Lilith in Aspect Part 2

With BML in aspect the planetary dynamics are working out differently. Even though Lilith represents a true universal clarity when the Lilith channel is open; ending up in rejection and denial because of traumatic experience’s on your Lilith position is part of the process. According to the Dutch Astrologer Bastiaan van Wingerden the process of having a traumatic experience is some sort of shock therapy to get back in touch with the universal clarity and your true qualities again. Somewhere down the line this aspect of yourself gets lost in this life and/or a previous life. Within this context its like a journey back home to your true authentic self, instinct’s and  intuition.

Because of this process the planetary influence which is touched by BML ends up in rejection and denial. In case of a conjunction: The planet involved gets completely denied as long as the channel is closed. In case of the other aspects except for the trine there will be parts of the planet that will be denied and rejected. If it comes to the trine: The channel never completely closes. However Lilith and anything she touches is kind of subconscious to you: You just don’t identify with this parts of your nature. She stays a renegade within your personality. Not just to others if she comes out but also to yourself. Where others can see her and blow her out of proportion  feeling threatened by her: You just don’t. At least not at the first half of your life.

Like I’ve said before: She is a paradox in essence and an autonomous  psychological mechanism that somehow stands at it self within the personality.

Warning: This picture is  an image of an archetype. Please don’t try this at home.


One of the things which make Lilith so hard to explain is the fact that she works out  very personal and different in every case. As well as the fact that she works out in layers. but I will give it a try. One of my readers AET shared her chart with me and responded to my Lilith in Aspect post with the following words:

Quote: “You give a very good substance for me to excavate my personal contact with BML (or any other symbolic Lilith point)… I recall that at about my early years most of the confrontations I have had within school and such were physical, and how I was smaller than everyone but just simply wouldn’t back off when it comes to intellectually expressing my “selfness” at a very young age, I believe I didn’t understand that I simply was not conforming to what other people expected.. I didn’t understand what it was, and yet of all the things to bring up in perspective in the present day, I found it was simply more “fuel” to my needs to protect my interests and my differences.. but yes at a very, very young age! I recall at about that time being a little girl having the boys who were much bigger than I was punching and kicking me.. and me fighting back and not giving up! Now to think that this was the energy of BML is very fascinating. (And yes it was wrong to be terrorized at school at a very young age and to be forced to feel as though no one was looking out for me, but what is grade school in society more than just an extension of the power structure out there big bad world? What was worse was it was also the teachers who were letting other children pound on me!)” Unquote.

AET has:

True/Osc. BML at 22 Gemini in conjunction with her Mercury on top of her Ascendant.

Corrected/Natural  BML at 11′ Gemini into the 12th house

Mean BML at 1′ Gemini into the 12th house

Which gives her a Lilith Zone of 10 degrees: The moment BML or one of the outside planets will be transiting through this zone it will become more visible to spot the process and realize what actually is going on, in sort of a harsh way. The hardest part of having a Lilith Zone of 10 degrees, is when one of the outside planets or BML herself go’s through the Zone by transit: Your first response will be to go back into rejection or denial again, because of the pain it triggers. Having a Lilith Zone of many degrees creates ‘a no way out’ situation; but the gift’s it contains will  be more visible as well. Having the Lilith Zone into the 12th house isn’t the easiest position but it gives her a huge talent for: symbolism, photography, other visual arts, music, dance, mysticism etc.

She can actually speak, loud and clear (Mercury and the involvement of the sign Gemini)  through 12th house instruments, and has a very clear insight into these; on a right brain level. As soon as she faced “the shadows” that have been build and repressed  by the reactions of her cultural surroundings.

All this on top of her Ascendant will bring it out into the open in the end. But it’s not an easy road to walk. I do call my highly Lilithian people “emotional heavy weight’s” simply, because they are. It’s a lot to digest, but by digesting it you will clean the channel.


People with BML in conjunction with Mercury have very sharp minds which  work  differently: they function on a right brain perspective, and can see straight trough any first contact they’ll have. Even though they have tongue’s like razor blade’s, which scare’s many people, explaining themselves in an intellectual way can be very difficult for them; because they have to start thinking in slow-motion to do so. Which is hard for people with this position. They synthesize through right brain association  which go’s to fast to pin down or explain.

Part of the trauma is they attract very strong reactions from their environment by spilling the beans in a split of a second. Without even realizing how spot on accurate they are. Usually people do not want to be confronted with what it is they are spotting and see them as a threat. On the other hand, they themselves feel nobody ever understands them. I have a client with this position: the guy is a walking lie detector. Highly controversial but don’t ask him how he knows, because he can not explain it to you; he just knows. He doesn’t talk much  but when he does it cuts straight  down through anything. He can look at you with eyes which do make you feel they can see straight  through you, and it does give you  an uncomfortable feeling: even if you have nothing to hide.

So, even when you are not aware of it yourself, people around you are dealing with a Lilith factor through you. It is deeply rooted in our collective subconsciousness to reject and refuse the Lilith dynamic, and to give it (in the worst case scenario) one hell of an opposition. It also attract the hate and irrational anger of those who are living their lives on their Priapus position in combination with having flaws into their personality, in terms of not  having a fully developed  healthy ego. If you are in touch with your Lilith position: your most authentic self and do have a healthy ego, It can get the worst out of people because you are the one carrying their projections.

