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Today (Sunday the 26th), Mean Black Moon Lilith and Venus are in a exact trine with Lilith on the 10th degree of Pisces  and Venus on the 10th degree of Scorpio. Mars is on the 7th degree of Scorpio and the South Node is on the 7th degree of Cancer.

Mean Black Moon Lilith is moving in to her trine with the Black Sun on the 13 th degree of Cancer. You can find more information on the Black Sun and the spiritual points in my tag list filed under: Black Sun, The Spiritual points and Carteret’s System.

Mean Black Moon Lilith finally left my 10 degree Lilith zone (The degrees between Mean Lilith and Natural/Corrected Lilith)  and will make me catch my breath before she will oppose my Uranus/Pluto conjunction on the 16th degree of Virgo. I was born in 1966 and the Cardinal Cross as well as the previous years before have been extremely tough for people who were born in this year. We hardly have survived our midlife transits Uranus opposite Uranus/Pluto and the Cardinal Cross kicked in together with our Saturn oppositions. As if this haven’t been enough we are also blessed with our Lilith returns this year. The first half of 1966 just worked their way through facing and fighting the shadows: The next half of the year 1966 will have theirs in the following months to come. A certain group born within this year; the group born between November the 7th 1966 and November the 26th 1966, have  rough but truly mysterious natal positions if it comes to the shape of their Lilith returns and it will kick in at the end of January 2011.

To me, of course this is all very interesting: I am kind of like doctor Frankenstein if it comes to doing research and collecting live on stage story’s like this: But I havent seen or met people from 1966 in ages: It’s almost like this whole year is erased from the surface of the Earth. I used to know many people born in my year and bumped into them all the time. But some how these day’s are over: Where is everybody…?

Is this the Universe keeping everybody out of my way because they did needed the ammunition they gave me with the Mars Uranus/Pluto square but are afraid I would heat up too much and things would get out of hand if I would be too much connected to my generation?  Or are the rumours out there which are  saying my generation is a lost generation, really true? If it’s the first reason: I am cool by now. Don’t worry up there. If it’s the second reason: Now what…? We’re supposed to be the cleaning crew…

From the serious side: I do strongly doubt these people are being lost. But I do wonder about these guy’s. In my experience this is a wild but incredibly strong generation. Let’s go back to the particular group born in and a round November 1966. I said it before Lilith transits and returns are very difficult to predict because she works out different compared to the planets and is highly personal. As an Astrologer I like to do at least some sort of prediction but this  particular group makes it kind of difficult doing so because of some other planetary influences as well. As I mentioned before I work with an astrological tool which is called: Carteret’s System Which is based on the spiritual points: The North Node/South Node, Black moon Lilith/ Priapus and Black Sun/Diamond axes. It works fine if it comes to a certain amount of timing to see when a person picks up on the calling of the North Node and after he/she did  can pick up on the talents and energy Black Moon Lilith can give if you worked yourself through the shadows: Unless somebody is born with Mercury Retrograde. If charts/persons are born with Mercury Rx the timing doesn’t work out and you can’t make an indication where the person might be in the best or worsted case scenario’s.

The group born between November the 7th and November the 26th has Mercury Retrograde and besides the Mercury retro; they also have Chiron Retrograde conjunct Saturn Retrograde conjunct Mean Black Moon Lilith in opposition with Mars conjunct the Uranus Pluto conjunction.  This makes this group highly interesting and mysterious to me. With all the retrogrades it’s not easy to predict where they actually are and how they will react during their Lilith returns. But the Mars/Uranus/Pluto conjunction will be on their Priapus positions as well. One of the dilemma’s could be: Will they identify with the more revolutionary  new age side of their selves; ready to stir things up on a deep transformative  level (Pluto) for a good purification  (Virgo) or open up the very old age authority (Saturn)  priest/priestess wounds and the age-old knowledge related to the Great Mother that must be in there (Chiron/BML in Pisces) I hope they’ll find some way in between but in my opinion this is quite a powerful position and all the mystery that is hidden into all these retrograde positions must be there for some reason.

