Requiem for a Dream

Karen’s quote in my last post: Narcissus, Echo and the Full Moon; deeply resonated with me, and  what I have been through the last couple of weeks; as well as the rest of my life. I have an extremely high Lilith factor. Never bothered anybody with it. Just wanted to do my own thing, and as a Cancer always reached out a hand to other people,  for a while, to help them stepping back into their own power again.

Somehow this pisses people off: they want to own my power, as well as my light, by sucking the life out of me, if I refuse to take them under my wings and draw the line. I’ve always  had healthy boundaries. But somehow people don’t accept them, and keep harassing me, over and over again…

I’ve just faced and counted the losses, again. Felt them deeply. Still do; always will… Somehow I can’t stop hearing the next words from Karen’s quote in my head:

” For those of you who abhor confrontation, this will be difficult for you. Those who enjoy nothing more than long-winded, heated debate that avoids facing deeper issues entirely, will be in arrogance and ignorance heaven. Sadly, this will be the predominant choice of this cycle’s energy expression. Do your best and if all you can manage is personal honesty about anger concerns without igniting a dramatic dynamic, you have achieved beautifully.” Ravenesque

I actually don’t have that problem: my losses have been dramatic, and I do feel I have to express myself if it comes to those. So, I will express myself dramatically down here. I didn’t want to become a choreographer for no reason.

Here is  my statement to boost off this Full Moon.  The 26th of July is an incredible magical date to me:  Enough, is enough…

For those of you out there, who resonate with this: Please join me and let’s make a group beam out of this one. I am drawing the line here to those that keep spoiling it for all of us, without anything being sacred to them. Please do watch this video and pump up the volume…

With special gratitude to You-Tube’s:  Connor224.  Who somehow managed to edit this clip, and put the music underneath of it. What an incredible talent for drama this guy has. Absolutely brilliant…!

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5 thoughts on “Requiem for a Dream

  1. Awesome! I loved Charmed but stopped watching it when Prue died 😦 Might have to try and catch up with the last of the series now. I was quite mesmerised :O


  2. Oh and sorry that people are being energy vampires 😦 It’s wonderful that you are able to express yourself freely. I struggle at times with freedom of expression and are akin to you with happily keeping to myself with the helping hand to others but I do still struggle with boundaries. (Mars in Libra – Lilith oppose Mars / Mars square Mercury / Mercury trine Neptune / Mars square Cap Moon) issues with offending others in that mix 🙂


    • It’s not just the energy : They will suck the blood out of me even if I would give them the chance. Just because I am my own person.

      I have to finish Lilith in aspect part two, I know. I will go deeper into Lilith/ Mercury aspects as well as Lilith/Mars and Lilith in to the first house. But right now I can’t get myself to it. Posting Charmed clips just feels better at the moment. But I’ll promise you and AlterEgoTrip that I will finish it somewhere before Christmas.


  3. Karen on said:

    Well, I for one, shall look forward to it whenever you write it up. You take care of you xo


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