If you have this position like AET has: True Lilith conjunct Mercury in conjunction with the Ascendant; the kids on the schoolyard are the first who will be spotting this and resent you for it. You on the other hand don’t have clue where all this resentment is coming from, because as a child you’re just purely expressing yourself. Part of having BML on top of the Ascendant, into the first house, or in aspect with the Ascendant or his ruler is: no matter what you do Lilith will shine through you on the most unexpected moments. You might not be aware of it but your environment is, and might respond to it the hard way. So: no help there…. Not even from the teachers, which should have protected her, within the situation.

According to Astrologer Bastiaan van Wingerden, People who have Lilith into the first house are in possession of magical bodies. They have soft but strong skin like rubber up until a high age, and they can work magic with their body’s. People with this position aren’t just top athletes if they go for it, but also have the gift of feeling what’s good or bad deeply through their physical bodies. They will have to face many physical problems themselves, but they also keep surprising doctors, because they can magically heal themselves from the most serious diseases and injuries.

I can confirm to you that this is true: I have Mean Lilith in  trine with the ruler of my Ascendant, as well as in a square with my Ascendant, and True Lilith in the second house position. Which  also is very physical (material) in a trine with Mars. To me this has been very interesting . But I am only one case and started to watch this in other cases: it doesn’t always work out like this but I have seen it in more cases. People with first house, in aspect with Mars and/or Aries Lilith positions, can literally work chi energy through their bodies Bruce Lee with his Mean Lilith in Aries, Corrected/Natural Lilith  and True Lilith in Taurus, still is one of the best example’s if it comes to this. He  didn’t only heal himself from severe damage at the central nerve in his back, which made him paralyzed for quite some time, but he also became famous because of his ‘One Inch Punch’ which you can  google  to see it happen.

Another First House/Aries/Mars issue is survival. The first house is the house of survival. People with this position keep ending up in survival situations: they will never ever start looking for a street fight by their own choice, but sooner or later somebody will pull them into one. It’s just a thing about this position which is very traumatic to these people. But you can bet your live on it that they will kick the hell  out of you, if you are the attacker.  The moment they get attacked the shock will sweep them onto the right part  of their brain and the Lilith energy will start to work through their physical bodies The person with this position, as well as the attacker, will be in for a surprise. But it actually will scare the hell out of  both of them. Subconsciously striking a person with your chi energy maybe sounds cool, but is not a joke. Physical work out’s to learn how to control the body is truly important for people with this position, and a great outlet which will keep these people healthy.  They’ll have to re a just, re connect, and get back on terms with their Mars energies. But, like Jackie Brown, they all do have great survival skills, if it comes to it, in the end.

According to Carteret’s system if everything works out well: you get back in touch with your Lilith position after cracking Pluto (transit Pluto square natal Pluto),  and by the time you have your second progressive New Moon, you can fully work with her. You can find more about how she works out in aspect in my previous post: Lilith in Aspect.

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44 thoughts on “Lilith in Aspect Part 2

  1. I just got home from the woods and attempting to get myself lost, but alas I did not.. AND THEN I just got my computer started after all this long time.. and WOW! This was amazing!!

    The archetype thing there, I get this much better, I never really thought about it in this way, considering Lilith (and the zone too) in Gemini. You see, I always think (yes this is the problem with Gemini, too much of that thinking thing and forgetting that its also feeling!) that Gemini expresses itself so “smart” and yet often I have felt wordless and backwards, victimized and then I pick myself up and get going again.. kind of like that idea one must at least keep trying (maybe that first house idea attempt to embody the Aries spirit of Mars?)..much like getting up on a horse that throws you, if you can… somewhere I managed it in spite of feeling so hurt or harmed.

    You’ve given me an impression (even though indirectly via Lilith) of what that idea of Pluto/Mercury in a dynamic aspect does also echoed by the UNAVOIDABLE power of Lilith! Its obviously something we universally come into contact with at an extremely early age.. whether it be in the home environment or the school environment or in the workplace later on (still at a very young age!)

    I must read this more than once because its so loaded with meaning! And perhaps I give you an insight also you did not miss but probably relates and this is, my own recoil, the fear that I destroy those that I am fond of by simply telling them how great they are. Seriously I fear this because although I shake with enthusiasm, often my loved ones and those I admire seem to either have cases of bad luck I fear may be on account of me OR seeing that events happen which may or may not concern me I recoil and become that silent friend who wishes well but then all but completely disappears.. as in the case with some more “famous” friend of mine who I utterly admire who had gotten into conflicts with people who had been very good friends with him for many years. Its like I have a secret understanding of the complex inner workings of their relationships, and fear that if I mention anything or take any side, I’m going to hurt someone’s feelings. (Perhaps Saturn in the 11th sextile this combination?)

    Most of all, I think in my youth I was very judgmental and critical of people and now for about the last 20 years have been in the action of always questioning myself about why I should be judgmental about them.. and it seems to work. It helps me to accept myself as imperfect as I am, I guess the instinct is that if I can accept what people do, even if it is to their own self destruction and the reasons why they use some things to cope, I can deal with my own huge box of inside the head emotional blackmail I give myself for not living up to a standard I or others believe I should live up to. At least my mother in law has gotten off my back! Now for the real trick, ME! 😉

    More later, when I get around to it, and thank you for a wonderful amount of understanding that I think has added more (sitting here trying to find that word in my head for it) depth.. yes depth to what seems to be natural path way that I have been attempting to follow without distraction and destruction of myself or others.

    Thank you once again. 😀


    • You’re welcome: It’s my pleasure. Sorry I am this late but I have the Lilith zone in my 3rd house with the triple conjunction in transit in it: Right now finding the words to express what I see and sense isn’t easy for me either. I also am kind of dyslectic lately and have been spending half of my day editing this post after I already published it.