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 Kill Bill Vol.2: Pai Mei Bootcamp on YouTube

So, I will stay a way from it and let these people work their process. Lilith returns are personal and highly mysterious because they are supposed to be: It’s an alchemical process. But her return can be a true boot camp as well.  A journey through the desert you’ll walk alone. So you can find your own inner strength  which will purify your aura from a lot of pollution and feels great. I just had mine and feel truly clean again I can vividly remember the same effect after my last Lilith return a round 9 years ago. The feeling stayed with me for a long time and it totally cleared my mind. That particular Lilith return was like the big bang to me: Hardest time I’ve ever had. But I would never want to mis out on it, if it comes to the reward and the strength it gave me: It has been a blessing in disguise. I am not going to tell you the injustice I’ve faced has been ok: It wasn’t and never will be. But it already happened anyway. The Lilith return rubbed it in my face in way that I could not escape anymore. Which had a huge impact but worked out quite well in the end because it pushed me through some road blocks that had to  be  removed. Biggest reality check I’ve ever had and with it: Definitely the best aura healing I’ve ever had by working myself through the pain, the emotions as well as the vajra anger (justified anger) and rage it brought up. In other words: By working myself through very basic human emotions. It is kind of strange that we are living in a world where these emotions are kept suppressed by the mind control of religions, certain new age movements and the rest of our cultural environment. But definitely effective if you want to keep your population dumbed down and in a state of fear and weakness.

The configuration which will be made by the Venus/Mars conjunction will be on these people   South Nodes and will serve as some sort of introduction into the months to come. The Lilith Zone of this group starts with Mean Lilith at 24 something in Pisces and ends at  6 degree something in Aries with Corrected/Natural Lilith.

Mean Lilith in transit will enter the territory on January the 29th 2011 at 24 Pisces. Uranus will be on the 27th degree of Pisces that day. Together they will dance inside each others orb until the first weeks of June in 2011 while she will leave the Lilith zone again. There is no doubt in my mind that this group is quite a significant group if it comes to making some sort of transition in the end. But they will have to leave their comfort zone and enter Lilith’s dessert first by taking a walk on the wild side. By the time they will be entering Lilith’s desert I’ll be out of there. I wish them a lot of strength, flexibility, love, wisdom and a well placed spot on this Earth where they can go through the rage and do their rants.

If you belong to this particular group here is just a little advise from me to you: Doing some physical training during your journey might be a wise idea within these placements if its given to you. Last but not least: Have a safe and enlightening  journey and one day I’ll hope you will share your story’s with me. I’ll be waiting.

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10 thoughts on “Route 66

  1. How interesting! I can’t think of a 1966 person that I know of these days either!!! That is totally weird! My first serious boyfriend was a 1966 bub and born the day before me. You can imagine how crazy that relationship was :S Two peas in a pod! Very nice until it fell apart.


    • I think it’s totally weird too. Amsterdam is a relatively small city: It’s like they disappeared all together. We became truly wild in our teens and had a lot of fun: The years ‘65 as well as ‘66 totally shaped their selves up again at a certain point. This is their strength. Many people from other years who were running around town the way we did are totally wasted by now. But it’s like they are living underground or something for the last 10 years. It is truly interesting to me as well. I wonder about it a lot lately.


  2. My husband is 1966.. so is a very close friend of mine from “the old days” who I cartoonified also 1966.. just wrote to me and asked me about someone astrologically (which is strange since I didn’t think she was really into that kind of thing) It seems that she will be moving to another city in the US, which was interesting because before she wrote me, I thought to myself, she should leave the area she lives in (as she was unhappy) and just never return.. if she didn’t have the house she has.. apparently I’m still “in tune” with some things going on.

    Now with some other news I got, I ended up getting some bad news about a friend who I only really knew for a little more than a year, and to find out that someone who is younger is dead so suddenly just blinds me..

    I think sometimes we know what’s coming, collectively before it hits, and yet when someone is healthy and young to die suddenly in the sleep.. its kind of shocking because its like one is listening to a familiar song, a good song too, and suddenly without warning the tape just suddenly ended.. and there is this moment of anticipation for more, but that this more never comes because the song wasn’t completely recorded and the tape wasn’t long enough.

    All I know is that if and when it happens for me.. I won’t be sleeping, it would take too long to understand what has just happened when it happens like that… that’s something I feel like I’m picking up on… not just my own confusion..

    16 degrees Virgo is the Moon/Pluto midpoint for me.. I think this was hit during that last new moon… so naturally things are going to be a bit intensive.. emotionally and daily I can imagine…

    We live in fantastic times, but as I learn and have been attempting to learn to let go of preconceived judgments I’m still kind of angry at myself for both feeling miserable and not feeling miserable enough…and I’m wondering if I am avoiding the real issues.. after all, my own reactions mean naturally that there is something wrong.. something I need to address but can not get at.

    I still have to give it all time I guess, and its this that feels like the very essence of the if time itself were the root of my bad feeling because in some cases I can never give enough of it, and it has a monstrous hold on everything in life.. and an excuse for limiting that which should be allowed to be endless. Like time with my family and such..

