Mars rebalancing his meeting with Venus

While Venus is dressing up working her charm and thinking of giving in: Mars who just Passed Saturn on his first level of his passing through Libra, is re-evaluating the relationship arena. Libra is a sign of diplomacy and balancing the scale’s. It will make him less aggressive and a lot more into the other as he usually is. Not really forth going though…  Quite a tricky position for Mars to be in.

 His retrograde motion through Leo last year must have humbled some of the ego down and his confrontation with BML surely cleared up some deeper intentions of the soul. We so  easily  lose contact with this part of our selves trying to survive these days.

This cycle in combination with Black Moon Lilith at the end of the age of Pisces is incredibly interesting: It’s a complete re-evaluation of the feminine and masculine principles. Lilith is a principle which straightens things up: In the sense of correcting what went wrong by cutting through the truth. Bringing the soul back to his/her true purpose again.

Last year in transit we’ve had: The Mars Retrograde in Leo in opposition with Lilith in Aquarius. The triple conjunction: Lilith, Neptune and Chiron at the end of Aquarius and the beginning of Pisces and now we’ll have the following situation:

Right now the Sun in  Virgo is in an opposition with Lilith in Pisces: Bringing deeper issues connected to BML on the surface of the consciousness into the personality (Sun).  On this New Moon at september the 8th BML will still be in the opposition within a wide orb. The Moon will come into the mix by adding feelings on an emotional level. The Sun and Moon are masculine and feminine principles on a first personal level.

By the time of the New Moon in September: Venus will be at the 29th degree of Lira; the critical degree before she moves on and changes her colours from Air sign Libra to Water sign Scorpio.

Confusing Mars who is at the 25th degree of Libra. By that time, ready to go for it. They both will make a trine with Neptune conjunct Chiron; which is a good aspect but quite confusing in a situation like this as well. All this isn’t the end of it because we’re also having a quincunx on our hands from Venus/Mars to Jupiter/Uranus. Can’t stop wondering how Venus and Mars are going to deal with the complete situation, but it sure will be an interesting watch.

 Where the Sun and The Moon are personal planets on a first level:  Mars and Venus are inner personal planets on a second level. Both very passionate and sexually orientated in their own way’s. Totally interested into each other for different reasons. The masculine and the feminine all over again but fusing in a different way as the Sun and  Moon do.

When Venus skips into Scorpio she will become intense fixed and possibly jealous. Way to intense for Mars in Libra if you’ll ask me. But then again…

He also will move into Scorpio at a certain point and become truly intense. Before that however he will have to pass the 29th critical degree of Libra where we ‘ll have the trine to Neptune and Chiron as well as the quincunx to Jupiter and Uranus. Which will make him truly indecisive (Libra)  confused (Neptune) and wounded (Chiron) in his self-expression. While his urge for freedom (Jupiter/Uranus) will be aching.

He will pass this point: skip into Scorpio as well and will become truly intense and passionate himself. (We’re reaching the point where it might become pornographic.) They will meet again and totally fuse together on October the 3rd on the 12th degree of Scorpio, while Venus is going stationary. This might be on a personal physical level: they are both inner personal planets. That might be hot… I told you before: we’re in for some juicy story’s in the times to come.

At the same time Black Moon Lilith will be on the 10th degree of Pisces making a trine with Venus and Mars in Scorpio; as well as with the Black Sun on the 13th degree of Cancer. The Conjunction between the Black Sun and the Black Moon is the astrological metaphor for the sacred marriage; also known by the Gnostics as the Hieros Gamos. Even though the Black Sun and the Black Moon are spiritual points and this is a trine not a conjunction: Venus and Mars are inner personal planets and together they will make a grand water trine in the middle of the Cardinal Cross. Even though this isn’t a guarantee: It is a great opportunity for making a true beginning of straightening things up between our masculine and feminine principles. But like I said the Black Sun and Black Moon are spiritual points and Venus and Mars are personal points. Positioned in Scorpio things can get truly intense for better or for worse.

One of my Astrology teachers always called highly Scorpio coloured, 8th house, Plutonic relationships: The killing fields. She herself has the fullest 8th house I’ve ever seen. Me on the other hand with my Venus in Taurus ruling my 5th, as well as my 8th house positions, like the ring of the physical parts and the intensification it gives. I also like a good passionate love story.  Before Mars in Scorpio will move out of the orb again: Venus will go retrograde and pass the point of the Grand Trine 3 times on the role, in the end. What ever happens it  can work out both ways. So, will be continuded and please do place your bets…

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10 thoughts on “Mars rebalancing his meeting with Venus

  1. Of course Venus conjunct Mars! If we didn’t already have so much with Mercury retrograde.. 😉

    I think I like the sound of that whole water sign oriented movement of planetary energies… happening later on.

    certainly it will feel allot more emotionally accessible (for me) and I have been trying to finish the second part of my cartoon which involves some intense emotions and stories I’m attempting to make at least a little funny to defuse some of the tension..

    I wrote the story already but now the details of how it plays out are kind of elusive since my program hasn’t been working so well with the speaking animations (it must be the Mercury Retrograde/and shadow influence) But the flaws have given me at least time to change things to a more interesting set design.

    The story is fictional, A young single mother is about to give birth, her half brother and her mother and for a while her step father are there.. the father of the child has found out about the pregnancy after finally talking to the young woman who has sort of backed off from what seemed to be a relationship (and a friendship) and somehow dropped all contact very suddenly.. and he comes to the maternity ward only to meet the brother and mother for the very first time, with some surprises..but its just a section of the story, this story is about how someone can be born in two places at the same time; everything that happens around the event of the birth is part of the reason that time was somehow split up or broken.

