While Venus is thinking things over on the last degrees of Libra, Mars in Libra came under her spell  and ended up in a trine  with Neptune and Chiron at the end of Aquarius. While Venus is truly at home in Libra, Mars is in his detriment: 180 degrees away from  his natural sign Aries. The trine with Neptune might make him  more passive in social activity’s and Chiron (the wounded healer) might be aching under the surface if it comes to his self-expression. Besides the fact that being love (Venus) stoned (Neptune) isn’t a natural state for Mars to be in: Not even in a trine, we also have Uranus making a confusing quincunx with Mars as well as with Venus. Soon Jupiter will join the mix in quincunx as well. A certain amount of  passive aggression might be hard to avoid these days, if it comes to Mars.

In the natal chart Mars gives us the urge to act if we want something or to act out if we don’t want something. Mars helps us to protect our boundaries and will put up a fight if his boundaries are crossed. Basically Mars is spontaneous,  impulsive, energetic, and aggressive. Mars is a very outgoing  masculine force of nature. Mars is the power of testosterone no matter if it’s about sexuality or going out there to make it into the world.  Picturing him in his liaison with Venus in Libra; hooking up in a trine with Neptune and Chiron makes me a little worried about him. This is a total un natural situation for Mars to be in and I hope he has a strong and healthy enough ego (Sun) to handle this pacification. If he doesn’t he might become truly complicated and obsessive when he go’s into Scorpio where he will get a boost because Scorpio is a sign where he feels truly at home. Venus on the other hand will go into detriment.  Scorpio will make her feel a little off to say the least of it before she go’s into her retrograde motion. By the time she reunites with Mars and will join Black Moon Lilith and the Black Sun  for the grand trine she’ll might have  hair on her teeth.

I do know the aspects are looking pretty good and  smooth but all this with the tension of the Cardinal Cross on the background makes me a little suspicious if it comes to unreleased anger issues. This will not be a problem for strong, healthy ego’s but for  natal Sun as well as Mars positions who are troubled by Neptune or Chiron for instance; this can get out of hand and become compulsive and/or explosive if  Uranus also makes hard aspects with Mars in the natal chart. Un full-grown ego’s have a tendency to overcompensate as soon as they feel a little better after an insecure period where they felt powerless. Right now even though it feels good, Mars might be in trouble: he is trying to be someone he basically isn’t. Which might make him end up in weird and intense situations under these alignments. Like  Dave Buznik in the movie trailer I  posted on top of this page. If you can’t work it out within: You’ll might attract certain circumstances in the outside world as soon as Pluto gets involved. Even if it’s  a sextile. On the other hand these are pretty good transits to work and heal unresolved Mars issues because of Pluto’s coming up soon, involvement.

Dont forget: A round the next New Moon during the second Mars/Venus conjunction on  October the 7th will be the first square after the last Solar Eclipse coming up and as you’ll know: Eclipses are sort of wild cards during a period for about 18 months afterwards.

The scene above is from the movie Anger Management and will paint you a pretty good picture of Neptune, Chiron, Pluto working  Mars on unreleased anger issues: The Monk Scene, Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Mars

  1. Great writeup and easy to understand the planetary interplay with the chosen videos!! Made me laugh and go ‘gulp’ at the same time……:))


    • This is an hysterical movie: You Tube is paradise to me and explaining something by painting a picture like this doesn’t only safe many words but is fun as well: I haven’t seen this for a while but I still can’t get over the way Jack Nicholson who of course is the Plutonian says: “ Wilderrr Beast…”

      Don’t worry You’ll be fine. There are many interpretations for today’s transits: This was just one of them.


  2. hehehe, you always find the best youtube’s for transits! I am the same as you, loving bits of the next slice of Mars input, but wary of the rest.

    Hope you have a great weekend xoxox


    • Thanks Karen

      The video’s kind of pop up into my mind while I am writing my posts. If I check it out on You Tube I always find what I need. It hardly takes any of my time. It’s kind of magical.

      I will have a good weekend. I have been so busy last week. I woke up this morning with kind of a frantic feeling: “What is it I’ll have to do today…?!” and realised; I almost covered the rest of my week program yesterday. Even though I still feel a little tense in my body, I am truly relieved. ( The New Moon conjoined my Uranus/Pluto, Mars square. )
      I’ll hope you will have a good weekend too. xoxoxo


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