    Clearly that Saturn transit is messing with my perspectives!

    Best wishes to you, and all who are born 1966.

    Be well! *hugs*


    • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is shocking If somebody young near to you suddenly dies. It makes you realize the light can go out in just a split of a second . Which is very confronting. You have a Yod configuration with Saturn conjunct Vesta as ruler of your 8th house placed in the 11th. The Pluto/Uranus/ Pallas Athene in Virgo conjunction is on one leg of it and your Neptune in Scorpio on the other. This will ache for a while. There is some sort of an outlet made by the sextile from Saturn to your Mercury/True Lilith/ Ascendant conjunction. I think you’ll have to give it time and it will cook up something eventually.

      The last New Moon have been quite evident for people with placements in these degrees of Virgo and many people of the mid-sixties have at least the Uranus/Pluto conjunction somewhere in the last 15 degrees of Virgo. It’s not a surprise to me something happened in your life which has an effect on you but I am sorry to hear this. This time frame is rough on everybody and definitely all of those who were born in the mid sixties. I wish us all a lot of luck, strength, flexibility, lots of love and wisdom and everything else I can think of.
      But the year 1966 have all this in combination with kind of tough and profound Lilith positions from Aquarius to Pisces as well. Which the nuclear Uranus/Pluto dynamic in Virgo on the other side of it. Which to me is incredibly interesting and mysterious.

      We do live in fantastic times and thanks for bringing up the not being totally miserable issue, which I think you should drop right a way: Good for you…!
      Ever since my second last Lilith return: The big Bang, I am not miserable anymore either and I have natal Saturn square Sun; I am sensitive for feelings of depression and misery. This is what I mean: It cleared up my mind as well as my emotional field.

      Are the heavy emotions a way or the bugs which keep on trying to make my life as miserable as they possibly can…? No actually they aren’t. But it some how doesn’t work out the way it did before if it comes to effecting me and it cleared my mind if it comes to deciding that I will keep fighting certain things (if I’ll have to) till the day I die, instead of paralyzing me. It cleared up a huge impasse I happened to have. I still experience the whole spectrum of human emotions and stress but I am not living in confusion any more. Which is a blessing I wish for everybody out there. I only hope everybody elses ride will be a little bit softer then mine was. In my case it sure have been boot camp.

      It’s good to hear that you know a few people born in 1966. It’s my bet most of them are still out there and knowing them the way I do: They are build for this as much as I am. But they also are totally unpredictable and most of those I know like to live somewhere in between the shadows as long as they possibly can.

      Take good care of yourself xoxoxo


      • Thanks for your kindness, and yes I know how that boomerang yod just loves to tangle me up into philosophical quandaries! Oh yes.. nice that you pointed that one out.. and its obviously not the first time loss has entered my life on the level of friendship either.. and it never quite goes away, but the desire to make known who these people who have disappeared is also there.. but I was pushing how fantastic they were BEFORE they were gone… after the fact, I have no guilt because I had always been saying how great they were… its just sad for me that so many know AFTER the fact or say something.

        I guess my perspective on death has definitely changed in the last several years though.. which is probably helping me cope.

        Boot camp for the soul! I know this place! And I take to heart your message before about how these journeys we make are all our own and can not be duplicated for anyone else.. I just have to encourage others to ALSO take that first step to find their own personal healing… in whatever place it comes from.. but some even say to “encourage” someone may not even be correct, as though to willingly influence is discouraged. I don’t know so much about that.

        I had this weird dream a tree that suddenly was outside the window was upturned and finally crashing into this house (which I didn’t know if it was mine) and when I woke up and tried to close my eyes, I was getting patterns that were reminiscent of Tibetan mandalas drawing in the darkness of my closed eyes.. it was very odd because I often get patterns when I close my eyes or visions which always sort of defy the logic of what they call “hallucination experience” with their patterns.. (because they technically do not follow the patterns that experts say these things should, and are usually more plant-like instead of geometric ones based upon cubes and such)

        But these were even more different because they were actual visions.. drawings, circles, types of things..radiating out from one.. I thought it was quite interesting and wished I knew more about them to understand what I was seeing.

        You take care of yourself and get rest, my husband should ALSO follow this advice! (You know he’s 1966 and obviously needs to work out that 12th house stuff so loaded in his chart!)


