Facing the Shadows

On todays New Moon: The new Moon will make a trine to Black Moon Lilith who right now is in an exact conjunction with Neptune at the 28th degree of Aquarius. Which means it falls into the 29th degree of Aquarius.

“(Aquarius 29)  A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis.

Keynote: The capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.

This is the second time within a very short span of the cycle that the butterfly symbol appears (cf. Aquarius 25°). Here what is emphasized is the process of metamorphosis itself. It is the fourth symbol of a five-fold sequence and it stresses the essential character of the activity required at this stage of the cycle; i.e. nothing short of a complete renewal of all the implications of being alive as a human individual will do. A radical change is needed. At this stage, this change is individual and mental, and it  should  be  seen  against  the  background  of humanity as a whole. What is revealed is the potential ability of every human being to participate in a higher realm of evolution AFTER his or her emergence from a critical state of transition.

At this fourth stage of the sixty-fifth subcycle the Keyword is METAMORPHOSIS. In spiritual terms, this implies “Initiation,” i.e. entering a higher realm of conscious existence and there joining a sacred Company.” An Astrological Mandala: By Dane Rudhyar

Lilith as well as Chiron both have to do with initiation. Neptune in his highest form has to do with spirituality, and in one of his lowest forms with deception of the self and/or others.

This maybe sounds nice, but initiations are alway’s followed by a period of crisis to get  the dirt up and clean the emotional body. Especially if Lilith is involved: Lilith cuts through the truth by cutting away the unessential, and will make you face the shadows that are hidden underneath the denial, deception and ignorance.

The situation after the elections in the Netherlands is a good example of this with Lilith and Neptune in conjunction on the MC. The thing is, with Lilith/Neptune aspects as well as with Lilith in Pisces: she first makes you feel absolutely great, spiritual and completely in tune with the complete cosmos, before she cuts with her knife and makes you face the shadows. Lifting up the veil’s that are covering the shadows is the first stage of the process, and it always is a shocking truth.

Chiron’s initiations also can be tough, but they work out more subtle. Lilith’s initiations always are harsh. Just to see if you can face and deal with  reality. If you can you can go up to the next stage. Lilith’s initiations always are profound: if you’re counting on enlightenment, and a Jesus smile that will be stuck on your face, forever; you didn’t get Lilith’s point.

Within this context the Sabian Symbol on the 29th degree of Aquarius is kind of  striking to me. I also noticed if it comes to the chart of the Netherlands That Chiron in transit at 00 degrees Pisces, is not that far away from natal Chiron at the 10th degree of Pisces: the Netherlands is in front of her menopause (Wow…! Lol…!)

What does that mean in combination with the Cardinal Cross…? Definitely crisis to start with. A big political circus on television and in the press (Neptune/Lilith/Chiron on the MC). Possible actions and protests on the streets; somewhere in our future (Jupiter/Uranus in Aries). Maybe even terrorist attacks: try to explain this one to the Muslim world…!?  Powerful oppositions and backstabbing, if it comes to the values where the Netherlands always use to stand up for (Pluto in Capricorn): the I am identity as a collective (Ascendant in Cancer).

I didn’t notice this before, but the ruler of the chart: the Moon, is positioned at 27th degree of  Taurus; into our 12th house. In a wide conjunction with the last New Moon, on top of Algol. We might be sinking into the swamp if it comes to our collective securities. Isn’t Amsterdam being  build on water enough already. Can we handle initiation as a collective…?

After the results of this election I am not all to sure about this. But when I was looking  to the chart of the Netherlands, trying to connect all the transits together I suddenly thought: ” That Cancer Ascendant of the Netherlands already is a big fat  lie for quite some time.” Which is a shame because this has been one hell of a great country for many years if it came to our social values.

Finally the truth about the situation is getting out. It hardly can get any clearer than this, even though many are still  a sleep: unfortunately in time this will wake them up, the hard way. Even though I already was awake, and this will not be fun for me either: just bring it on and let’s get this over with…

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