were the secret service’s from all over the world who blew his character out of proportion, and created  the Carlos the Jackal myth. For years secret services held him responsible for every terroristic activity on the planet, and completely hyped him up to the public.

Up until today many people still think Carlos has been responsible for the massacre on the Olympics in Munich: he wasn’t, and didn’t even came near to the place.

In his book: To the Ends of the  Earth,  David Yallop, comes to the conclusion that if Carlos wouldn’t have invented himself, the secret service’s  would have had created him. While we and our parents were sitting in front of the TV, every time something big happened into the world, being afraid one of the world leaders would push the red atomic button; behind the scenes secret service’s, all over the world, had their own  button to push on: Carlos the Jackal. I wonder why…?

My apologies for the history lesson, but with the  Uranus/Pluto square coming after the conjunction  from the mid sixties, we were born with, I thought it was worth the time. If you dig deep into the mid sixties and the early seventies, which I did, you’ll see it were crazy radical times. Which isn’t all to strange with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction there was going on, but here is a question: How come people keep referring at us, children who were born in this time of space, as  “The Flower Power Children”…?!

Underneath the Chiron/Saturn in Pisces, and Neptune in Scorpio, in sextile with Uranus/Pluto in Virgo,  spiritual and universal (sub)consciousness, loving ‘flower power’, collective  mind: is a soil full of global violence buried, and the reactionary effect it had. Loads and loads of  shadows in the mid sixties. All this and a lot more  are our global roots, and we from the mid sixties are looking the reality of our global inheritance straight into the eye; with Tr. Saturn in opposition to our natal Saturn’s, conjunct Uranus/Jupiter in T-square with Tr. Pluto: Will we accept, or will we reject this inheritance…?


Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius in the natal chart

(For a better understanding of BML and how she works out in the personal chart; please read my previous article on Lilith and Priapus.)

With BML in Aquarius your relation to friendships, freedom and the future, can be the cause of trouble. You can be obsessed with freedom and are easily frustrated if you feel restricted. Friendships can be the cause of disappointments and irritations. The desire to be connected to people who are at the same wave length as you, is in conflict with your desire to be unique as an individual. There can be a tendency to force your idea’s up onto those, who you consider your friends.

At a certain point in your life you will reject any kind of group activity, because as long as the Lilith channel is closed, group situations can be the source of pain and repression in your life. The reality behind the term whitchhunt can be familiar to you, cause this position can make you at the receiving end of one.

The thought of brotherhood tolerance and solidarity does mean a lot to you, but holding on to your own feelings of being right if it comes to your views; can sabotage this when it comes to it. However, you are a true revolutionary  and you can be in the frontline if it comes to new trends and hypes of the future.

What this position demands from you is to see the value into the smaller things of life, and to live fully  into the moment. To have patience with those who aren’t as intelligent as you are, and to give in every now and then; when you know you’re standing in your right. Being a rebel just for the sake of rebellion is the one thing you better not do with this position, because if you do: BML  will not let you get away with it.

If you want to bring change with this placement, your ideas need to have a strong foundation in a real desire to improve  things, to start with. This position can give  truly clear insight, if it comes to political and all sorts of group situations, as well as other gifts which are in tune with the sign of: Aquarius.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the natal chart

Lilith in Pisces is known as one of the most extreme positions in the Zodiac. With BML in Pisces your relationship with the mystical sides of life can be troubled. And can be true a source of fear. You can be extremely sensitive to undercurrents of the collective, and as a child you could have had contact with spiritual beings.

Having strong ego boundaries is of great value with this position. It is difficult to set your  own healthy boundaries  because of the tendency to dive into the collective subconscious. Grounding into the disciplines of the opposite sign: Virgo, can really help you with this.

Subconsciously: you can get overflowed and pulled into the negativity of people who surround you, and end up being seriously confused and scared.  There is a tendency for escapism with this position, and because of your sensitivity, you have to be really carefull with alcohol or drugs. Where others can go on: You can’t!

