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When Black Moon Lilith aspects an other planet the expression of the planet comes out differently. As I said before: Lilith comes in layers; so, there are different stages. At a young age you are very clear and authentic if it comes to matters and/or the expression of the  planet that is touched. But at a certain point (mostly around 6 or 7 years old)  the Lilith channel closes  because it’s rejected by the outside world; and you end up being in denial and rejecting the quality’s of the planet that is touched. So, what happens on a practical level is  you hardly know what to do with the matters and dynamics of the planet. It can even come to a point you reject everything that has anything to do with the quality’s of the planet it touches and/or project this refusal on to somebody else while you are living it yourself more than anyone subconsciously. In other words: The Relationship between you and the natural dynamics of the planet she touches becomes truly complicated.

The dynamics and/or matters of the planet BML touches are perceived differently at an early age already. This with holds you from relating to its quality’s the way your social enviroment does. You yourself relate to it (in the first place) quite pure and authentic and can’t use or direct the dynamics at the expectations of  your social enviroment. The results of this mechanism can work out in many different ways but is caused by a lack of having the ‘right’ form or shape and/or the ability to throw it into the game, so to speak. At a certain point you’ll cast out the matters and quality’s of the planet involved because you just can’t direct it.

The only way to express the dynamics that are involved is by jumping on the wave and to go with the flow on how the dynamic is working through you. It just is this wild.  Anywhere Lilith comes in, just is out of your direction: You can’t direct her like you can with other dynamics in your chart/personality. It usually takes the second half of your life to learn how to deal with this and to be able to consciously work with her.  This is why Lilith is associated with completely letting go in the first place.  If it comes to that one: There just is no other way. Letting go is one of the key factors of working with the energy Lilith represents in the chart.

 In my previous post: The Lilith Zone and Bruce Lee I point out that in the Zone between Corrected/Natural Lilith and Mean Lilith, you just don’t have a defence system. Lilith  pulls the same kind of  trick if she aspects a planet in the chart. Like I said before “having no defence system is quite traumatic” so, you’ll end up being in denial and rejection on the quality’s of the planet involved. Before you can take your power back. If it comes to the planet she aspects you’ll have to consciously go through the (e)motions (Moon) and rage (Mars) on whatever it is you were hit  by, by your social surrounding. Going through this without harming anyone as well as yourself takes strength. This is why within the process Transit Pluto in Square with Natal Pluto is of such  great importance. In Carteret’s System this part of the process is called: Cracking Pluto. It gives you the strength to go through this and if everything works out will make the ego strong enough to stop playing any kind of power games to feed the ego. After all this you are ready to work with Lilith on a spiritual level and be a channel to the universal conciousness in a Vajrayana Kind of a way: That’s where the crazy “right brain” wisdom comes in.  It is absolutely magical and can be truly powerful. But like I’ve  said: You can’t direct her. She does you.

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4 thoughts on “Lilith in Aspect

  1. You give a very good substance for me to excavate my personal contact with BML (or any other symbolic Lilith point)… I recall that at about my early years most of the confrontations I have had within school and such were physical, and how I was smaller than everyone but just simply wouldn’t back off when it comes to intellectually expressing my “selfness” at a very young age, I believe I didn’t understand that I simply was not conforming to what other people expected.. I didn’t understand what it was, and yet of all the things to bring up in perspective in the present day, I found it was simply more “fuel” to my needs to protect my interests and my differences.. but yes at a very very young age! I recall at about that time being a little girl having the boys who were much bigger than I was punching and kicking me.. and me fighting back and not giving up! Now to think that this was the energy of BML is very fascinating. (And yes it was wrong to be terrorized at school at a very young age and to be forced to feel as though no one was looking out for me, but what is grade school in society more than just an extension of the power structure out there big bad world? What was worse was it was also the teachers who were letting other children pound on me!)

    To think I brought myself into that “zone” perhaps for my own development for later experience, I have to definitely think about, since we all do collectively participate within the life process, and there of course at one time or another (with Mars conjunct Sun in the first house) has to be confrontation, whether these be physical or of the “ego”. In the deep “dark” 12th house, I find my contact with the BML has been always with me, and with a conjunction of Mercury and Mercury the ruler of the Asc in conjunction with the Asc from the 12th house, its not only been with me, but rather a personal part of me. It could have expressed itself in rage, mistrust and anger, but it did something completely different.. it tried to talk about it, not just in one set form but many different forms. I still don’t really understand, but its an instinctive spiritual sense I have learned to trust a little more or face the consequences of not listening carefully to my gut instincts.

    I much appreciate your ideas here, thank you.


    • Hi AlterEgoTrip (Your name is giving me a big smile)

      Your long reply is very much appreciated over here as well: it took me 15 years to figure Lilith out the way I do today. Based on that I don’t even know if, even though I am trying to explain and pass it on, – if it is working. Your reply is very recognizing to me and there is more to say about the information you’re giving me about your Lilith position.

      But Right now I just came home from physiotherapy and my back needs a rest. I am planning a Lilith in Aspect part two with some examples. I know I have some readers with Lilith/Mars aspects and also like to use your Lilith/Mercury conjunct Ascendant example; if you don’t mind. But give me some time. The site make over have been a lot of work and I need a short (I hope) break. But might get back on your reply.


      • Saw your comment over on Ravenesque about giving your site a make over.. and I noticed that your writing on Lilith (the many Liliths!) and find this all really appealing. I love the details of things because this is something I have skimmed and read much on for the past few years, but here it really suddenly “hit home” and brought allot of perspective up to the surface.

        I would gladly send you the chart information privately if you are to use it, since I would like you to have an accurate perspective, thinking about it, I would give the BML at 24 degrees (Gemini) a square aspect to Uranus in Virgo at 25 degrees but would you give it a square aspect to Pluto at 20 degrees Virgo? (both in the 4th house) Just to colour BML with the appropriate aspects..

        And take your time, I worry that I’m hopping around from site to site and missing replies (being ignorantly rude!) because summer has just started and my son and I have been hanging out and about and I’ve been literally stealing time just to read things!

        Be well and thank you for your smile.. (this name is supposed to be in good humor and a little silly too..)


        • I would definitely count Pluto in in this context. But interpreting a complete aspect configuration on line is quite complicated. So I will focus on the first house Mercury conjunction the most in the example on aspects; but you can send your data if you want to for me to get abetter understanding in the complete context. It would be interesting for the both of us because you are capable of recognizing how she works out in your chart. If you open ‘Fauvism Astrology’ you’ll find my e-mail address in black and you can click on it (everything written in black on this site is a link,btw)

          I figured the name is a bit of a silly joke and it still is giving me a smile.


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