Before Venus enters Scorpio, dresses up in Scorpio style dwelling on old issuesagain, she will be walking  around on a pair of classy high heals in her beautifully shaped Italian cashmere coat. The fall is in the air, and she’ll be planning and buying her wardrobe for the new season to come. Planning her beauty scheme so everything will be into the right place when she needs it to be…

Venus in Libra is a very nice placement to work a little on your  beauty plans, and picking  a new wardrobe for the coming season. Giving the beauty (Venus)  department in your live some serious energy (Mars).

The Venus in you will definitely feel validated, before she starts her retrograde motion if you give her some energy during this time. Do keep an eye on your money though and making a well-balanced budget is not a bad idea, before she will start her retrograde motion in Scorpio:  after all, Venus also rules over money and possessions.

When Venus is in the air it’s time to love, relax, socialize, have fun,  work on your creativity, and to make yourself look, and feel better so you can validate yourself a little bit more. Even though I have way to many Sagittarius/Jupiter influences to make a big deal out of making myself beautiful, and stay in touch with the latest fashion styles, I am a strong believer in terms of keeping the Venus inside   yourself happy, by taking care of your Venusian needs. The Venus Mars conjunction in Libra is a good position to do so and it sure gave me a boost to take care of certain Venusian issues, which could use a serious injection.  The Mercury retrograde in Virgo however, made it kind of complicated, as well as some of my other personal traits. Here is what happened:

Being in the ‘eye’ of my Lilith return and the deeper issues it brings up made me neglect certain sides of my 6th  house Venus placement. Even though I realized it: I simply didn’t care and Lilith does have a slightly dangerous quality into her aura, which is very appealing to everyone anyway. No matter how much you’re neglecting the constantly shaving your legs part of your beauty routine: it  somehow just is. But on the other hand, isn’t Lilith in the earliest ancient Sumerian origins a handmaiden of the Goddess Inanna (Venus)…?!

“It was Lilith who brought the people in from the fields to Inanna’s holy temple at Erech for the sacred sexual rites.” The Black Moon book by Demetra George

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo in my 9th, in opposition with my Black Moon Lilith, this definitely raised some questions. Here is another quote of Demetra George’s Black Moon Book:

” In the Hebraic mythology Lilith is best known as the first wife of Adam who left her husband, choosing exile and loneliness rather than domination and sexual subjugation to Adam’s will.  She was subsequently distorted into a demoness by the nomadic patriarchal tribes for her instinctive sexuality and for defying male authority. Winged and wild haired she was said to fly through the night seducing men  and killing babies. But by the 15th century Kabbalistic Lilith had risen to become the Consort of God himself .”

A book I highly validate for that matter. Demetra George did a great job as one of our first  writers on Lilith and The Black Moon, which to me became a classic among the literature there is to find about the astrological Lilith these days.

But here is the thing: I started my research on Lilith with the 13th century Hebraic version and there are some truly juicy details into these versions of the myth. In some of them Lilith isn’t just a ‘wild haired’ demoness: she actually was a demoness with hair all over her: A woman with a fur who was eating babies at night, while she was seducing  men; in their marital beds….?

Could be me; but that doesn’t sounds very appealing to me.  Here comes the truly juicy part:” Men needed amulet’s to protect them  from her because when she came around they couldn’t keep it down…?! “

I mean, seriously: do I need lessons in love or should I really re-evaluate my complete concept of men, because I don’t think I can live with a truth like this…?!  Even though I’ll have to admit, I ended up a little wild haired this Lilith return, if it comes to plugging my eyebrows, shaving my legs, and the condition of  my hair. I didn’t nor did I wanted to kill any baby (not even mine) and I don’t seduce men when my legs are hairy. Seducing or being seduced by married men is a turn off to me anyway.  This story can’t be true and if this is some Jungian archetypical thing on a deep primal  level: please can somebody tell me what it is…?  I usually am good  figuring these things out:  right now I am only wondering about all the shape shaving we woman have to do since the end of the eighties,to please you guy’s. Which lets face it: has nothing to do with your Mars positions, but  actually is a more esthetic  part of the values of your Venus positions, we women can take the rep for. If we ever end up in a war, or a serious financial crisis; and there isn’t a razor blade to find out there: boy, the results will be shocking…

I’ll  have to admit: I like the 15th century version better. But that one also raises questions. If Lilith ended up being Gods consort, where does that leave Venus? Based on what I know about Venus: she doesn’t like being pushed a  side nor to be transcended, or spiritualized and will become resentful if you do. Venus turning in to resentment towards you is not a nice thing: she has a tendency to sneak up on you. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite has quite a reputation if it comes to actions born out of her resentment. The Goddess of love and beauty sure does have her dark side as well, and wants to be validated on a personal physical level.

