Mars Direct Moving Out Of His Retrograde Shadow


Mars  finally is moving out of his retrograde shadow:   A Retrograde period that lasted for 7 months, if you start counting from October 2009.

During his retrograde (slow) motion he made a opposition with Black Moon Lilith at January 24, on the 12th degree of Leo: which also means he was in conjunction with Priapus  as well. They will make another opposition on May 30 on the 26th degree of Leo.  Before Black Moon Lilith will take her position on the 29th degree of Aquarius: The degree where The Age Shift will take place.

The big question is: What did we learn…? The time between now and May 30, should be a good time to reflect on this one.

Just for now: Time to let the testosterone go the way it’s supposed too go. Maybe with some extra care, and wisdom gained by the retrograde months.

Here’s a song which might fit the feeling… ( I Will Keep My Head Down – Kane )

Update April 27 2016:

The song has been removed from the Tube and I haven’t been able to find another version, yet. But here is the full concert: it rocks!        Kane Live in Rotterdam 2002

BTW, The Singer: Dinand Woesthof has a Sun/Mars conjunction in Virgo, rocking all over the place.

( In terms of Copyrights, I was hoping we could file this one under ‘fair use’, no…?  Let me no if I am dreaming through the comments of my Manual page, and I will remove the link, immediately. )

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