      But you are saying it right: On one hand you are very clear if it comes to truly communicating and you can spot a lack of true contact in a split of a second and on the other hand you never really can find the words. If you do: Somebody feels hurt and reject or completely denials what you just said. All that and a lot more is kind of the mechanism that comes a long with Lilith/Mercury contacts.

      There of course is a lot more to say about the aspects because Lilith is very multidimensional. But right now I am out of words…


      • On the area of health, I don’t often know how I managed to stay alive and come back to health. I guess the way it works, considering this drawing of the life force itself in a case of struggling to come back, like defense like one has to nearly die (or be outwardly physically attacked) to trigger that event. At first I was complacent and then the more I talked to older people who had good health and had active and young minds, the more I was convinced that it was indeed the medicine that was the cause of the loss of the “regenerative” nature of my physical form.

        I’ve always been someone who has been avoiding all medicine to begin with unless I thought it was totally necessary, but I was talked into by a well meaning doctor, explaining that asthma just couldn’t go away and that what I had was life threatening and necessary to take preventive medicine. For me it only made the condition worse due to the fact that it reduced my immune system down to a constant magnet for colds and other respiratory illness. Since I have been OFF of all antibiotics (for 2 years) and all steroidal compounds for 10 months and non-steroidal anti inflammatory medicine for 1 year and 8 months.. I know from personal experience, these were just not the life saving medications proclaimed to be.. Since my fasting and detoxification I no longer suffer from ANY of the side effects or withdrawals nor do I suffer from ANY cold or breathing problems now.. and even the sun does not burn my skin as it used to. But I fear people think me crazy for doing something they would consider “dangerous”. I wonder if I should go back and visit my doctor just to give him a heads up that I’m not only OK but that I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

        Now I understand that we must have all been born universally, with some ability to regenerate our own health. Perhaps the only problematic situation concerning this is the feeling about being blocked from positive energy which could help but within our own bodies I am thinking seriously about the energy passages from the “chi” to the liver as a regenerative organ and how most of the time medications BLOCK this regeneration by weakening the liver instead of giving it strength to heal on a normal level.

        I see my experience as my own, that its a tricky path to follow because I did allot of reading and talking to people before I got the courage to leave the “medical cage” of permanent medication to be considered for the rest of my life..and the side effects, I was told, although bad, were probably not as bad as the “illness” I was suffering..(asthma). And then the cycle of medications, because the steroidal compounds were supposed to be “helping”, although the effects were depressing my immune system, I was only getting worse because I got bombarded over and over again with upper respiratory illness making me have to take counter the effects of my immune system’s response of inflammation. It felt nearly hopeless, although in positive mood, my physicality did not reflect this. It felt like I was destined to be trapped in an almost premature old age.

        I think it was the idea of swine flu that motivated me to find information, had it not been for the controversy surrounding the situation and more information coming to light on helping the body heal itself, I would have thought that I was surely someone who was going to “get sick and die”… and that I needed to run to the shelter of the false security of medicines that didn’t work and vaccines that made people less healthy or even rob them of their health and vitality completely. It makes me sound fanatical, but it was this scaremongering and propaganda and understanding it better that brought me out of “bad health”. More information became available. And now I am vital and my health feels restored and I’m not allergic or “sick” and I haven’t had a cold or flu since last year. In fact now I no longer have migraines- another bonus, (and the symptom of withdrawals from steroidal compounds).

        I realize I made a mistake in believing in stuff I knew had nothing to do with genuine wellness, and that I am as much to blame in believing as those doctors are for also believing that what they were doing was correct, since they are only a part of the chain of education and often see nothing more than what the accepted treatment was. I know I am still unsure if my results could be “reproduced” in a scientific atmosphere with someone else since it would probably take longer or less time depending upon how they have eaten or lived or how much toxic accumulation was within their bodies..

        I want to share my discovery but I withdraw my participation for fear that it was about the information and understanding getting to me at the appropriate spiritual timing. After all so many things are labeled “madness” these days, while madness and medicine are proclaimed to be the only cure for anything, but how many HAVE actually BEEN cured by unsound logic and useless and poisonous medicines? I almost want to discuss these with people who have been under years and years of medicines of various forms and yet, who am I? Am I a respected person within the medical industry or am I just another person who claims that the spirit can heal itself given time? Time is the key though and time is the problem for those who live within the world of a desire to show and claim productive results.

        Its just me standing on one side saying.. perhaps everything you have had problems with could simply be cured with time, proper diet and LOVE compared to the commercial version of medicine which claims many lives saved with surgical treatment, medicine and money. Depending upon who is looking you see I have only saved ONE life, my own, in a commercial sense, it doesn’t amount to much.

        Ah this is too loaded as I said.

        Thank you once again..for the feedback and insights 😀


        • The physical can play a big part if it come to BML on top of the Ascendant and most of the time in an extreme way. The key is to listen to what your body is telling you. With this position the universal consciousness speaks to you through the body. You can literally become physically ill by vibrations in your surroundings or the energy from somebody in your environment. For example: In combination with Mercury it can give respiratory illnesses.

          Your body is an instrument for sensing toxic vibrations which will respond immediately. But it also gives the talent to transmute toxic energies through the physical body in the end. But it always is very personal: What might work for you, might not work for someone else. It takes guts learning to trust the ‘weirdness’ of the language it sometimes speaks to you.

          I’ll have to go now. Be well.


  2. Hey Fauve xo Hey AET xo

    Fascinating read. Read it twice already and find this ‘window/corridor’ fascinating. I have mine spanning a wider amount of degrees, which is a good thing, from what I hear – 18 Aries for Mean Lilith and 6 Taurus for Osc Lilith, but with Osc. conjunct my North Node, I really connected with the instability of her today, reading through this.