We’re drifting of topic, but Mercury Rx in Virgo simply doesn’t stop bugging me lately; and besides the Lilith return I am having, as well as transit Mercury Rx in opposition with Mean Lilith: I also have natal Corrected Lilith in a square with natal Venus. In my life they are connected to each other. They both seem to be very appealing, but compared to Venus, Lilith is a little rough on the edges. For example when I decided to give Venus a good boost again and polished my nails: I went outside and when I got myself some money and entered my pin code realised I only had polished the nails of one hand. I Had to go home again to polish the nails of the other one. My Sagittarius rising wasn’t all to pleased with it, because it took a lot longer as usual to finally get outside that day. Moisturising your body takes time and after you do; you’ll have to wait for a while because slipping into your jeans with a greasy skin feels sticky and Venus in Taurus doesn’t appreciate that feeling.

All this was after I’ve got into a real dilemma initiated by Mercury Rx, about my facial products: a year ago I stepped over on a new line of products. It has an eye-cream, day-cream, night-cream and something that is called a wrinkle-filler. During the year they had very good discounts on all the products: like two for the price of one and I sort of bought them all. Like I said: Lilith makes a little rough on the edges. So, besides the day-cream, I wasn’t really consistent if it comes to using them all on a daily base, and decided last week to discipline myself and go for it. Here is where it got complicated because Mercury Rx started to make me wonder: I started with the eye-cream and ended up asking myself where the skin around the eyes actually ended. I mean is it the immediate skin around the eyes including the wrinkles,or do you have to make it wider to protect yourself for ending up with more wrinkles? If you make it wider, you might end up rubbing it onto your cheeks. I decided to settle for panda bear eyes and rub it a little to the side for extra wrinkle protection. After that it was time for the wrinkle filler. The box said ( which was a relief ) I had to rub it onto the T-Zone of my face; so, that’s what I did. But by the time I got to my day-cream I got confused: Do I have to rub this all over my face or on the zones that didn’t had treatment yet. Which by that time actually where just a few spots. Judging the texture of my day-cream it has more moisture in it than the wrinkle-filler and my T-zone needs moisture as well. On the other hand, if I started to rub it over the wrinkle-filler I was afraid to rub away the wrinkle-filler,  I so carefully rubbed into my wrinkles. To make a long story short: I decided to do my hair first and after  I did so,  rubbed the day cream all over my face. My Sagittarius rising simply couldn’t take anymore.

But here is the good news: When I opened the closet where I keep my blow dryer, together with beauty products I once bought, but hardly ever use; my eyes got caught on a tube of Compeed Overnight Cracked Heel Cream. I bought it a year ago because, I bought a pair of open shoe’s and even though I don’t have cracked heels, I thought they looked a little rough compared to the rest of my feet. I tried it for a few days but my Virgo Moon couldn’t live with me walking over my shiny floor with greasy feet, and more of those things. I didn’t have cracked heels anyway so I stopped with the treatment. A few months ago I discovered for the first time my knees are kind of cracking up on me. When I saw the cream a bell started  ringing into my head and I figured: “If this stuff can heal cracked heels it might be worth it to give it a try on my knees.” So, I did and the results are amazing. Expanded it with a daily treat on my neck as well, and every other day as a body moisturizer. The effects speak for them selves and it isn’t an expensive cream at all. My Sagittarius rising, as well as my Venus in Taurus; is truly pleased because, it doesn’t feel all to sticky, if you slip into your jeans after a short while. You should all try it; I am totally thrilled with it myself. It sure takes a little out of the box thinking, but it’s definitely worth it. My female friends do keep track on my beauty tips, since my early twenties because I always come up with something that works out quite smooth. I havent told them about my cracked heel cream yet, but I am telling you and believe it or not, I am not kidding: it works!

Re-reading  this article, which started with  validating yourself, because it simply is  nice  to be validated by others; I am realizing it became  a pretty weird article. Which isn’t entirely my fault: I am simply reporting, based on analyzing certain archetypes and the history they have, an alignment into the sky and how it’s effecting parts of my/our  chart/charts. Now I look  kind of weird again. Which actually  makes my Venus a little  grumpy:  Must be Mars kicking in…

I might prepare an article on Mars soon. However in the mean time: at least I did shave my legs and my knees do look really smooth again.

