The Triple Conjunction

Even though I already started to work on my post Lilith in Aspect Part II, it isn’t finished yet. I am quite busy with making school holiday preparations, handling a few knives in my back, and am ready for a complete retreat as well as a serious healing. My whole being is screaming for a retreat and exclusion; away from all the 21st century madness. But realized all this is the first kick in if it comes to the triple Neptune, Lilith, Chiron conjunction in combination with the Lunar eclipse and the coming Solar Eclipse. Right now we are living in  a twilight zone, and all this on the verge of a new age.

Barbara Hand Clow calls Chiron: the rainbow bridge between the outer planets. With Chiron conjunct Lilith in Pisces, we actually are talking about a scarlet bridge into the new age; since scarlet is one of Lilith’s colors. Both Chiron and Lilith are right brain principles. So is Neptune, the 12th house, and the sign of Pisces. With Neptune on the 29th degree of  Aquarius creating his own fog, and the Lilith/Chiron conjunction in Pisces; those who are touched by this triple conjunction are pulled onto the right part of their brains one way, or the other. These are  mystifying days with a lot of heat: Lilith and Chiron both are rebels in their own way. The Mars/Vesta conjunction also is kind of inflaming and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is a detonator with a lot of calibre.

With Lilith cutting a way the unessential and Chiron’s wound, as well as his capacity of healing, it is not such a bad idea to give in to Neptune; and to take it slow.  Staying out of the heat, or at least retreat and reflect on it; if you couldn’t avoid it, is quite important  to rebalance these days. The energies floating through the atmosphere are quite strong at the moment and the appeal that is done on the right brain during this triple conjunction can lead to confusion; if you’re not used to working with the right part of your brain. If you want a better ‘left brain’ understanding of all this you’ll might re-check your Neptune position, the 12th house, and  the sign of Pisces in your chart. Since Neptune as the only planet of the triple conjunction is the strongest one.  The next link will bring you to Donna Cunningham’s blog Sky writer. She just released a series of articles about Neptune and the 12th house, I highly recommend. Refreshing my  memory on my own Neptune by reading it  has been truly insightful.

For those who are in the Cardinal Cross Fire: please remember your Neptune calling, but keep the faith by checking your Black Sun position on the 13th degree of Cancer  instead of the foggy illusions Neptune can give (See my previous post: The Truth will set you free). Remember: people are trembling lose, these days. Those who are stuck on the left part of their brain and; are still living an illusion by bottling up their emotions without having done reality checks for years, might explode in your face by projecting their stuff on you. When that happens just go into the exclusion of your home and retreat in your own way. Simply being you and the right to be you are key words these days and don’t forget: the sky will clear up again some day…

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11 thoughts on “The Triple Conjunction

  1. Good article Fauv and very relevant points for the moment. People should really learn that knives are best left to the kichen xo sorry you have a few extra slash wounds!


    • Thanks Karen

      I spelled knives wrong again did I…? I am going to check it out…. About the extra slashing wounds: Me too.

      xo Fauve

      Checked it out according to the dictionary it is knife…? Knives or Knifes…? These are confusing times.


    • @Karen… where has your site gone? I have not seen it all day, just a beautiful picture of a Raven.


  2. I get the impression that I feel bound to this time frame and events of the present moment, in an almost dream like sense. I guess I am very comfortable with right brained thinking, I feel kind of the reverse of what people think one is supposed to be, but then I never really understood there was anything wrong with being different.. Yes I suspect with all these cumulative mixes of conditions, it has made me more relaxed and understanding to that urge to let go of ideas that one should have a rigid set of goals, lists and duties and stick to them with painful faith.

    And yet I know, no one thanks me for wearing myself out to keep a home spotless.. no one has thanked me for denying my joy so that I can have everything in perfect order, put away and pretend that things like cartoons, photographs, paintings and such do not make a difference to my life, just because no one is paying me for my work at this moment..

    These things for as much energy as I put into finding my time to do right brained activities, are my recharge mechanistic, a well to refresh my life force so that I can live to go forward and even fight another day.

