The Lilith Zone and Bruce Lee

The part of the chart where the Lilith zone is located is the part of your personality where there is no personal   and/or cultural defence system: This is why the Lilith position is so hard to take and ends up in denial. Having no defence system is quite traumatizing and very hard to deal with.

The way to deal with it is to go through the motions: The emotions (Moon) as well as the anger (Mars) you feel because it also is the one point in your chart/personality where you are completely pure and have no agenda at all: at the position of your Lilith Zone you are completely open and without any shape or form; you just are.

Strangely enough it also is the part of your personality where you are more human than anywhere in your chart: Lilith in essence is a paradox. But she definitely isn’t a demon or an angel. She just is.

 A man who had a full understanding of how this worked is Bruce Lee. He was on my list of people I wanted to investigate deeper for 34 years already:  because I’ve had heard Bruce  healed a severe injury at the base of his spine in the central nerve, which made him physically paralyzed for quite some time.

When I finally had the time: He blew my mind away and gave me the most clear and unexpected insight in how Lilith truly can work out as well as what she represents as a force of nature through a human being: if you have the strength to complete the process. He also happened to have a Lilith Zone of 12 full degrees. Which starts in Aries; 4th house and ends in Taurus; 5th house.

The best advice if it comes to how to deal with Lilith problems I have ever heard definitely comes from Bruce.

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9 thoughts on “The Lilith Zone and Bruce Lee

  1. So, is this area one that also shifts as one’s natal Progresses??


    • This is the area where the total Lilith experience: Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon, True Lilith, Mean Lilith and Corrected/Natural Lilith becomes the most tangible: Where you make the progress as well as where you have the biggest setbacks and projections to carry (Priapus the opposit point of Natural Lilith).

      Corrected/Natural Lilith is the most visible one and becomes tangible over time. Mean Lilith is the void: The most formless part of the Lilith story in your chart and because of this quite scary.

      The total outcome of all the Lilith points and how you can work with her if you complete the procces; is found in the position of your Lilith Zone and it shifts constantly. Lilith is forcefull but fluid as well. Bruce Lee is an incredible example of this.


  2. Ahh what a legend and what a great post. Thanks so much!


    • Hi Karen

      Incredible man and a great example of how Lilith can work out in the end. If you scroll down to the tags and click on Bruce Lee you can find more of his quotes; they are very Lilithian in nature for example: “The truth is outside of all fixed patterns “ Bruce Lee.

      Which is exactly why Lilith is so hard to pin down and work with in an astrological system; she keeps shifting and chancing the rules. “Be water my friends” is a great advice if you work with Lilith problems in general: It’s the only way to keep up with her.

      You will also find his chart and a documentary at the bottom of these pages. (For those who are interested.)


  3. I did love that ‘ Be water my friends’ – you can flow, or you can crash – so very true. I know doubt probably stated that incorrectly, but I do hope I conveyed what I meant. I have BML oppose Mars, which is square my Merc, which in turn opposes my Moon 😉 Persephone is also oppose Mars!

    I have learned and still learn how to flow, after the crashes! xo


  4. gosh and know should be no lol someone needs to sleep

    have a good day/night xo


    • Are you sleeping already…?

      I am still dwelling on the Mars/BML post but also still stuck into my financial administration and truly busy this week.

      I have True BML in trine with Mars myself as well as Mars in square with Uranus/Pluto. So I will make a post out of it one day…Some day.

      Yes water can flow or it can crash…

      Sleep well.


  5. I had actually found a short clip the other month or so on youtube with Bruce Lee saying “be water”.. and faved it because it said it so simply, so genuinely and yet deeply.. very powerful quotes!


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