Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto and Lilith

Pluto turned stationary, before he will start his direct motion at 2′ 47 Capricorn on September the 15th. Two days after Mercury turned direct as well, at 5′  21 Virgo.  By then Venus  will be at the 4′ 32 in Scorpio and Mars 0′ 02 in  Scorpio. Besides the trine they’ll make with the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Pisces; they  also will be interconnected into a  couple of sextiles to Mercury and Pluto . Al this before they’ll move on into a trine with Black Moon Lilith. Who will bring certain issues onto the surface introduced by her second consort: Pluto.

The sextile is a comfortable aspect that needs to be worked on to pull the goodies off . But it has lots of  good  potential. However in the middle of the tension the Grand Cross is bringing, it can also make people easing up  and relax by making the wrong choices, because they might be open to temptation. Pluto, Mars, Venus aspects can be extremely sexy and truly tempting. However, we still have a Saturn/Pluto square going on at the backdrop of the Cardinal  Cross. Even though I do believe we are heading for a few alchemical and transformative  months: Dont forget how deceptive and illusive Neptune can be who also plays his part in the game concerning the Venus, Mars conjunction. You might end up being wounded (Chiron) in the most glamorous parts of your existence, for one thing.

If it comes to politics, I do suspect a couple of sex scandals; behind the scenes power battle’s, and some more financial scandals again. On a personal level it might not be a wise idea to completely let your guards down if it comes to Venus and Mars issues. After all:  nobody wants to end up like this man once did, and being a little precocious by adding some Saturn into the mix, searching for a reliable balance might prevent you from ending up in to an ugly situation. Like I’ve said: sextiles can give great opportunities, but they need to be worked on…

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2 thoughts on “Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto and Lilith

  1. Good stuff! I have Venus and Mars sextile natally and it is definitely one of my preferred aspects. But as you say, very prone to temptation so must have a very strong attraction to the partner that they choose to commit to, or it won’t settle at all!


    • I agree with you on the fact that people with Mars/Venus contacts needs to have a very strong physical attraction into a relationship. Mars/Venus contacts will not only just don’t settle if it isn’t there. It also seriously pisses people of who have these contacts if the physical attraction isn’t strong enough. Or worse even, if it is there but not played out .

      I do not have Mars/Venus contacts myself but do have a Taurus Venus which is very physical as well We don’t settle for less either: Big turn of if that department of the relationship or affair doesn’t work out tangible enough. I did had my best love affairs with men who had or their Venus or Mars in sextile with my Mars or Venus in synastry. The Venus/Mars sextile is a great aspect to have in my opinion in synastry and/or in the natal chart. Lucky you…

      The sextile in general is a very nice aspect to have and a little underestimated imo. But they don’t just happen: you have to do something with them. I very much like sextiles myself. If you do something with them they will pay of.


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