    I have this constant inner debate which I have been able to talk to my mate about, and this is, why do we need things like a car or a new shirt to feel better about the self, I mean if we did not already have this power to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, certainly a new THING is merely a psychological trick we are using on ourselves to motivate ourselves into these magical thought processes dealing with self respect and ego. I keep telling my mate, forget spending so much time to try to hang your inner magic on a material thing and use the bypass process of finding that good feeling about who you are which is already there.. then of course I am told how much I do not understand about how OTHERS see us…

    Naturally if we are our BEST selves, other people follow suit, if we are genuine and realistic and are sensitive to other people, we work that very same magic, regardless, it just takes a little more work! If it does not work we need not blame ourselves, just the perceptions we could not change.

    I know, completely idealistic! Perfect with this Neptune/Lilith/Chiron almost transiting an MC.


    • Hi AET
      The triple conjunction is a very right brain experience. I have it in the 3rd house and I do have a right brain 3rd house and am able of working with it. But I also notice that I have to think harder to explain things in an intellectual way and my mind constantly is wandering of to other shores and I don’t feel like analysing at all. But I will write that post: It just might take a little longer. I’ve noticed your right brain capacity in your chart. It’s kind of interesting, but not easy to point out if you are in my shoes and doing a chart from somebody you’ve never met. Will see where it leads to…

      Karen I am also missing your site: But what a beautiful and strong picture that is: I sincerely hope you’re doing well and it‘s just a retreat or something. Take care.


  3. Karen on said:

    Hey lovelies xo Thanks for the concern and I popped in to say that I am doing just fine. The site however has gone bye bye’s for good. This will make you laugh fauve, but it was ‘this’ article’, my own work on future transits, plus waking up one morning without a coffee – facing something and not knowing what to feel or think, that were the final decider.

    I had been having really intense Neptune revelations the last week as it was, plus BML herself is very prominent in my chart – so it was of no surprise that this conjunction was going to push me one way or the other. so voila! You know what it’s like, you do the Saturn weighing in and despite the lovely people along the way, the end goal is not the retirement ‘dream’. It was brewing for a while as much of the original intention with the blog, which was much simpler than it’s evolution, was going way out of my control and was totally not me.

    12th House cusp Capricorn Moon’s need time to re-organise and prioritise the guilt-trip and responsibility directions of the moment 😉

    So merci lovely birthday twin. Thank you for a great article that worked brilliantly with everything that I was feeling for myself, outside of what I felt responsible for regards everyone else. Hope this hasn’t wavered too far off topic and you don’t mind if I pop in now and again xoxo


    • This is not making me laugh: I will miss your site. Please don’t feel responsible for it: Follow your rainbow, you Raven, you…

      It also is very recognisable. But I will slowly keep this going for a while. Please do pop in of topic: what ever. You’ll be my guest of honour my birthday twin and if you don’t: Take care of yourself and those that you love.

      Big kiss for you…



    • Hej Karen!

      No guilt trip from me, but I will say, you had put out some wonderful work and it will be missed, and if you feel you have the time to write (which is obviously a calling for you as well as your visual arts) I have an address of a website that you can look into joining to PUBLISH your own materials:
      (you had enough substance there in your blog in your own words and your feedback to write several books!)
      Its a good place to get your own works out there and into book form for ANYONE, and lets you keep your money, I give this out because I hope that I myself will one day be better with words, but most of all, I would love to see something of yours that I could have and hold, and could buy.

      Be well Karen!


  4. Karen on said:

    Oh thank you for that link AlterEgoTrip, and your kind words of course. I didn’t even know places like that existed. Exciting stuff and well worth the consideration. xo


  5. Jan on said:

    Karen – so that’s where and why you went! Been missing you. Bless you in whatever you do, And thank you for all your wonderful insights and for the opportunity to contribute and learn. We never stop learning, do we? And I’m with you on the 12th house Moon. Sometimes retreat is the only option.

    Neptune – yes, well I’d hoped that once it had finished squaring Mars and the Ascendant, I’d be free of the foggy brain and work out who exactly I was and what exactly I wanted. I’m getting there, slowly … by having some downtime, some long awaited and needed time out and perspective. And rest, to let my intuitive side speak. And if I listen very carefully I’m beginning to hear the body (Taurus Ascendant) when it tells me what it wants to do. Rest, sleep, walk, eat. I’m at last beginning to hear through all the static chatter that’s been around me. Never mind what others want me to do, or what I “ought” to do, it’s what the body wants that counts.


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