Carteret’s System and I

When I first heard about Carteret’s System nine years ago; I rejected it. I just had my Lilith return in combination With Pluto square Pluto  as well as Chiron square Chiron and had been through the hardest time ever. I  was  just glad I had survived: Didn’t kill anyone, had a roof over my had and still had a to fight to keep custody over my daughter. While I had alway’s been a responsible and loving parent towards her:  I was fighting injustice down to the bone.  I had been pulled into one hell of a dirty fight and couldn’t belief the reality I was facing if it came to my  “fellow”  human beings at the same time. I also had Pluto in opposition with my Mars and the Latin parts of my blood were boiling. My opponents enlightened by Priapus knew this and pulled every dirty trick in the book to get my explosive anger out of the closet. Without even caring what all this would do to my daughter.

Even though it took a while I did win and proved my case in front of the higher court up until today. After going through all this and  having to face the ghosts you just don’t want to face simultaneously. The last thing on earth I wanted to deal with was another ‘spiritual’ concept: Carteret’s System actually completely pissed me of. Life can become so harsh and real that no spiritual concept can bail you out and I felt promising spirituality to a person in a Pluto and/or Lilith process is a fraud and a way to boost your own ego of  by using mine. I actually didn’t believe in anything anymore after that  period in my life and least of all: Humanity itself.

Nevertheless I became curious what kind of spiritual concept would be sold to me this time and decided to make an appointment with one of  the astrologers who was working with Carteret’s System for a Lilith reading. After all I was researching Lilith myself already for 6 years and into astrology in general for as long as I could remember. So, he couldn’t fool me. He did however wrote a book on the Nodes based on Carteret’s System which I thought was very good based on my experience as an astrologer as well as  my experience as a healer.

That reading up until today is the most honest if it comes to the hard parts of my life and profound reading I have ever had: He blew me away without (Thank God for that) selling me any spiritual belief system. He didn’t know me at all and my previous experience and other traumatic experiences which were related; were too hard to share. But I didn’t have to: He knew and pointed them out based on my Lilith positions; telling me what just happened  as well as how evil it was and what it was I happened to have based on all my Lilith’s positions (included True Lilith) why a group of people this big wanted me down this bad. Even though I at that point could not even grasp my mind around the evil parts because I was stuck into some sort of Stockholm Syndrome: I needed some one who pointed that  out for me and he was the first who  did.

Lilith comes with rejection; from the outside as well as from within. So, I didn’t wanted to hear this. It actually didn’t make any sense to me at all, it was what it was: A plain and simple witch hunt. But also knew based on my own experience as well as on those of my test cases: He was right.

It was after this reading with Bastiaan van Wingerden I started to look into Carteret’s System and even though I don’t use Carteret’s calculations but those from Rosa Wouters book: Lilith. Rosa Wouters is  a  Belgium Astrologer who wasn’t working with Carteret’s System but also pointed out the significance of the Zone between Corrected/Natural Lilith and Mean Lilith. I am still amazed by his system and what it stands for because I have walked the path myself and can confirm the results it can bring and I am not the only one.

So, before people automatically reject Carteret’s Vision based on gossip and a calculation problem you can’t avoid anyway if you’re truly researching Black Moon Lilith: It would be my suggestion to at least check it out before you judge. We are living in a world where a lot of  the good information is kept repressed for a long time already.

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2 thoughts on “Carteret’s System and I

  1. WOW, the reading sounds great but that time of your life sounds horrible :S you really do have to wonder about people, so sorry you went through such tough time with your daughter


    • The reading based on Carteret’s System told it as it was; it was stunning. BML is touching almost all of my planets so I am quite one heavy case myself but she isn’t the ‘vampire’ that’s a projection. In the end she clears things up and will bring you in touch with your true nature as well as your own power.

      Next time any one pulls a stunt on me like this again I wont be this nice. Trust me.


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