        • Sorry: It wasn’t my intension to rub it in by pointing it out. Yods can feel highly uncomfortable but do have their meaning and posses certain talents. I Have Virgo Moon too and I know what its like; when dis-comfort kicks in: We need to analyze the complete situation before we can relax again. Unfortunately yods don’t work like that. Which is a big deal breaker to me as well and definitely boot camp for the soul. But the uncut Gemini part of you ( I love that phrase) will cook up something if you just let it boil in there for a while.

          The Yod as well as how to encourage people (and more of those things) have puzzled me before. During the years I learned to stay a way from trying to analyze the complete picture when situations like that occurred. People in combination with the Universe do have their way’s to live up to it. Doesn’t even matter what I do or say as an Astrologer. Which brought up the question: To be…Or not be an Astrologer anymore…? Still haven’t solved that one but have to admit: I am still here. Fascinating business.

          I also have strange dreams lately and I am working on the getting more rest thing. The shoulder and neck pains did gave me a serious warning. Even though the pain is gone which is a relief I am not starting my days behind my computer anymore and will stop pushing it for a while. However the Uranus retro is driving me kind of nuts; it makes a trine with my Mercury again and I am having a hard time falling a sleep. The same trine made me start this blog and a lot came out of it but I do want my normal day and night rhythm back. Even though I still am remaining some sort of a balance because I do take my breaks which is kind of a crazy juggle these days. When Uranus entered Aries square my Sun at least it had a correcting effect on my daily routine again: It just wired me out. Crazy times we’re living in.



      • ah no you didn’t rub my face in it.. I understand, its easy to see that boomerang yod though and know, allot of the dynamic there IS often in activation.

        I wonder what Uranus is going to be like in transit for me just touching natal Chiron..not to mention squaring natal Mars, already I suspect that Pluto in coming into opposition is not going to give me any breaks (other than possibly breaking my legs!) yeah, boot camp of the soul.

        I know that lots of things are moving in.. physically dangerous things for me.. but I have to wonder with your Sun in earlier degrees what exactly that transit feels like? And thankfully its tempered with a cautious Moon in Virgo getting a trine..but then any transit of Pluto is not an easy thing either, it along with any Lilith transits must be a transformative process.

        Still, I wonder about my husband and his Moon/Psyche/Jupiter in Cancer conjunction in those early degrees.. he had been rather run down the other day, and still hasn’t shaken off his cold and he’s simply not used to being sick and yet this last year and a half has been horrible for his health, although he hadn’t had the worst of it…but I believe this is the result of always pushing forward.

        I have to agree its strange work in Astrology, I enjoy the topic, in fact I love the topic, but the problem with the step forward into the professional area for me would be a difficult one, since I got deathly ill after working just over the telephone with quick horary and tarot readings I have to say, although I do not believe the area of work for me was to blame, it was the fact that I take in so many energies from simply doing these quick readings, until I learn how to avoid doing that, I can not work in that area. (which is also problematic IN ANY area of employment when working with any public for me!)

        I’m right now kind of doing a sort of “dream job” although not paid just yet doing these cartoon voices.. for other people..which is kind of exciting since I never thought my annoying voice was so great..and now the attention and phrase is kind of embarrassing. I blush reading such nice comments.. (is that my Virgo Moon? can’t take a compliment, can I?)

        ..oh and about route 66.. the road officially starts right in front of the Museum in Chicago “the Art Institute of Chicago” associated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, right in front of the door way,,, btw its a huge walk way with steps, and right between two lion statues, one of which I climbed (on a dare) as a celebration of my last class there.

        I hope that gives you a laugh at least. 😀

        No need to apologize, I am sensitive but not slighted at all…I just hope my Mars like way of being moving forward isn’t accidentally stepping on or projecting any soreness on to others who are ALSO sensitive.

        You be well *hugs*


        • Thanks for saying that: I suddenly realized I have this 8th house quality to always point out those things people actually don’t want to hear. (8th house Mercury)

          Uranus actually is on top of my Chiron/Saturn conjunction making the trine: It’s like a big light beam in my head which I can’t turn of whenever I want to. I created the blog because I thought it would be a good outlet for it and hoped it would take the pressure of. I was hoping that the fact that I have trouble with writing all my (multidimensional) thoughts on Lilith in the English language would work out as kind of a break during the speeding process a Uranus transit like this can give. Which did help for a while: I had to force my thoughts into slow motion to spell it out in a language which to me is kind of a struggle.

