Venus Conjunct Mars

Venus just made a conjunction with Mars in Libra. She still is close to him and will be in a  5 degree orb, till October 13th. The two of them will be having quite an exciting dance together, for the next coming six weeks. Which is unusual because if Venus passes Mars; she passes him . But after she passes him she will go stationary before she starts walking backwards into her retrograde motion.

She will turn retrograde in Scorpio on October the 9th. Where she will be in a grand trine with Black Moon Lilith  in Pisces and the Black Sun in Cancer.  Based on their ‘rendez vous’, she will dwell on him for a while; while Mars is moving on through Scorpio. Picking up on his old egotistic (Mars) power battle’s (Scorpio) again. More about the development of their dance later…

Right now, they both past pretty serious party breaker Saturn in Libra in his grand cross, power battling square, with Pluto in Capricorn. They both truly connected at 15  degrees of Libra, a few days ago. Must be exciting times for those who have planets on these degrees in Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Cancer, and/or Aries. Especially if Mars or Venus themselves  are into the game.

Mars conjunct Venus in general marks the beginning of a new cycle between what Jungian psychologists call the Animus and Anima: The male  and female parts of the personality. In reality it can mean walking into a possible new relationship. But don’t kidd yourselves this conjunction is a guarantee for an attraction based on a pure physical level. In Libra this can manifest itself in a very refined classy way with a lot of socializing and fun  on the sidelines.

With Saturn in Libra as well there can be some weight on the more serious sides of a relationship; as well as the social status it might, or not might bring. Can you imagine Pluto (god of the underworld), lurking in Capricorn on the other side of the square; and what about freedom loving,   always going for fun Jupiter at the first degree of Aries, and Uranus Retrograde in Pisces again on the other side, in the opposition with Saturn in Libra? Truly going for a serious relationshipp,or letting go of old an one because there simply isn’t another choice…

We’re in for some  juicy stories the next six weeks to come.  Trust me I can feel it into my Lilithian bones.

Lets just stick to Mars and Venus for the moment: right now they are definitely the most exciting pair and they are very strongly attracted to each other. Even Mars going through the sign of Libra must be in a ‘ lets just relate ‘ mood, which is unusual for him. It will be a ‘lets relate  on a physical level right now’ , – kind of a thing: but these days he will bring it with a lot of charm, refinement, and maybe even a truly sophisticated sense of humour. Very appealing to Venus in Libra. Sophisticated and always looking for the right balance as Venus in Libra is, she’ll might even let herself go for this one…

 …Will be continued…

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    • Well… Thanks!

      I’ll get back on Venus when I have more time: Lots more to say about her.

      I don’t understand why our comments are popping up the other way around: Bloody Mercury retrograde: Always making all sorts of communication truly difficult.


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