Lilith’s dance with Chiron

Lilith is dancing with Chiron on Neptune’s Solar Eclipse ball at the end of the age of Pisces. Personally I am completely located on the right part of my brain: Have a blurry mind and am extremely sensitive to the energy’s of people around me. In the Netherlands we are having a heat wave going on with tropical temperatures. Also there is an incredible tension in the air and among people. I am staying into the house as much as possible. I don’t feel like writing at all at the moment but will share some links with information I believe is relevant during these days.

First of all Willow from Willows ‘s Web did an absolute great article on Saturn in Libra. Saturn will enter Libra at July 21st. She says (among other things) “ it is time for a new level of maturity, respect and responsibility towards others.” I fully agree with her and it’s a brilliant witty article. Please check her out.

The second link Was one of two very interesting links posted by Sphinx on Utopian Love Connection and leads to Astrology on the web to the first of 4 articles about the aura and how we humans hook into each other on  chakra level. I am posting these because with transits like this you hardly have to be a psychic to be more receptive to be able to feel how this actually works. In part 4 for instance is an explanation  of how we exchange our energy in healthy and unhealthy relationships. These articles explain very well how we interact on an energetic level and can be interesting to some of you out there.

Lilith and Chiron both in their own way are very much Kundalini related and there is a lot of energetic Kundalini cleaning going on these days. This can be quite harsh and sometimes scary even. With Neptune in to the game certain boundary’s can fall away. Thanks to an other link posted by Sphinx today I ended up in a very long but excellent article on Kundalinl written by a woman who definitely knows what she is talking about. I  have a long history with Kundalini myself and can get quite angry about all the nonsense there is written about it. This maybe is a long read but very worth while because she also writes about some of the symptoms that can occur. Click here for the article and this is the link to her website: .

The last link will bring you to a series of the Eclipse’s on the Cancer/Capricorn axes which is very informative onAstroair Astrology by Mandy Lockley: I discovered this blog yesterday an am impressed by the articles as well as the art work she uses.

I almost forgot: Barbara Hand Clow’s  AstroFlash and her update on the Solar Eclipse (scroll down).

I know it’s a lot of reading material but you can safe it for a rainy sunday. It all is very relevant during this triple conjunction. I will close with a song I posted last year during the Solar Eclipse at the end of Cancer  conjunct my Mercury which rules my 7th house.  Back than I was posting on the Astrodienst forum. The Eclipse wired us all out and there was not much going on during the days before and after. I decided to Fauve  things up a little and posted the next song. Which gave me a lot of fun. Today based on Willows article on fast food love I will post it again as a goodbye kiss to some of my old lovers out there. It’s a great old fashion Funk performance to boost the Solar Eclipse of: Johnny Guitar Watson Live…


I know it is a little wild: But I did call this space Fauvism Astrology for a reason you’ll see.

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