Dice are rolling: The knives are out…

Dutch politics hijacked by Geert Wilders


Geert Wilders who became famous by insulting the Muslim world, because he wants to ban the Koran; seriously wants to collect tax for wearing headscarves, brought the Netherlands into serious danger for being a target for terrorist attacks, by making the film Fitna: Went from 9 seats to 24 in our Dutch elections by a big majority of the votes. Click here for an article of the New York Times on Geert Wilders victory. Click here for an article on the elections on June 9 in general from the NRC.nl.

Together with his victory the majority of the country shifted to the right, because the country is completely politically divided. Nobody I know or associate with, can’t believe what just happened. Yesterday the day after the elections was a dark day in our Dutch history.  Besides the fact that this is a big slap in the face for everybody who isn’t from Dutch origins, it also means a big majority of this country is stupid enough to bring this country down with their hate; and what they think is in their own interest, because they bought a house they could not afford in the first place. At the moment I am deeply ashamed of being Dutch, and realize we are on the verge of an disaster.

Non of the Dutch political party’s wants to govern with Geert Wilders, but if they cut him out of the coalition there is a big chance he will win the provincial elections; as well as those of the senate next year. Geert Wilders knows this and right now holds our national political situation into hostage with this knowledge. There is a general feeling of defeat going through the country, the last two days. You can see it on people’s faces and most of the people are completely flabbergasted by the total outcome of these elections. We  made a major swing to the right: 1-0 For the Global Elite, if it comes to the Netherlands.

What actually is going on if it comes to  the Dutch Chart…? For those who are interested I work with the ter Mull version, because it speaks volumes to me. It comes from a Dutch Astrologer whose name is Wilma ter Mull. Besides the transits who speak for themselves; Progressed Mean Black Moon Lilith  is on top of the MC of the Netherlands. Which in my opinion means we are facing a huge collective  Shadow :


The Netherlands

March 16 1815

10:30 am CET

The Hague

52N06 4E18

Placidus House System

Believe it or not right now we have Jupiter conjunct Uranus at the cusp of the 11th house at 0 degrees of Aries.

Triple conjunction: Black Moon Lilith, Neptune, Chiron on the cusp of our MC at 28 degrees of Aquarius.

Pluto in exact opposition to the Ascendant at the 4th degree of Cancer and Saturn on  the cusp of our 5th house at 0 degrees of Libra.

Mars who moved just out of his retrograde shadow moved into the 4th house at 28 Leo. The complete retrograde motion went through the 3rd house which starts at the 6th degree of Leo.


I could use a good mundane astrologer over here, but there is no doubt in my mind that this dissolving (Neptune), by a divide and rule power play (Pluto), deeply wounded (Chiron)  country is in deep, deep trouble. Let’s just hope Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter and Uranus will bail us out of this one




God I hate politics…

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2 thoughts on “Dice are rolling: The knives are out…

  1. Gilly on said:

    The Netherlands has is almost exactly the same natal chart as me, I also have the Uranus/Jupiter – Saturn opposition right over my south – north nodes and Mars on my 4′ Cap DC. I have no idea what it all means but I’ll be watching events in your country very closely. 🙂


    • Well, the events in my country in combination with the chart are more than interesting. I retired from doing readings but with transits like that: Consulting a good Astrologer might not be a bad thing to do.

      For what it’s worth: Stay away from Dutch politics and/or any sort of manipulations or power plays: With Pluto on top of Mars on your DC, It might get ugly.


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