Text and Image © 2010 Fauvism Astrology

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17 thoughts on “Venus

  1. LOLOLOL!! So relating to this article.My Sagittarius Moon is laughing all the way!! Love your site and as usual putting this on my Facebook to share!! 😀


    • Thanks!

      It has been quite some week. But I had a lot of fun writing this one myself: It’s the truth and nothing but the truth. I’m truly happy with my ‘overnight cracked heel cream’ discovery.


  2. maggiemay on said:

    Fauve, this was hysterical…”hysta” is the latin term for womb, or am I barking up the wrong “Venus” or “Lilith” path! You know we women are crazy for any beauty product that actually promises and delivers. I used to be a Make-Up artist in a previous incarnation to this life, (about 30 years ago) for a short while, loving the artistry of it all, and yet, in the end, it all became so meaningless! (Venus in Gemini…exact opposition to Saturn in Sag.) Left to my own devices, and the looks keep fading as each day goes by, you just know it is an ongoing and losing battle, but we love to keep that illusion up of being the sexiest looking 60 year old on the planet! I am 54 and counting but (Thinking Donatella here…yikes!) You said it all and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (I know I wrote you before but just had to say, well done…Venus arose out of the foam in the sea of her father’s castrated testicles. ( so Lilith is hairy..)..and if you go to Cyrpus and bath in Aprodite’s baths, suppose to keep you young. My friend and I did that and for a long time, we both looked a lot younger! That works too, should you feel a trip coming on. Might see me there splashing like crazy, time for a top up, me thinks before my big trip to Napoli!


    • No you’re not barking up the wrong Venus and you’re correct “hysteria” as a condition is directly related to the womb as well as to the astrological Venus. Venus creativity needs to mould, shape and give form. Hysteria is a great example if it comes to how Venus can sneak up on you if you neglect her for a long time. It can be the cause of all sorts of psychosomatic diseases to give you one example. The Donatella’s on the other hand are an other example of totally out of control Venuses. Venus can get truly vicious if you don’t give her the attention she needs. Which of course depends of your individual placement by sign, house and aspects.

      The way we are pursuing beauty for ever is funny, but imo also very healthy, in the end it‘s about pleasure and joy: But then of course I do have a 6th house Venus on top of my North Node. I am supposed to work on the Venus department in my live. The wrinkle filler did had a certain ring to me. You should say it out loud a couple of times: It sounds kind of scary but also very promising, lol.

      Yes Lilith has a wild and hairy reputation. Which I think is very weird and interesting.

      You sound like an interesting person btw: Texting with old boyfriends in Napoli and bathing in Venus Bath’s…
      I would definitely love to go to Cyprus some day to give those waters a try.


  3. That was fantastic!

    Yes, I am not a “baby killer” (as an extreme vegetarian I don’t kill anything) “married man seducer”.. (I guess I seduce my own husband, if that counts 😉 ) I am a bit like an “uncut gem” and I tend not to shave.. ooh noo! Wax is more my thing and not very often at that. 😛

    I am as of late very very wild haired but I couldn’t see myself flying through the air at night.. sounds like a great trick if one can do it.. and the Consort to God… wow! You bring up some AMAZING points and some fantastic writing!

    Yes I do wonder what would happen in the world of financial collapse to the extreme.. certainly I can live without a razor.. I don’t let them touch my skin.. but on occasions I HAVE shaved my hair off of my head.. sometimes I think for me discovering “beauty” or that Venus “vibe” started off with stripping down to the minimal and seeing what you have been given to work with…

    I noticed the wrinkles starting on me the other day and was slightly taken aback and then thought about it… and was just finally glad my skin was at least somewhat clear! And I tried that cracked heel cream, it was supposedly overnight.. I still have 75% of an entire tube.. and yes I couldn’t use it because it made the floor greasy or at least the socks that I slipped over my feet to protect the floor.. Even a decent foot soak doesn’t seem to get rid of the cracks, the ones only I can see…:P

    The callused skin on my feet, sort of onset of the organic mineralization of the skin and body… its started since I was a bare foot child roaming about in places we all were supposed to wear shoes. Even though I wear shoes almost all the time I am outside.. my feet never let me forget.

    I want to be brave enough to look at myself honestly, as a natural creature without that whole “I must do this to be beautiful”.. yet when those white hairs on my head show up, I run straight for the hair colour!