    I love reading and learning about Lilith, She makes me think, just as her recent contacts with Neptune drove home a lot of necessary points 🙂

    Thanks for sharing ladies 🙂


    • Hi Karen

      I am truly busy next couple of days but if you give me your birth year ( I already have your birth date) I can look at my table’s to see where your Corrected/Natural Lilith is. Mean Lilith will go into Aries somewhere in the next 8 months and you will be able to follow the process yourself if it comes to the Lilith Zone somewhere between now and the next 18 months. With Osc./True Lilith on top of your NN this might be an interesting watch for you.

      Hope your doing well.

      BTW Alter Ego Trip: Yes, thanks for sharing.

      XXX Fauve

      Ps, Karen: The year as well as the house positions.


      • Hey Fauve xo Sure! 1967 is the year and they’re both (BML and Osc Lilith) in the 3rd House. Dark Moon hangs out in Leo 7th :S Which doesn’t seem like a great place for her 😛

        Yes, I find the whole concept of Osc. Lilith on the NN fascinating and am interested to see what happens over the next while too!


        • OK: Give me some time and I will get back to you with a little bit more information.

          xo BTW in my country it is xxx: Is there an extra meaning to the o…? And if it is: What is it…? Lol.


  3. hee hee the o is a hug 😉 and take your time, no rush xo


    • Ok I wondered about that, thanks. Really didn’t know what to make of it.

      Your Corrected Lilith is on 29′ 23 Aries, retrograde. If Corrected Lilith aspects a planet in your chart it’s more tangible and visible then the other two. So you have (like me) a Lilith zone of 11 degrees.

      BML In Taurus or in the second house gives shaman quality’s. These people sense the energetic soul in everything but especially in nature: They feel and make a connection with the spirit inside the material. Like stones for example, but also do have a feeling for technique. Working with their hands on material is good for these people and they can actually give dead material a certain spirit this way.

      They’ll make great healers. According to Bastiaan van Wingerden they have been Shamans in previous lives on a top level and have to re-ajust and re-connect and get on terms with this again, in this live: Which they usually don’t want to because of the Lilith rejection. As a person with Osculated Lilith into the second house I can confirm this one too. I have been spotted for my shamanistic quality’s by one of the best healers we have in the Netherlands at the age of 20. But didn’t want to have anthying to do with it and thought it was weird. She said to me that I didn’t realize how strong those qualities were and even if I didn’t want to work with them, I needed to learn how to control and inegrate them before they would starting to control me. In her opinion they would only become stronger over time. She offered me training; said she wouldn’t take my money for it and I knew where to find her if I chanced my mind. One year later I took her up on the offer because she was right and I really needed somebody to help me how to deal with this. Today I am very well trained and equiped but I still don’t work with it on a regular basis because I somehow don’t want to. I do have a strange relationship with this part of my nature. My first teacher btw has Mean Lilith in Aries into the second house conjunct her North Node.

      Also Taurus Lilith’s can have money problems because the whole money system doesnt make sense to people with this position and or they don’t care at all. Or they care to much. In Lilith’s case most of the time there is no in between. It is always one extreme or the other.

      Blogging by the name Ravenesque on the asteroids and Tarot is quite a Lilith into the 3rd house thing to do. With Lilith in the 3rd you also can have quite clear view about the person behind the words and/or carry a lot of projections this way.
      In a nutshell: 3rd house Lilith’s can give trouble in communication. Karmic troubled relations with siblings and truly difficult neighbours. As well as difficulty’s in school when you were young.

      That is it for today xo xxx


  4. Woooo great stuff Fauve! How wonderful that someone pointed this out to you at a young age. I agree with all that you mention here and am super impressed just how much information you can gather from her placement. This shaman twist is interesting as it has interested me, sort of, but other expressions such as tarot and astrology have always held me longer than that shamanic possibilities. I don’t use crystals much, have a few, but they’re not big for me. However, when I was a kid, I used to collect rocks. All sorts of rocks, weird things and was really drawn to it.

    Fascinating and thank you so much, amazing!


    • I absolutely am very lucky meeting her and her having the capacity to see what was going to happen: She actually told me I had very strong healing powers for a person this young. She also said they would start increasing on me within a year and that this would only be the beginning. If I didn’t start training myself so I could maintain my balance I would end up in a mental institution for ever. She has been absolutely right I don’t do much with it either but I needed the training to survive these “Lilithian” gifts.

      There are many ways a second house Lilith can work out but this position makes you aware of energy into material things and you can pass on energy through material things. It gives you a feeling for the spirits of nature as well. Like hugging trees or something. IMO Osc/True Lilith is the one you are the least aware of and keep rejecting yourself the most.

      BTW: Bastiaan van Wingerden says in his book on Lilith that almost all people with Taurus/second house Lilith’s he counselled, used to walk around with stones during their childhood like they were pets or something. I did so too I even had a collection with had nothing to do with crystals just pebbles from the street. Made a whole path from pebbles in my bedroom once. My mother wasn’t all to happy with it. But it meant a lot to me and completely freaked out on her when she wanted to take my path made of pebbles to clean the room. Lol… (True storry) I have a Taurus North Node with Venus on top of it making a square with Corrected Lilith in Aquarius. So I have a lot to work out with the Taurus, Lilith combination myself.


  5. LB on said:

    I’ve really been enjoying your posts as well as the comments. I’m fascinated by BM Lilith, especially since she seems to play such a strong role in my own evolution.

