Narcissus, Echo and the Full Moon

Lilith’s dance with Chiron on top of  Neptune, is  slashing through the truth of toxic (based on narcissism) relationships; cutting away the unessential by ripping off the masks. But it takes two to tango and Chiron on the other hand is showing Lilith her deepest wounds and all the losses she suffered not being able to give in and let her spirit bleed to death. Lilith will move on. Leaving Neptune behind with Chiron; which will make wounds (Chiron) rooted into narcissism (Lower vibration of Neptune) truly visible for a while. Weak and easy for Echo to seduce when Lilith is out of the way again…



This triple conjunction on the verge of the age shift, actually is showing us the pieces of what we’ve lost if it comes to our most authentic selves as well as where and how we lost the balance and ended up in what I call: The age of the Mask (Priapus). Many big warnings out there right now: especially for those who didn’t hang on to the most authentic parts of their nature (Lilith); which also is your connection to your soul, within the human incarnation you’re living in, right now.

Repressing and rejecting an important and essential female part of our human nature for more than 2000 years left us with one hell of a toxic situation. The oil spill in the Gulf truly mirrored this back to us. Mother Earth in my opinion has spoken to us, and if she has the last word on this; will take many of us with her.

But are we realizing exactly how toxic and wounding todays society is …? Or are we still wondering how toxic it actually is and worse even: believing we can actually get away with all this by keep doing it all to fulfill our own feelings of personal gain ? Sucking the life out of everybody and everything…. All of our natural resources without giving back to the origins of our source’s . I mean: Is the majority of our world population truly this narcissistic and/or narcissistic injured? Don’t tell me it are just our world leaders and corporations: if it were, we wouldn’t have come this far.



The next full Moon on 3′ Aquarius at July the 26th Will shine a light on the narcissistic tendencies of many people with the Sun in Leo, as well as the slashing wounds by those who are suffering narcissistic injuries, and because of this condition, always attract narcissistic predators. The Sun in Leo will make a sextile with Vesta, Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo/Libra and the sextile will make a yod configuration with the triple conjunction on the apex: Neptune, Chiron and Lilith in Aquarius/Pisces.

The correlation between toxic relationships on a personal level as well as the global situation, will become quite visible and undeniable. Narcissism in his many forms became a serious social disease running trough the age of Pisces (The age of the mask), and we have to face and deal with this, on a personal, as well as on a collective level.

Saturn in Libra will highlight this the next two and a half years, and this yod in my opinion is the first realization without immediately knowing how to handle the situation.

With Mercury in Leo In opposition to Neptune, Chiron and Lilith will make what some of us call a Boomerang-Yod,  there will be interesting  conversations going on between those who want out of toxic relationships; and those who want to keep their control by denying and being deceptive about themselves: which will lead you nowhere if you just don’t draw the line…


” The quincunx formed between the Sun and Black Moon Lilith will bring you face to face with any deeper resentments you presently maintain. How you choose to express these revelations is entirely personal, but express and accept them you must. The sextile formed between Black Moon Lilith/Pluto and the opposition formed between Black Moon Lilith and asteroid Atropos – provide you with the perfect tool for bringing final closure to a long-standing situation that makes you angry, but only if you choose to face it head on. For those of you who abhor confrontation, this will be difficult for you. Those who enjoy nothing more than long-winded, heated debate that avoids facing deeper issues entirely, will be in arrogance and ignorance heaven. Sadly, this will be the predominant choice of this cycle’s energy expression. Do your best and if all you can manage is personal honesty about anger concerns without igniting a dramatic dynamic, you have achieved beautifully.” Ravenesque: Aquarius Full Moon 25/25th July, by Karen.

Ravenesque is back on-line and just released an informative article on this Full Moon which I highly recommend. I am focusing on some of it right now: She go’s through all the details. Don’t miss out on it.

Good and informative books to read if it comes to spotting your own narcissistic injuries as well as those of others are: The Drama of the Gifted Child; the search for the true self by Alice Miller and The Sociopath Next Door; the ruthless versus the rest of us by Martha Stout.

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2 thoughts on “Narcissus, Echo and the Full Moon

  1. Great article Fauve and thank you for the mention xo I live in hope that we’re learning, I really, really do!


    • Me too, Karen: We’ll have to. It actually is a big mess world wide at the moment. People hardly make real contact anymore these days.
      I almost felt I ended up in this movie body snatchers or something last couple of weeks. Absolutely crazy times. Let’s hope this will pass.

      PS: Your article on the Full Moon is a true price winner. Everybody should check it out.


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