    Even though the way people react to me absolutely stuns me these days, it almost fools me into thinking I am possibly attractive… only I see that wild looking “Troll” woman in the mirror, the one who laughs at the ID photo after it was taken and asks to get a few more chances…:D Its been THAT kind of week.

    Perhaps the “primordial” Lilith is beauty at its basic.. which may not even be anything we can see with our eyes.. but I suspect others see it with their souls. When we look at the animals, we do not see anything very different about them, but they are beautiful, a horse for example doesn’t dress itself up in fine things and such, (people do that though to them and other things they VALUE and love) and an OLDER horse is not more or less attractive than the younger horse (its all in the teeth I am told) Same thing is true of cats, although our human love for kittens and baby animals does make them “cuter” in our eyes because of our collective instincts to care for things less able to care for themselves.

    … but regardless, a healthy animal of any age usually looks equally beautiful to us as another one.. so why do humans have some sort of distorted sense of beauty and attractiveness.. and how we abuse ourselves in so many ways (collectively) just to acquire a possibly unrealistic goal?

    If I’m not doing all the things I can to make myself conform to a standard of beauty acceptable by the whole of the society at this time am I VALUING myself any less? I always have to wonder.. it often takes me out of the entire loop.. much like attempts at keeping up with writing.. I get caught up into the idea, if I am doing something, why exactly am I doing it and then will I in turn alienate myself if I DON’T conform? Its a problem because if I choose not to “play the game” because I know either that I can’t win am I attaching myself to failure or am I seeing things “realistically”? Its a quandary.

    Ok, let me go find that body shop warming mud mask I indulge myself with and answer the my own questions while staring down the bottom of a deep cup of oolong tea! Its late at night, and for some reason I can’t sleep but the prize was reading this lovely work! Thank you for sharing “the truth” 😀


    • I realize I DID in fact give Venus a break in the last weeks and bought some beautiful underclothing. You know, pretty underwear and a bra..


    • The Lilith myth is kind of crazy and it keeps changing on you all the time. But she does have a hairy reputation. I don’t shave my legs I actually use cream. I need somebody else to help me out if it comes to wax. But I had to make a truly long story as short as possible while I was writing this. But the vision of us some day ending up out of wax, cream an/or razor blades is horrrific to me. Knowing if it comes to it men will just say: Well, if it’s good enough for God it’s good enough for me… But what about me: Us women. It would make me feel terrible. Total nightmare.

      You also tried the cracked heel cream, lol? Like me you have a Virgo Moon too. I also am a bare foot person and my feet felt in jailed by the socks and the cream: Virgo Moon couldn’t live with it either. Do try it on your knees or something; it’s great stuff if you can avoid your Virgo Moon.

      I do agree with you if it comes to just getting older with dignity and without making to big of a fuss about it: What’s the big deal anyway. When I noticed my knees cracking up on me it actually made me laugh. With my ballet background I have been blessed with great legs for a long time and figured I had it coming. But I have to admit this cream working well on my knees definitely gives me a good feeling.

      The attraction Lilith has on people will never stop amazing me and you could be right when you say: “primordial” Lilith is beauty at his basic… And you can’t see it with the eyes it’s something radiating into the aura. At least I am convinced of that part of the attraction this archetype has on people.

      Thanks for mentioning the hot mud masks: I love those. I am going to get one today. Very, very practical as well and they do feel sensational.

      Bought some clothes myself as well last week. BTW you’re still in my head if it comes to answering your e-mail, but I want to take the time for it. At the moment besides my new beauty routine, I am kind of busy and do use the time in between to relax and let it all go a bit.
      But I will get back on it. xo

      Added Later

      I keep forget to mention: I don’t think you should use the cracked heel cream on other spots all the time. It wasn’t made for it and I don’t know what it will do on the long run. But as a ‘boost it up’ treatment for one or two weeks every other day, it does work out great.


  4. lol hairy Lilith – hilarious! Great stuff Fauve and you know, I had umm’d and ahh’d over Demetra’s Dark Moon book but went and purchased it this morning after reading this xoxo

    Totally hiding my legs under the desk though :O Hey, it’s been winter over here, they needed the extra warmth.


    • Seriously: There are very hairy versions of the Lilith myth: Just looked into one of my very old medical astrology books it’s from a very old school Dutch Astrologer named Mellie Uyldert.. The book also states Lilith is a woman with a slight fur: Very wild and primitive… You don’t even want to hear the rest of it. The book is from 1977.
      I actually am starting to think Venus started a gossip campaign because she was jealous of Lilith and her relationship with God.

