Venus and Mars in Scorpio

Venus and Mars in Scorpio at the centre of the Cardinal Crunch is about feeling: Digging up  the dirt caused by under the surface power battle’s by  feeling where things in your life are deeply wrong. Venus in Scorpio will make you feel the imbalance on a deep level. Mars at his best, might give you the energy to prepare the battle you’ll have to fight to correct the wrongs so you can make it right again. Cleaning up the dirt: getting rid of  parasites and bugs who are intoxicating  your home environment  (Cancer), and those of your loved ones. Initiated by the last New Moon in Virgo.

With Venus conjunct Mars before her retrograde motion it is time to take your feelings seriously, before they’ll become deadly serious on you. If you want to stay tall by pushing your feelings a side for a while: this is not the time to do so…

The last months have been erratic and confusing to all of us. We all know, by now, we can not continue  the way we were. However, we also feel stuck in our lives, and don’t know where to start to create change in our personal lives: the Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio will be a great navigator to find out where it is we’ll have to take action (Mars).

Saturn in Libra makes us realise it’s time for creating new, better balanced foundations, into the  relationships we have; as well as how we relate ourselves. No matter if these are personal relationships with spouses, your children, a stalker you don’t have a relationship with, but who is soaking you dry based on under the surface (Pluto/Scorpio), cruel intended, narcissistic fantasies (Neptune/Chiron), –  as well as in professional ethical and/or political, diplomatic relationships we have.

Venus/Mars in Scorpio will make you realize where ever it is you have to stand up and fight for the real meaning of love, by making you feel it on a  deep and profound level. Which might hurt, but in the end will protect you, as well as your loved ones, from the harm of power battle’s, and confusion concerning the definition of love, and the balance that should be there in so-called love relationships (Venus/Libra).

Where the sign of Libra rules over relationships: The other. The sign of Scorpio rules over emotional and other resources you share with the other : Intimacy. True intimacy is the result of the relationship with the other. If there is no true intimacy, and I am not talking just having sexual intercourse, here: there is no serious committed relationship either.If you don’t know the difference yet: Venus in Scorpio will let you know if you are just being controlled by your spouse, because you might have co-dependency issues, or if you are into a serious intimate relationship by making you feel the difference between being truly intimate with a person; while you are sharing each others emotional resources, or just being screwed by a person who calls him/her self your partner.

Libra is about balance, justice, diplomacy, relations and ethics in general. Saturn is about reality as it is: being real, solid ground, boundaries, working on and taking mature responsibility for your actions. For yourself as well as for those you committed yourself to. Correcting the imbalances in your life, by taking the responsibility to build new more balanced conditions, on solid ground.

Saturn also is seen as Lord of karma. If you have Saturn in transit on an important point in your natal chart, and didn’t take care of certain responsibilities in your previous Saturn cycle, he will rub it in your face and rip the ground under your feet all at the same time. If you did take care of your Saturn (worldly) responsibilities he will reward you by providing you with more solid ground under your feet, so you can make it into the future based on reality as it is.

The sign of Libra, the 7th house and Venus however, isn’t only about relationships. It is also about our social values, and lets face it: this is where we are today on a collective level:

I fully agree with this singer: We have this total superficial nonsense on one hand, and a bunch of New Age people who are ascending themselves, as well as the entire earth (how important can you be), on the other hand. There is a lot in between, I know. But right now I am focussing on the alignments of the stars also initiated by the last New Moon in Virgo,with Mercury Rx in opposition to Black Moon Lilith in Pisces; – and if the Neptune/Chiron conjunction didn’t make a ‘certain’ amount of people realise  they are actually deeply wounded into their spiritual expectations: Saturn in Libra and the Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio, will. This is not about ascending ourselves and taking  Mother Earth  with us in the process. This is about maturing as human beings so, we can keep living on this earth while we are enjoying her resources without destroying her: It’s that simple and deeply spiritual.

It’s the simple difference between the 7th and th 8th house and/or the sign of Libra between the sign of Scorpio, if it comes to relating. Relating to your partner, your children, society, as well as how you relate to this Earth. It’s about the difference between thinking about it on a mental level, and consolidating it with a mutual agreement (Libra and the 7th house); feeling the depth of it on an emotional level, by feeling the other and taking care of the other’s emotional process, based on  mutual exchange (Scorpio and the 8th house) and equality. Losing yourself by sharing and exchanging your emotional resources in a mutual process, while you’re truly consolidating your relationship with it, at the same time.

