Lilith conjunct Neptune

Many people from 1965 and 1966 just have  been through their Black Moon Lilith return; their Saturn opposition, and have natal placements in combination with the Cardinal Cross. A Large group of those who were born in 1966 will have their Lilith returns in times a head. In my previous post: Lilith, Neptune, Chiron and the Flower Power Children I have  written about this together with a description what Neptune in conjunction with Lilith can do as well as the natal descriptions of Lilith in Aquarius and Lilith in Pisces. I will post these 3 descriptions separately again because it was quite a long article and it’s becoming more, and more relevant.


 Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune on a collective level


Black Moon Lilith conjunct Neptune can give a strong desire to become one with the collective consciousness. Intuition will increase as well as feelings as love, and the beauty for existence. The desire for oneness will become stronger in many but there is a severe danger for dreaming, deception and escapism. Deception and/or confusions by the media through television and/or the internet could be one of the possibility’s this position gives. Political deception also could be in the cards. Rejection if it comes to religious and/or political institutions and belief systems, because people feel disillusioned by them another one.

With BML in Aquarius more extensive buzzing and speculation than we already have about UFO disclosing could be one of the  possibility’s as well.

With BML conjunct Neptune facing the reality behind  illusions will be one of the first layers to deal with on a collective level. Before BML can work out in a positive way the emotional body has to be cleansed from repressed emotions and issues. Going through the (e)motions instead of denying them is one of the most important key’s.

In people who didn’t have had the opportunity to fully develop the ego and/or the personality:  Not heaving strong healthy ego boundaries  will cause problems. In narcissistic wounded people this can cause a ‘poor’ me victim mentality and/or passive aggression, or lead to ego inflation, and adopting the ‘ hero’  or saviour approach. Both sides of the coin can make you vulnerable to deception and exploitation of all sorts.

Being capable to face the cracks in your own mirror as well as in those of others; by not being in denial if it comes to the ugliness which also is a part of life, might be a big key during this conjunction. Psycho (Pluto) analysis (Virgo) to heal the gaps in the personality,  and give it a firm foundation during this transit might not be  a crazy idea while BML in Pisces will make a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, in August.

Being one with the collective consciousness with an open heart will only truly work out with having two feet firmly based onto the ground at the same time. But it can be done.

Above all: Make Love Not War and  for the sake of all of us; Please lets face the shadows while we’re at it…

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius in the natal chart

(For a better understanding of BML and how she works out in the personal chart; please read my previous article on Lilith and Priapus.)

With BML in Aquarius your relation to friendships, freedom and the future can be the cause of trouble. You can be obsessed with freedom and are easily frustrated if you feel restricted. Friendships can be the cause of disappointments and irritations. The desire to be connected to people who are at the same wave length as you, is in conflict with your desire to be unique as an individual. There can be a tendency to force your idea’s up onto those who you consider your friends. At a certain point in your life you will reject any kind of group activity as long as the Lilith channel is closed. Group situations can be the source of pain and repression in your life. The reality behind the term: whitchhunt can be familiar to you, because this position can make you at the receiving end of one.

The thought of brotherhood tolerance and solidarity does mean a lot to you., but holding on to your own feelings of being right, if it comes to your views; can sabotage this when it comes to it. However you are a true revolutionary  and you can be in the frontline if it comes to new trends, and hypes of the future.

What this position demands from you is to see the value into the smaller things of life, and to live fully  into the moment. To have patience with those who aren’t as intelligent as you are, and to give in every now and then; when you know you’re standing in your right. Being a rebel just for the sake of rebellion is the one thing you better not do with this position because  BML  will not let you get away with it.

If you want to bring change with this placement; your ideas need to have a strong foundation in a real desire to improve  things to start with. This position can give a truly clear insight if it comes to political and all sorts of group situation,s as well as other gifts that are in tune with the sign of: Aquarius.

 Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the natal chart


Lilith in Pisces is known as one of the most extreme positions in the zodiac. With BML in Pisces your relationship with the mystical sides of life can be troubled and can be a source of true fear. You can be extremely sensitive to undercurrents of the collective and as a child you could have had contact with spiritual beings.

Having strong ego boundaries is of great value with this position. It is difficult to set your  own healthy boundaries  because of the tendency to dive into the collective subconscious. Grounding into the disciplines of the opposite sign: Virgo can help you with this. Subconsciously you can be overflowed; and pulled into the negativity of people who surround you, and end up being confused and scared.  There is a tendency for escapism with this position and because of your sensitivity; you have to be really carefull with alcohol or drugs. Where others can go on: You can’t!

You have to be carefull with spiritual teachers with this placement because the chance to be deceived by one of them is more than real. Betrayal  and deception are  themes in your life. Psychic inflation is another one for this BML position. At a certain point in your life you will reject everything that has anything to do with the supernatural, mysticism and religion.

What this position demands from you is to consciously and in a positive way deal with your gift to dive into the collective subconsciousness. The responsibility to have a talent like this is huge and there can be dangers while working with it. You’ll have to learn to distinguish what is truly there in the subconscious and what is your own fantasy.

When you ground and discipline yourself, this position can make a true clear-sighted visionary out of you; when Lilith calles you from within. It can give you a true insight into the greater cosmic whole, and a natural flow into the collective subconsciousness. As well as a clarity on other gifts  which are in tune with the sign of: Pisces.

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