      If you think about it Lilith is kind of a social climber: She starts with leaving Adam. Go’s to Pluto (Samael) God of the Underworld and ends up with God…


  5. Hmmm you could be onto something there on both counts. Venus/Aphrodite was far from a delicate wall-flower type and was not tolerant of any other female gaining attention. I have read the baby eating myth but not the hairy one :O and I do like the consideration of the social climber. I am going to keep that in mind as I watch her. She is fascinating in transit. I haven’t been paying much attention to her natally, but in general, she is just so powerful, you can’t ignore her.


    • Well she ‘s not really a social climber in the sense of society but she moves up through three very important realms of this world during her development or whatever you might call it: The Earth, The Underworld and as a connection to the Universe. In my opinion she is a mediator between the Underworld, the world as it is and the Sky; but from this Earth. She became like this because she didn’t accepted being less than Adam: It was injustice; they were made out of the same earth. She ended up in the Underworld first as well as all by herself into the Dessert at a certain point….

      Her wild hair is very often mentioned in many variety’s of the myth’s: The slight fur I definitely have from Mellie Uyldert’s book and have to dig a little into some other books to see if it’s mentioned by others too.

      I don’t know of you have ever heard from Barbara Kultov’s book: The book of Lilith.
      She describes many of the variety’s of the myth and is a clinical psychologist with a base in Jungian psychology as well.

      The best picture I still think is out there if you want to understand her symbolism is Tibetan Vajrayogini. I posted a teaching where her symbolism and her meaning is explained tagged under Vajrayogini. Guess what: The Tibetans also mention her wild hair and she is pictured in Tibetan iconography standing in the centre of the Star of David as a mediator between the Underworld and the Sky. I also posted this: You will find it if you press the Vajrayogini tag. Vajrayogini and the Black Madonna both are very interesting if it comes to Lilith’s true, hidden meaning. Unfortunately almost all the knowledge on the Black Madonna has been destroyed during the century’s. The Tibetans however kept theirs a live. Also underground for a long, long time btw. She belonged to the most sacred and secret tantra teachings in Buddhism for a long time and resently is coming out of the closet. For years you could hardly find anything about her on the internet or in book shops. In Buddhism she is a very powerful female tantric deity who stands on her own.


      • the way the Lilith Mythology is really playing out, and this was in the back of my mind for a while now.. the idea of the other embodiment of her would be “Kali” although not in very “good” light. A consort of the Creator God, but I’ve not been really thinking about that correspondence until you mentioned Vajrajogini because so much of the imagery that surrounds her takes distinctive cues from the Kali myth. (the necklace of Skulls is a prominent symbol in most of those Tibetan images)

        Its giving me more to read than anything I know looking at these various images because the directly correspond to ideas I have been researching only recently. I have been painting for example for a number of years these images of 3-eyed creatures..only with the eyes also coming out of the “hair” as well.

        I had been tying this in with these ideas and images of “Medusa”.. and had been thinking very much recently about what the symbolic meanings behind “Medusa’s Hair” could mean.. I mean these snakes.. being this instinctive sight and yet seeing beyond that reality that human sight has.. as snakes have not only “animal sight” which is translated into “spirit sight” but the fact that physically the snake sees infrared… so when people talk about the Medusa myth.. perhaps the symbols are not really talking about that cover story which seems to always translated into curses and such.. I see it as what the name really means and what SHE IS embodying. But I’m not certain.. but then I found another lead.. and this lead was a title to a book.. the book was about certain groups of spiritualists in India leaving society and growing their hair a certain way (dreadlocks) its title knocked me out… it was called “Cult of the Medusa Hair”

        Now, I started my unsteady dreadlock “journey” in February this year.. inspired by a the constant feeling that Botticelli’s “Venus Rising from the Sea” had dreadlocks.. always having noticed that in the details of the hair up, she seems to have them.. and nice ones too..

        When I thought about Venus, and Medusa, I was really seeing two sides of the same coin..the Beauty and the “Beast”.

