New Moon in Taurus

New Moon at the 23rd degree of  Taurus: Sun/Moon conjunct Algol in T-square with Black Moon Lilith, and Vesta. While Mars on 17  Leo is closing in from behind on his way out of the retrograde shadow, where he will make a tight T-square around Full Moon, on May 28. Lots of  tension on the female aspects of our solar system and all this; on top of my North Node/Venus conjunction in Taurus: Present issues versus old issues…

Barbara Hand Clow’s monthly New Moon update on AstroFlashsays:

” Normally, when the Taurus moon arrives, we relax and smell the roses; we feel like   focussing on comfort, beauty, security and managing our resources. We just long to feel safe and choose what we want. Well, this year amidst such palpable time acceleration,  the Taurus New Moon is buffeted with multi-layered and demanding aspects, which suggest a whole new level of Taurean awareness is coming in. ” Barbara Hand Clow.

Sounds kind of exiting doesn’t it ? But at the moment, I do  just want to feel safe and secure. Because of a pile of paperwork ( from hell, Scorpio) I don’t have a lot of time to write about the Taurus New Moon. But if you click on the blue  AtroFlash  link you can read the full article.

Marina Funk from  FunkAstrology also wrote an interesting article on this New Moon, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Karen from  Ravenesque  Astrology, and Asteroids; will publish one soon. So, you might go check these ladies out.

All I can do at the moment is share a song of my favourite Lilithian singer, Anouk: which definitely expresses the feeling this Taurus New Moon is giving me and maybe some more of you out there…

Anouk – Alright

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