    In my own chart, BM Lilith (Mean) is exactly conjunct Sedna in Aries/8th house, and both are exactly opposite my Sun and within 4 degrees of conjunct my South Node (also in Aries/8th). My 2nd house Libra Sun is conjunct my North Node/Venus. Osculating Lilith (True) is exactly conjunct Eris, also in Aries/8th, and both are exactly opposite Libra Ceres in the 2nd. Mean Lilith also trines my Saturn in the 4th, which quintiles Ceres. If you’ve read of the comments I’ve left on blogs such as Karen’s at Ravenesque, you know I’ve mentioned that I spent a lot of years being very angry, mostly at a parent who failed to protect me as a child. This seems to fit with your descriptions.

    The ruler of my Liliths – Mars – is retrograde in Gemini/9th, square Pluto in the 12th and trine my Moon in the 5th. My Mars also forms a quintile with Uranus in the 12th, which quintiles my Sun in the 2nd.

    Within the last month (or so), I’ve discovered an ability to channel healing energy through my hands. I’d attributed it to my Chiron/Uranus opposition, but I wonder if BM Lilith plays a role as well.

    I also have to add that dancing was my greatest love; it was almost a form of prayer for me, with me feeling most spiritually connected when I danced. Since you’re a dancer, I know you’ll understand what I mean.

    Thanks for these posts. I look forward to learning more.


    • Hi LB

      Thanks for reading and enjoying That is a lot of chart information your giving me right before I’ll go to sleep. But that is quite a heavy load you’ve got there into the 8th house. With the North Node on the other side it will be quite a challenge to integrate the whole Lilith story in your chart.

      I do recognize the angry part which is what I call the Lilith rage. It’s a part of the process and I also noticed that the Dark Moon plays a big part in this as well. The Dark Moon shows you in what field of your life (house position) and in what way it is shaped (sign), it comes out. The Lilith rage is part of the digesting process before you open up the channel again.

      The healing energy you recently discovered might as well come from Chiron and/or Uranus: There are different types of healing energy’s. It’s not all the same and it has quite a wide spectrum. In my case it was Lilithian and also is the reason my path has been so extreme.
      But if in your case it is Lilithian energy than it can be quite extreme as well with the Aries position into the 8th house. People with a lot of 8th house are process workers if it comes to the emotional processes of others. It also is a very occult house. Very karmic position you have with the south Node also into the 8th house. Not easy for me to explain it in nutshell

      With Lilith in Aries dancing will be good for you. In the end as long as your not going to make it to difficult you can do it everywhere.


      • LB on said:

        Sorry about the detailed info – I realized after I hit the comment button that it was information overload, but somehow your post inspired me to share. Hope you managed to sleep after your thoughtful response; you’ve also given me a fair bit to ponder right before my bedtime. 🙂

        In case you were wondering (LOL), my Dark Moon is conjunct Chiron (in Aquarius) in the 6th. I’ll spare you the details this time, except to say that it’s trine my Venus/North Node. What you said about the Dark Moon’s placement shaping the form of our anger is spot-on.In case you were wondering (lol), my Dark Moon is conjunct Chiron (in Aquarius) in the 6th. This makes a lot of sense to me.

        Thanks again for your input – I do appreciate it.



        • It’s ok: I just thought lets skip the details and go for the big lines.

          Dark Moon on top of Chiron: That must have been quite a rant. Chiron can truly revolt as well. Did you had a job when the anger came out and do you still have it…?

          Chiron conjunct Dark Moon in Aquarius into the 6th does sounds interesting. You must definitely have your share if it comes to the more alternative ways of healing and helping people. Not all to strange that you’re having an interest into Astrology.

          With those 8th positions you also have an insight into the psychology and the dark side of people. But your North Node into the second doesn’t want you to go to far if it comes to relating with and to the ‘other’. In the sense of not loosing yourself completely into the other person and sticking to your own values instead of adapting to those of the ‘other’.


  6. lol are you serious! This story is amazing Fauve as my rocks and I – well I had shoe boxes full of them under my bed when I was 5/6/7. I actually used to jump over people’s fences to take rocks from their yards if they caught my eye. My mother could not understand this rock collecting and it caused a deal of trouble as well. Another interesting bit with my collecting though, is that I managed to find an ancient fossilised worm in one rock and a gold vein in an other, just by wandering about. I do have a house rock too, at the back door lol but that’s as far as it goes now. How crazy that we also share rocks. Amazing!


    • I am serious: isn’t it funny: I had so many rocks I made a path out of them one day. I was devastated when I had to take my path of pebbles out of my room and have been crying for hours. My mother decided to leave them for a few more days so I could adjust to it. It meant that much to me.

      I also was digging into the ground all the time hoping to find a fossil. You were lucky…!

      I have to admit: I do have a house stone too which I picked up from a beach in the south of France. I also do have crystals and I don’t do healings with them or anything but I do clean them every once in a while and lay them down in the sun and things like that: I take care of them like I take care of my plants.


  7. This rock thing is beyond cute, but the crystal thing is ‘weird’. I totally expected to feel them vibrate or something when I started to explore them years ago, but nope, not a thing! I did make ritual beads that I place around my candles using amethyst and carnelian, and i could not imagine parting with them as I have had them for years now. I also have a huge rose quartz ring on my finger, which I bought this year actually as instinct sort wanted it for the ‘3rd House’ issues. But that’s it. I have never explored any sort of energy healing at all, only cheering people up with forecasts (hopefully) and working with them through tough life situations with the tarot or astro. I have never felt drawn to reiki or anything. Fascinating stuff to contemplate! Maybe I should look into more energy type of expressions. I do intend on taking on herbalist and homeopathy studies in the next few years, plus the writing – I hope that is happy enough utilisation of the ‘hands’ and the shamanic twist for my Lilith!