        But it still has nothing to do with taking some of these wonderful images of Vajrayogini and really suddenly relating what I had just recently been researching. I was attempting to take apart symbols I had created in the last year, for “avatar” readings (in virtual world) and so I created an image using the hand upright palm out with henna tattoo as the background and the text in a sort of shape of an eye radiating outward. So I looked up this symbol and got the idea of “peace” and “non-violence” with “I am all seeing and all knowing”…

        This image below is a fantastic image I found of Vajrayogini which really related to some of the works I have done, both in the PAST and in the recent times. I am so totally stunned by the relevance and its relationship to the Lilith energies as I have come to know them.

        Thank you once again for helping me with some mysteries that I’ve been hunting down by providing me with clues and keywords and research. 😀


        • You’re raising some interesting points in this comment btw. But I’ll have to go back to my day and will start with Kali.

          Kali very often is compared with Lilith which is understandable. But Kali is a part of a trinity: Shiva, Shakhty and Kali. Together they are complete. From the moment Lilith makes the choice to leave Adam she is standing on her own and becomes her own person. Even into her relationship with Samael (Pluto) she belongs to herself. They do have an equal relationship and aren‘t married or anything, but they are each others consorts for a while.
          To me this is a big difference in essence.

          Vajrayogini is all this on her own, complete, whole and into one piece. She can be come who ever you want her to be, because if it comes to it she is no cherry pie either. But like Lilith who protects your most authentic self in relation to your soul: Vajrayogini is a dharma protector as well. Both are very much connected to this Earth as well as to the Great Mother.

          The trouble I also have with dwelling on Kali to much is the next thing: For more than a decade already, many people feel the urge to reconnect with the Great Mother again. The trouble is many parts of the cults and knowledge is or still hidden or destroyed. They start to dig into the Mysteries of the Goddess and discover she is very powerful and want to reunite with the energy again. Using Kali in this context: They start meditating on her, join a Wicca group or starting to do rituals on their own. If you have any understanding of the occult: Doing rituals or connecting to much on one aspect of a trinity; the dark female part, somehow doesn’t sound like a wise thing to do.

          Vajrayogini being made out of one piece and complete all by her self, to me has been stunningly interesting.

          Your dreadlock observation is truly interesting as well: I also noticed many correlations into the Rasta legends and pre Christian beliefs… Interesting… Thanks for the links btw.


      • Very much the point I should have made concerning “Kali” because there IS the difference. The problem is though.. it goes to the most extremes, because she was actually the “dead” goddess which means, in the way history goes.. she was erased. On the other hand you can not have it “both ways” with that kind of energy, you have to have the “wholeness” not “darkness” or the negative aspect as the only focal point and not purely “lightness” in the sense of an unrealistic sense of “day always”.

        I think Micheal Tsarian mentions that we can not possibly live in a “one season” world.. eventually winter has to come.. but just as one can not focus exclusively on the positive (as with the death of the “evil” of Kali) one can not exclusively focus upon THAT “darker” energy because it too is one sided as its has no balance or wholeness.

        I have always been on the exterior of the study of “occult”, but what I have learned and seen has only been because I take all information as a part of the whole… like life itself can not focus on one aspect or level of living (perhaps all in the multitude of the Gemini/Mercury expression) I DESIRE Wholeness.

        Much of mythology, as you mentioned concerning the Black Madonna… has been erased when it comes to some of the ideas of this empowering and equal, natural female principle. Just as the universe did not start off with the words of one MAN, it could not have started off with WOMAN alone, unless allowing in extreme cases of the idea of a balanced Universe created by participant observers is more my ideal.

        I enjoy the placement of Vajrayogini in the middle of it all.. between the underworld and the “heavens”.. the two triangles one pointing up and one down are powerful ideas of a universal balance between the “receptive” and “projective” energies which are constantly classified as “female and male”. Combined they form the “Star of David”… which affirms a certain wholeness.. so her embodying an ASPECT of Kali does not seem to be out of place, but there is also an aspect of the image which embodies the tarot card “the world”… which is also significant about “wholeness” and “oneness” with SELF.

        I also get the impression that with these images of Vajrayogini she IS not only the self, but the entire sum of the Whole as those various parts of the universe… sort of echoing the “WHOLEOGRAPHIC” Universe.. she IS the universe and is the product of the sum parts and reflections of the Universe, truly primal, I believe.


        • Very well said: I fully agree with you. You know what they say about the Great Mother: “She is the Absolute.” Which doesn’t mean I am saying Vajrayogini is the Great Mother: She isn’t. Vajrayogini IMO is the channel/mediator where it all connects and comes together and within this context an active part of the Absolute.


  6. Fascinating stuff! I will definitely dig about in more research!


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