The Truth Will Set You Free

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off  .” Brian O. Leary


The Lunar Eclipse at  June  26  2010


Betrayal (Neptune). Cutting through (Lilith), your deepest emotional wounds (Chiron in Pisces in trine with the Sun in Cancer); which activates sacred anger that might bring you back into your true serenity (Vesta Conjunct Mars in Virgo) again; as well as in your own power (Mars/Vesta in trine with Pluto in Capricorn).

With Mars in conjunction with Vesta in Virgo, trine Pluto, as well as the North Node Conjunction to one of Carteret’s  spiritual point’s, the Diamond on 12.35 in Capricorn: there is a chance for all of us to give energy (Mars) to the sacred fire of this Earth (Vesta), and bring our true soul intentions (Pluto) into form (Diamond), if it comes to our precious planet: Gaia.

Lunar Eclipses, always, are introductions to the following Solar Eclipses. With this Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto, as well as the rest of the transits, there is no way out of the emotional impact of all the abuse  and rape if it comes to the feminine parts of our nature.

This Lunar eclipse gave me the feeling like it’s our last chance to stand up  and fight for the sacred feminine parts of our existence. From our inner most core, without accepting any crapp of our machismo cultural system, and/or our environment; or to give in to ignorance, and be lost in it, forever. I do strongly feel the time to make your choice who ever, and what ever you are, is now.

Black Moon Lilith in conjunction with Chiron and Neptune, will cut through the pain of your deepest wounds. Inflicted by our narcissistic, disturbed authority figures and the lies and illusions they are trying to sell us to control our minds.  Which  hurts deeply with the Lunar Eclipse on top of Pluto in Capricorn.

The Mars Vesta conjunction in sextile with the Sun Mercury conjunction in Cancer, did make this a good time to stand up and speak for the true emotional values if it comes to your family: without accepting any nonsense in return.

To me personal, It has been one hell of a Lunar Eclipse, and week for that matter is; but a deep initiation into the Solar Return year, to come. Enough, is enough…

“We, may-be, out of power, but we’re ain’t out of gas
Bill Clinton


Carteret’s Spiritual Points in a nut shell


Carteret’s System is all about the spiritual points. The spiritual points are polarity points: North Node/South Node, Black Sun/Diamond, and Black Moon Lilith/Priapus.

The South Node, Black Sun ( 12 degree 35 in Cancer,) and the Priapus Zone are showing the path of growing and grounding, and the development it brings.

The polarity points: North Node, Diamond (12 degree 35 Capricorn) and the Lilith Zone, is where the initiation takes place.

 Black Sun

The Black Sun moves very slowly: we all have it on the same degree. Right now it is at 12 degree 35 in Cancer in conjunction with Sirius.  The Black Sun represents Higher Knowledge, some times it is called: The Higher Self. In the chart of a person, it is a point where you can’t be touched by the culture you live in: the standards of society don’t work there anymore. You are the standard in that area of your chart. The house where the Black Sun is positioned, is the house where you keep your faith in the Great Spirit/God. You can’t be conditioned or reconditioned in the aria of the Black Sun. You can have the whole world against you: you just know what you know, and have absolute faith in it…

The sabian Symbol: A hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study…

Keynote: The power of the will is shaping character…Dane Rudhyar.

Last but not least…

© 2010 Fauvism Astrology

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4 thoughts on “The Truth Will Set You Free

  1. Confused-sometimes on said:

    I love this article although I am confused about the Black Sun. How slow does it move? I could not find an up to date ephemeris, anywhere. How does one calculate the natal position? It there something on

    I did find one for 2002 and 2003 said it was from ephemeris?

    Sorry for my denseness on this matter.


    • The Black Sun Is a point in the chart like the Nodes and the Pars the Fortuna, not a planet. Even though I have a book from the Dutch Astrologer George Bode about Carteret’s System and the spiritual points if it comes to the math I don’t exactly know how it’s calculated. I have been doing the checking in my readings as well as my own life and it checks out all the time. Just check out in what house the 12 degree 35 Cancer is positioned.


  2. Jan on said:

    Black Sun is a totally new concept to me. Never come across it ever. It’s conjunct my Vesta, in the 3rd. Very intrigued.

    The 26th June eclipse was on my birthday so I took extra note of it!


    • It is very intriguing but not easy to explain in a few words. It belongs to Jean Carteret’s System and some how this man didn’t make it into the English language.

      The most important thing to do before you can work with the Black Sun/Diamond axes is to integrate and work with your Lilith position. But it is an intriguing point.


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