    • Well, I am weird I have a quite a high Lilith factor. I can totally relate to the charmed sisters. Lol.
      Being able to feel energy’s of stones, statues and other things came as a shock to me. My Father was in antiques he is specialized on Tibetan Buddhist art. Most of the art works received blessings and his buyers and second wife always were feeling the vibrations. I remember watching them many times and thinking they were nuts. One day I tried it myself and found out I could feel it too. As well as the differences in energies: An Amethyst feels very different from a Crystal. I never told anyone as a child it was a total secret.

      Working with herbs and homeopathies the “soul” of the plants is a very shamanistic thing to do and very much Taurus.

      Don’t underestimate yourself: This is just the typical Lilith denial. If you start bringing people in contact with their Lilith position they reply to you with: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know nothing…?! Even if they are already working with it.

      Well, I have a Taurus/second house Lilith issues as well and I just know the Lilith soul (energy) is there. It’s not just about the ‘healing’ hands trust me.


  8. Wow! I am always amazed by people who can feel the energy of items, like antiques, or jewellery. It must be an amazing experience,. How cool about your father! Fascinating stuff and I have been thinking about this ALL day. Love it 🙂 Thanks so much for this information xo


    • If you have gift’s like this based on your Lilith factor instead of Chiron or Neptune for example: It somehow scares the hell out of you as well as other people. Also It is some sort of a language I had to learn. It is not easy learning a language you’re in denial of half of the time. The Lilith factor somehow does make it truly complicated to deal with things like this.

      But I definitely have been born into a family which gave me a lot of practice material and I do have 3 trines, which keeps to much of the denial out: True Lilith trine Mars; ruler of my 4th house, Mean Lilith trine Jupiter; ruler of my rising and Mean as well as Corrected Lilith trine my Sun, ruler of my 9th house.

      But I still have a lot of resentment if it comes to the road. This might not come as a surprise: It has been a long and ‘rocky’ road.


      • heh rocky! hilarious! Good for you and it’s awesome to see someone working their energy to its utmost potential.Much more to consider regards Lilith and I will enjoy learning from whatever you choose to share xlo


  9. LB on said:

    Hello again – In answer to your questions, when I was young, I’d work at a place for a few years, then get pissed off at some injustice and quit. As I got older, I became far more realistic in my expectations. For twenty years my job involved managing a very chaotic (and sometimes dangerous) special-education school office. I was kind of the “gatekeeper”, responsible for ensuring that things ran smoothly. I was also the one who had to call emergency services when situations became volatile; I was very adept at recognizing potential situations and responding proactively. I worked with therapists and counselors who often told me I would have made a good therapist myself (not so sure about that).

    I also managed my mother’s care when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which ended up being a full-time job for several years. As I witnessed the daily lack of competent, consistent care, I became very angry and put that anger to work by advocating on behalf of my mother and the other elderly residents. Some of my efforts resulted in permanent changes being implemented at the residential facility that housed her. I never raged at anyone though (just a few civil ‘disagreements’); instead I let my anger motivate me to stay actively involved and document, then report, serious problems to the governing agency. I’m a natural advocate for those who are unable (or unwilling) to speak for themselves. Any kind of bullying or injustice really gets me fired up.

    As you say, I do have insight into the hidden motives of others, and I’m able to understand (and even sometimes relate) while maintaining my own very strong value system. I think the opposition of BM Lilith to my Sun has given me a certain objectivity that others lack, as well as insight into my own motivations. Since I seem to observe things others miss (or could care less about), I probably experience a higher level of internal frustration than the average person. Because of that, I could never work somewhere where I had to remain silent or go along with something I didn’t believe in. Along the same lines, I have little patience with ‘enablers’ or those who think that maintaining their own interests justifies harmful words and/or actions.

    The only person I ever really raged at was my mother. Ironically enough, her illness was the thing that finally helped to heal my anger. Not only was I able to forgive her, but through caring for her during her final years – while expecting nothing in return – I got much more back than I ever expected. It was a very healing experience for us both. She passed away right after my Chiron return and soon after that I had a progressed New Moon (in my natal 4th).

    Urania is conjunct my Venus/North Node (and both trine Dark Moon Lilith), so I think that contributes to my interest in astrology, which I view as a significant healing tool. That’s why I share my own experiences so fully (hahaha).


    • Dear L.B.

      Even though I fully heard you: my answer will be kind of short I’ll have to cook right now. But your Answer/Anger is so real and sacred. This is my point: Lilith has a bad reputation but her anger is sacred. For all the right reasons.

      You are another one who is proving to me that her anger (which comes with power) is real and needed, now days.

      You are telling about your Sun in opposition with your Lilith which is so fully right: Kudos’s to you…! It takes a lot of strength and a fully grounded, developed ego within your astrological positions to deal with this, this way.

      BTW: Do you think it’s a good idea to open a Lilith Rant page on this blog…? I know it is a strange, tricky question… I do have to think this over myself as well.

      BTW II: I love your hahaha at the end they are so very Lilithian as well….


      • LB on said:

        Yes, I absolutely LOVE the idea of a ‘Lilith Rant’, or at least a space that allows others to share their own Lilith experiences. So often in our world, anger is viewed as a ‘negative’ emotion, when in fact, anger can alert us to situations that legitimately warrant our attention. It’s what we do with our anger that matters. The only problem might be in controlling the floodgates once they’ve been opened; it would definitely require a lot of careful consideration beforehand. Good luck with that.

        Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I debated about elaborating in such detail, but it seems you understand so I’m very glad I did. And in case you (or anyone else) are wondering, I don’t walk around angry all of the time; I actually experience real joy as well and continue to work on staying balanced. Most of the time I feel very grateful.

        Bon appétit!


  10. Sitting for a moment here in a hotel room in Skara, I’ve been reading the comments, the stones.. a pebble pathway!!! the wonderful collections of stones (echoing my own).. and the idea for the Lilith rant.. all so wonderful.. all so personal.

    I’ve not ever recalled one day where I have not found some kind of stone somewhere that wanted to come home with me.. in Florida, it would be those fossils or corals that had become crystallize former life forms I was so lucky to find or something with some kind of old shell form or plant form..and my husband also loves those things.. (I saw his BML lay at 25 degrees Aquarius where his regular calculated Lilith is about 5 degrees Pisces nearly conjunct my MC both in his 10th house) he had his kitchen counter-top with polished black granite.. it was easy for me to make myself at home in that kitchen!

    My first time where a stone actually wanted to “be my friend” was a bit of polished sodalite, it was blue and when I touched it I felt a physical response around my throat and neck. Later on it was the same sodalite my cat loved to play with.

    These days, I’ve been going around with a crystal ball carved of natural crystal, it was in a shop which “called out” to me in Stockholm.. at first time a huge one which cost more than my guitar was worth was the “one” but a few weeks later, I went back to buy a hematite ring for my husband and found a very small palm sized crystal ball carved of natural stone crystal also.. so I bought it.. it wasn’t so much at all, and my little son got a blue lapis stone as well.. something for all of us. This summer when we were at the beach he grabbed all these stones and the poured them into my bag.. right on the beach. (he also seems to have Liliths in similar placements to his father, Aquarius, but in the 6th house, with BML conjunct Neptune)

    I just think it could be the more “earthly” signs though.. I’m the only one who doesn’t have planetary influence in Taurus but rather Virgo…I mean concerning these “things” we have for stones and minerals. I mean not just my family but those of you with Lilith influencing Taurus and 2nd house 😉 Either way its a “double” influence in this way… with so many having the MOON in earth signs!

    Anyway its been nice reading and fantastic insights and personal stories.. I want to thank everyone for sharing this because its the real people and cases that make the influence “real” to me.

    P.S. Fauve in many English speaking cultures an X= “kiss” and an O= “hug” (I had to explain this to my husband when he read some letters from friends of mine to me)

    P.S. Again *waves* xo Karin 😀 (and *waves* to LB) 😀 I hope I haven’t left anyone out!

    Last night I had a strange dream about a ruby and inside of it was growing bromiliads just as red as the stone..”living stone”..


    • We must be getting deeper and deeper into the Mercury retrograde shadow: My computer is getting crazy on me again and I am already convinced it has a Taurus rising. My computer likes to relax and to take siesta’s all the time.

      L B

      I’ll have to think about the “Lilith Rant” page. But the Lilith Rage phase in the end is a very healing experience. I look at the dark Moon to get an impression of how a person will assimilate his/her Lilith issues if they break out into the open. In your case it sounds like it did happen maybe the Chiron factor played a part in this as well: At a certain point you could not avoid the pain anymore and it busted out.

      BTW L B: Thank you for sharing your Lilith Rage story with us.


      You are right: Those stones were like buddy’s of mine. They were all selected. I could have two pebbles in my hand who looked familiar but if one didn’t feel sympathetic I would throw it away.The black granite kitchen top sounds like heaven to me: I also do have a thing for granite.

      About the feeling for stones in your family. 12th house, Pisces and Neptune aspected Lilith’s gives a wide range of psychic ability’s This is why it’s one of the hardest positions. Lilith has a tendency to break open all the sudden. People with this position can get completely overwhelmed by their psychic ability’s and are extremely sensitive for all sorts of vibrations. Especially on a aura level and elemental things. Also pinning Lilith down is difficult because all the chart influences play a part. But if it comes to the Lilith factor in your case as well as your family’s; I do think it is the 12th house/Neptune factor. Having an emphasis on earth signs is very important with Pisces, 12th house and Neptune Lilith’s.

      That is an interesting observation about our Earth Moons btw.


      The ’rocky’ road thing suddenly occurred to me yesterday. Looking back on my Pebble path creation seems kind of strange right now. Like paving a path into the future or something…Weird totally weird…

      Big * waves * to all of you. xxx ox.


      • Amazing, you just “nailed down” the common thread with Lilith and our little family 😀 Neptune, Pisces AND my 12th house!!! It was so obvious but I am oblivious sometimes. 😀 And yes I believe that the Earth influence is vital to how we react with so much nebulous energies.

        I have to add that all of us also have Neptune in the natal 6th houses

        …..still thinking about how my son on a trip to Brighton (UK) a few years back ( beaches of stones!!) forced me to take all these lovely stones with us, and up to the hotel room where HE lined them up against the wall in the corner of the room making a beautiful design, and thankfully the people who cleaned the room didn’t move or take away any single one.. which was nice of them.

        Be well and hope your weekend is fine, in spite of financial administration!


        • Thanks didn’t start yet can’t get myself to it. But have to do it within the next 48 hours.

          The 12th house Neptune connection in your chart is puzzling me with Neptune in the 6th as the ruler of your MC.
          Do you have Neptunian work…?