There is nothing ascending about surrendering yourself to the values of an other person. It actually is a very deep Plutonic process. It’s a Limbo dance, and these days you better have a bazooka on your shoulder if you’re entering the area. We are this much out of balance. We need this conjunction in Scorpio; as well as the retrograde motion to clear up some true, deep issues concerning our deeper values in relating in general. Take it from me: This Venus/Mars conjunction will be a great navigator if it comes to which way to go from here, by feeling it down to the bone…

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11 thoughts on “Venus and Mars in Scorpio

  1. Great post Fauve and so, so true! All of this is on my Nodes at present, which is fine by me as I feel just fine 🙂


    • It’s good to hear you are doing fine. The day after my last reply to you when I still felt the tension in my muscles a flu literally exploded inside of me. I haven’t had a flu this dramatic in years. Have been in bed for almost a week. Still am having a serious aching back, shoulders and neck. So I will take it slow where ever I can for a while. But it somehow did clear my head or something I feel a lot better than before this happened (in spite the rheumatic pains). It was one of those cleansing fevers, thank god for that.


      • I should have noticed the new post there.. I hope you are doing much better..and I hope someone is at least trying to help you out..

        My husband had a nasty cold over the last week but then instead of relaxing, he goes and works like a madman.. and then completely breaks down into chills over the weekend. 😦

        I looked back upon the returns of the year that my husband and I met, and it was Eros/Psyche/Chiron in conjunction there in Scorpio in aspect by trine those Cancerian planets we (him and I) both have. His return earlier and mine a month later had this in order.

        With Venus and Mars (and Eros) in play (not to mention Pisces objects!), I feel like those areas are coming into activity again, only we are back to being held apart, by duty, because the day is not more than 24 hours and because the work week as we see it is leaving us no time.. not to mention no time in the weekend. Eventually this Scorpio energy is something I am going to have to address, otherwise it could be problematic if not given attentions!

        I have to believe that I have come to some very interesting personal revelations after the time frame of the Virgo New Moon, and suddenly within this I have had a lot of movement within my personal life outside of my family.. so its almost like a melting process.. like something is being moved while other things are being blocked. I’m just attempting to deal with things as they come and I’m hoping attitude helps 😉

        Please be well and take care of yourself,



        • Thanks AET

          I am not there yet completely but I will. I’ll have to cut back a little on computer time because of the shoulders, I don’t want to get stuck in there. I do feel the tension building if it comes to this Full Moon. I have been wondering how the last New Moon has been working out for you: It was a close call in your chart as well.

          But the water trine sure is interesting stirring deep things up to me in quite a good way: I suddenly can connect (personal) things I couldn’t before and like you’re saying: It has to be giving attention.

          “ … so its almost like a melting process.. like something is being moved while other things are being blocked …”

          Well said I am feeling exactly the same thing. These are interesting times.
          Thanks for popping in: Always good to see you and do take care of yourself as well xo.


  2. Oh no 😦 poor thing! It must be the season for it as I had one just before you, that lasted a MONTH! UGH. It wasn’t one of those, like you describe here, it just had me running at 70% and was more an annoyance than anything else. Did near lose my voice though, which gave the Virgo middle child hours of excuses to call me a man 😛 lol Glad you are on the mend xo nothing worse than feeling ill!


    • It was quite a way to spend the New Moon on top of my Uranus/Pluto, Mars square Boy, what a detonator this New Moon has been to me and I was planning some anger management my self as well. I’ll guess I was a little to late…

      Really had to sweat this one out laying flat on my back: Call me a woman, lol. Don’t worry I’ll be fine: It’s just no fun at this age running around on your high heels with a bazooka on your shoulder. With all this Virgo going on, it’s back to business as usual: A yellow jumpsuit and a pair of tigers (sneakers).

      “Preparation is opportunity” Bruce Lee


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  4. I featured you on the Astro Dispatch here: Hope you get some hits; )
    Also, thanks very much for the link. Let me know if you want to join the Dispatch. 🙂


    • Thanks Elsa

      I appreciate it and yes I would love to join the Dispatch: I’ll have to work harder on my English though.

      I love your blog. You stole my heart a couple of months ago with the story about your grandfather and the couch. Turned me into a fan ever since.

      Thanks again



  5. Woohoo!! xoxoxoxo


    • Lol… Thanks Karen xoxoxox

      Sorry for the silence on this blog. But the flu all together took me out for almost 14 day’s: I have some things to catch up with for the moment. But being without pain is a great and I do feel wonderful the last couple of days. Little hungry though.

      I am cooking up a new post and will get back, soon…


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