    I live allot of imagination.. and the story came to me first because of a dream, only the layers were many and it wasn’t just focused on this one situation or place.. but its really hard to capture all if it.

    I’m hoping things will be a little more clear and my programs start working again by the time all this retrograde stuff starts calming down!


    • The Mercury retrograde is totally annoying… My computer have never been this slow. I still make stupid mistakes if it comes to details. But that’s definitely the condition of my 3rd house situation with Chiron and Neptune in transit on the cusp and Lilith going through my intercepted Pisces in the 3rd. I thought Mercury Rx in Virgo would help me sought this one out. I could use some extra feeling for Virgo details at the moment….

      Have to correct a mistake I’ve made in this post: There is no Yod from Venus/Mars to Jupiter/Uranus; it’s a quincunx… (sorry) Mercury Rx is on my Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 9th. With Uranus as the ruler of my 3rd.

      I have to keep editing myself all the time lately: So, for the times to come: After I posted something wait 48 hours so you can read the full final version…

      I actually like the Venus/Mars conjunction: It’s a great diversion if it comes to me having a war with computers, words and any form of making contact through communication goody’s.

      After all this Lilith I kept going on for 6 months, I can use a little Venus over here. I am going to dwell on her for a while. Did even polish my nails again for the first time in months. I am going to get as much out of the Venus department as I possibly can before she will go retrograde to really come to our turfs with Scorpio’s intensity. But like you I also like the water trine coming up. Before that time I am going to relax a little and have some ‘air’ like fun where ever I can.

      Can imagine you’re wrestling with the cartoon at the moment. But things will work them selves out when the planets are starting to move again, I am sure. Retrograde periods do have their advantages. It only takes a while longer. Sounds interesting btw.


  2. Great stuff Fauve xo It is definitely going to be one wild ride, this Venus retro, full of lots of passionate highs and lows.


  3. HA! Good one. I had to google what feuilleton was but agree absolutely. I imagine more than a few of them and hopefully, no chapter instalments on my behalf 😛 I’m happy to just to glide through this one without any dramas but as I have a Scorpio MC, I live to dream 😛


    • I love and live to dream as well. The whole situation is going to effect my chart too. Like I said: I am going to have Venusian fun before she starts her retro. Anything can happen by then…

      Sorry for the word ‘fuilleton’: it’s a serial thing. Like a series of articles or a soap opera.


  4. maggiemay on said:

    Hello Fauve, Great article, and even better that I am have remet an old “amore” of mine and we are deciding to meet up in Naples, Italy on Oct. 3…what do you think? I am 11 Scorpio MC, and he has Scorpio Rising, degree unknown at this point, he is Sag, Saturn exact degree on my Moon, his Moon in 0.50 Libra trines my Venus, 2 degrees Gemini…my Sag Saturn conjuncts his Sun, and so on..His jupiter conjunct my Aries Sun…his is 9 degrees, my Sun/Merc, is 16degrees……….and I was for him in 1985, the love of his life, and it has been 25 years since we met! The article gives me some real hope that this time it could be for good..what sayeth you? He is a 1963, baby, and I am a 1956 one Capricorn Rising 17 degrees, conjuncts his Venus as well. 🙂


    • Hi Maggie

      I would say you’re the perfect couple for the story I sense in the air… Meeting in Napoli at the beginning of October sounds exciting and very romantic….

      The Saturn aspects might make you both a little cautious. But Saturn plays a big part in longer lasting relationships and gives feelings of responsibility towards each other.

      The Venus/Moon trine in synastry is an aspect of feeling very comfortable and at ease with each other. People who share this do feel at home with one and other. It gives a very natural flow of togetherness. However it’s hard to say without seeing two charts in their full context how all this will work out under all these transits to come…

      Good Jupiter/Sun aspects can be fortunate because it gives a feeling of truly respecting the other and no matter how vicious and Plutonic things can get in bad times; the Jupiter partner just can’t take the other one down in the end.

      I think you’re in for an exciting passionate time in a beautiful, passionate country with perfect food. Very appealing to the Venus/Moon the two of you share.

      My Venus actually is a little envious. Sounds great to me. But I do wish you a wonderful time and I would absolutely go for it if I were you…

      “Better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.” Is my motto.


      • maggiemay on said:

        Dear Fauve, Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me. I am thrilled with what you picked up! He lives in Naples and I in London…but Naples is much more romantic. Still going strong with us, texting like wild fire (Two Fire signs!) and this is just the push I need. Being 25 years older, both of us, can be a bit scary…if you know what I mean…but it all looks good, so wish me luck..! By the way, my Jupiter is 21 Leo and my Pluto 26 in my 7th house, (Italy is a Leo country) and that pretty dead 7th house of mine got really fired up when we had that New Moon in Leo 17 degrees, on August 10th. We remet on FB August 11th. Don’t you just love it when Astrology works!? I can give you the dates, and please know I don’t expect you to look them up but if you are curious…mine: April 6, 1956, 2:00am, Pittsburgh, Pa. USA, his: unknown birth time, but I figure Scorpio rising, maybe a Libra first house…Dec. 9, 1963, Naples, Italy… built like a Sag, definately, if that helps. Thanks so much, I really enjoy your blog, and your knowledge of Astrology. Thanks, Maggie. 🙂


        • You’re welcome

          I totally understand it is kind of scary with the Saturn connections but fire signs are fire signs. I have Sagittarius rising. If there is a serious spark in the air: We do jump and think later. Astrology will never stop to fascinate me it’s why I am still here. I wanted to stop many times with it and some times don’t look at the stars for months. But it’s so incredibly fascinating to see how the influences work out that I always get back to it. Thanks for the data. Even though I am truly busy lately, I’ll might look into it someday.

          Wishing you luck and have a great time .


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