      • Neptunian work, well in “paid work” I have been a broad spectrum of things in my lifetime, from telephone readings via astrology (employing quick horary and natal chart overviews) and tarot. But also freelance video documenter for my fellow students and artists, freelance artist, and have sold a few paintings.

        My husband also mentioned after reading the MC description of Pisces in a book that it “sounded allot like my career” and his “Aquarius MC described HIS very well” in a book which was the first and last time he read any book on the topic of Astrology. He mentioned the awards and prizes I had won in the areas I won them, for example for my ceramics and paintings.

        I am what I would consider myself as a “career gypsy” I keep thinking that if I just do what I’m supposed to do, that things will eventually fall into place. But I studied not only video extensively, but ceramics, glass blowing and silver smithing as well as various formats of painting, illustrations and photography. A few have been When I was younger I was in a band that eventually devolved but had some small successes locally where I lived.

        I’m right now just following the direction of my photography and video documentation (of my personal life perspective.. and my son has given me a few moments where he told me things I should have done but didn’t do.. and I realize he was right.. I should have listened to him because I could have caught some amazing stuff!) And been working with these animation programs to create cartoons… all in the learning process.

        My works are found under this new name “alteregotrip” on both youtube flickr and other various sites. But as I have stated, its working for creating something and in my little spare time while I have the chance to have free time. I am in a sort of quandary at the moment (for the last 6 years) about being on the outside of the employment area that I would like to be within, with a sort of catch 22 situation. If I haven’t worked in the “area” for at least 2 years consistently, then my access to those jobs I am qualified for is extremely limited, however if I take a job outside of that market, then I am not allowed within it… so I have to do a little better than part time or freelance to get where I want to be.

        I also made a small amount of real money by creating “virtual eyes” for avatars within second life.. and plan to recreate my customized work for my own cartoons using moviestorm (the most recent program I have been experimenting with).. hoping one day to have a better computer and enough money to use an even more interesting and even more versatile program called “iClone”.

        Since my health has improved more and more experiences have come to give me a real sense of satisfaction outside of my family life and I don’t know if it was because I started following my own path that I have “become physically well” OR if it was that my wellness made it easier to follow my own path.. I guess this is also kind of Neptunian.

        I think I would be dishonest if I said, “I’m JUST a stay at home mum”, and yet at this time I really am.


        • You can say that again… That is quite some Neptunian list you have there. I do think being a stay at home mam is one of the most honourable jobs in the world btw. But not a bad thing to have and/or develop a few things at the side. Children do grow up.

          Judging your chart working within your Osc. Lilith/ Mercury position through some sort of visuals has been my first bet, it will definitely be my last one too. I will look for you on You Tube: You made me curious. Isn’t Astrology fascinating…?!


          • Hahaha; That is funny I’ve just watched your ‘5 random things’ ! Great to meet you.
            At least I think that is you: Lilith rising can be tricky…

            I love your film noir style. What actually did happen to those shoes…?

            PS: Believe me I just picked up on this by reading your chart: Never googled you or anything. Amazing…!


      • The mask that cartoons provide me feels a little more “genuine” without the feeling of self-editing or self-conflict.. even though the more recent things have my many voices in them.. Its painful to watch that 5 random things because I’m so silly and yet, its me 😀


        • I loved it: I thought it was really funny and you look good and quite Lilithian to me. But I do understand I can’t watch myself either. But other people are always starring at me because I have this fascenating radiance thing going on. But I absolutely can’t catch it myself.


  11. Nice Fauve 🙂 Hopefully it leads on to much abundance! I did something tonight that I have not done for a while, and that is sketch. Fun 🙂 There has been some bonus moments from this reflecting!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend xo


    • Thanks Karen

      You will start doing more things you haven’t done for a while; if you’ll ask me.

      I have to do my administration this weekend and it’s a second house Lilithian thing not to like it that much. But thanks!


  12. Just popping by to say Hi and type xo at you 🙂 Hope the weather is wonderful and you had a great weekend.


    • Hi Karen

      Thanks for popping in xo. I hope you’re well. The weather changed from nice to terrible today: Which is good I have a lot of things to do around the house. I am very much caught up in having a lot to do and totally distracting myself. Need a break from the blog as well. But will keep it going in the end…


  13. Take as long as you need and stay well xo


  14. I have been having one of those weekends.. and just spontaneously volunteered for a part in a cartoon I didn’t even know the director of it is in Sweden as well and the script was really cute.. (I just jumped in and said I would help) and I was surprised by the script and the part I was going to play. It was a good surprise..:D

    I’ve got to motivate myself to do this because now I am feeling a little insecure but nothing too inhibiting.

    Hope the weather got a bit better and you finally cleared out all those “to do” type of things.. I tried that yesterday, I guess when you have someone who wants to take everything out of the closet after you just put it away… there is a tendency (on my part) to give up for a while and try again later. Later being another few months! 😉

    Be well!


    • Sounds really exciting: Good for you…!

      The weather is better again but did take breaks where ever I could; still having a lot of things to take care of…Just covered the rest of the administration. So, that one is of my back. Pffff.

      I have the same tendency but also a dead line to cover with some of the ‘to do’ things. But I did. Just don’t feel like writing. Also am doing some research which isn’t leading anywhere at the moment. I will have more time in a couple of weeks. At least I am on track again with the “to do” things.

      Will be back. In the mean time: Have a ball where ever you can.


  15. This is the perfect post and may be one that needs to be followed up to see what happens

    A colleague sent this link the other day and I’m desperately looking your next post. Keep on on the perfect work.


    • Thank you.

      I am glad to hear that and will keep the blog going for a while. Especially during the fall and winter months. Just keep popping in…


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