You have to be careful with spiritual teachers with this placement because the chance to be deceived by at least one them, is more than real. Betrayal  and deception are themes in your life. Psychic inflation is another one for this BML position. At a certain point in your life you will reject everything that has anything to do with the supernatural, mysticism and religion.

What this position demands from you is to consciously, and in a positive way, deal with your gift to dive into the collective consciousness. The responsibility to have a talent like this is huge, and there can be dangers while working with it. You’ll have to learn to distinguish what is truly there in the subconscious and what is your own fantasy.

When you ground and discipline yourself, this position can make a true clear-sighted visionary out of you; when Lilith calles you from within. It can give you a true insight into the greater cosmic whole and a natural flow into the collective unconsciousness. As well as a clarity on other gifts  which are in tune with the sign of: Pisces.

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune in Aquarius on a more collective level

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune can give a strong desire to become one with the collective consciousness. Intuition will increase as well as feelings of love, and the beauty for existence. The desire for oneness will become stronger in many, but there is a severe danger for dreaming, deception, and escapism.

Deception and/or confusions by the media through television and/or the internet could be one of the possibility’s this position gives. Political deception also can be in the cards. Rejection if it comes to religious institutions and belief systems, because people feel disillusioned by them, another one. With BML in Aquarius more extensive buzzing and speculation than we already have about UFO disclosing could be one of the  possibility’s as well.

With BML conjunct Neptune: facing the reality behind  illusions will be one of the first layers to deal with, on a collective level. Before BML can work out in a positive way the emotional body has to be cleansed from repressed emotions, and issues. Going through the (e)motions, instead of denying them is one of the most important key’s. In people who didn’t have had the opportunity to fully develop the ego and/or the personality:  not having strong, healthy ego boundaries  will cause problems. In narcissistic injured people this can cause a ‘poor me’ victim mentality and/or passive aggression; or lead to ego inflation, and adopting ‘the hero’  or ‘saviour’ approach. Both sides of the coin can make you vulnerable to deception and exploitation of all sorts.

Being capable to face the cracks in your own mirror, as well as in those of others, by not being in denial, if it comes to the ugliness which is also a part of life, might be a big key during this conjunction. Psycho (Pluto) analysis (Virgo) to heal the gaps in the personality, and give it a firm foundation during this transit might not be  a crazy idea.  BML in Pisces will make a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn in August. Being one with the collective consciousness with an open heart, will only, truly work out with having two feet firmly based onto the ground, at the same time. But it can be done.

Above all: make love not war. But this time, for the sake of all of us: please lets face the shadows while we’re at it…

© 2010 Fauvism Astrology

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2 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith, Neptune, Chiron and the Flower Power Children

  1. Thank you for this great article about the very important upcoming triple conjunction of Chiron/Neptune/Lilith – and its particular importance for the “Flower-power-children”. It was a very interesting read and a wake-up call for me as well – although I’m not really part of this generation.
    For some reason I have only focussed on the cardinal T-square lately, and not paid attention to these three. So thank you again :)!


    • You’re welcome Anna. It’s good to see you here!

      This triple conjuntcion in quincunx with Saturn does play a significant role during the cardinal cross. We just don’t have a lot of data and expirience with BML. Especially Chiron/BML aspects. It will be interesting to observe what they do to each other. It gives me kind of a”hold your horses”feeling up until now with the Saturn quincunx in Virgo. I am truly curious to see what will happen if BML is getting there to make a tight conjunction.

      The escapism already is having it’s effects on me cause I have a huge administration to do; escaped in going after pop-art and photography from the sixties.
      I will do my administration the coming week. But also decided to pick up my camera again soon to make some pictures of the grand cross summer.

      Which is an effect from BML closing into Neptune. I looked at my photographes and realised they all have raw edges; I always see the beauty in old things that have lived: Cancer Sun, BML in Pisces: Corrected BML as part of a T- square with Venus and Neptune between the 12th, 6th and 3rth house.

      Interesting isn’t it…? I’ll might end up talking through picture’s and not write a word anymore…


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