          I also knew the Lilith return was coming up and came up with one of the wildest idea’s I’ve ever had to become my own Lilith research by going out there into the Astrological blog o sphere : I have Corrected Lilith in Aquarius and Mean Lilith in intercepted Pisces into the 3rd house as well as the Chiron/Saturn conjunction and this time sort of created my own boot camp just to see what would happen. ( I am this curious) Also made the decision to do this totally on the Lilith side of the polarity with the songs and the videos and not to care to much for shaping it up into the more intellectual academic level. Which I absolutely can do in my own language. Which was difficult for the Virgo 9th house (perfection) polarity and my Virgo Moon conjunct Priapus. But I figured Lilith gets rejected all the time so not many people would read it anyway and it would definitely be good Lilith, Cardinal Cross, stress practice; as well as a way to find out if I still want to be an astrologer. Which didn’t really worked out the way I thought it would, lol. I like living among the shadows and being unseen. I don’t even want to think the number of people who have been reading the spelling confusion I have. Not to mention the compulsive editing I did every time after publishing, because the Virgo perfection does give me pressure after posting my writings each and every time.

          All this was right after my Transit Pluto Sun opposition. The Sun is the ruler of my 9th house positioned into the 7th. Definitely not an easy transit either but it brought me back into a certain groove again and worked out as a transformation after all. The Sun is your complete personality; not just a part of it like a Pluto/Mars transit for instance. I do like the outcome and absolutely love the Lilith/Pluto alliance if you can handle yourself and don’t end up in power plays. (It’s a pretty dangerous aspect if you haven’t solved the power issue part of your own character)

          The point of the story is, even though it is kind of funny and weird in this context; you standing there at the beginning of route 66 like you just told: Somehow doesn’t surprise me at all. Pluto still is the best intro if it comes to working with your Lilith position. Trust me.

          About the flu of your husband: I understand the Pluto fear it gives you and even though we live in different country’s, I never stop doing my things when I have the flu: Did do so this time. As a dancer I do know my body very well and felt if I would not give this flu the time it needed: I would end up into a post viral hell for several months. With all the 12th house stuff you’ve mentioned it could be something like this as well in his case.


      • I wanted to immediately say my first impression of what you said was.. “wow she is brilliant”.. but Virgo Moon never wants an empty comment things like that… I suspect, it wants substantiated evidence that people are not just saying stuff.

        That whole 9th house Moon in Virgo is in the house of publishing.. we can’t deny this, and the “boot camp” of the blog you created seems to be a great way to let out not only your research be illustrated in various media (after all I believe the “feel” of things is the most difficult to capture and yet you DO)

        Often I understand that the mind runs and runs very fast and its hard to exactly say ever single detail about what is perceived so I understand the attempt to slow down the words to create a body of evidence and writing that would be somewhat easier to understand by someone else. I myself naturally have a problem with that and often choose the visual which doesn’t need allot of work to get in a 1000 words in a glance, its sort of trying to download my ideas into other people.. it simply doesn’t happen too easily for me with words… but YOU seem to do a seamless job at it.

        I understand though, from what you say here that it is simply editing and re-editing what you have written.. but that in itself is fantastic.. I don’t see how anyone can devote so much time to the word with dedication enough to actually do that, and this is something I respect about people who write.

        So is your Mid-heaven Libra? Don’t you have an extraordinary and well placed Venus? Isn’t the Sun now Transiting your 10th house? I wonder what else is in store for you considering how those also fit in.. I mean you may find yourself in the public eye regardless of what topic you write about..I believe so picking something which people find obscure or something they reject is actually something which may have given you more of a high profile…

        If you worry about that 8th house Mercury, I would have to say, we live in a day and age that there is much to be said, and often people don’t say anything about what needs to be addressed. I suspect that with an 8th house Mercury you may have had many times been slighted by how people have taken information, but remember that issue is something of a world wide phenomena, a sort of syndrome of “shoot the messenger”. I as sensitive as I may be, I swear I do not suffer from that! I’m no the other end of it.. on a world wide effort, I would like to see MORE open and honest information coming out.. and I have a mental attraction for “whistle blowers” and people who risk much to give information which is important..

        So much has been hidden, I think Lilith’s time is approaching in the sense that eventually truth can no longer be rejected by the world wide public. Its a symbolic time and I believe that those born in 1966 are ACTIVE operators in the scheme of these events.. some for awareness and others possibly holding up the efforts of those who control.

        Everything you have said before mirrors this in the interpretation of what Lilith means and how she operates. That its on a personal level and that we eventually have to accept or reject her.


        • I already received your comment this afternoon and thanks! But had a very busy being a mother day. I have to admit : I have been kind of an ‘uncut mother’ today. I have kind of the same Virgo Moon problem like you have if it comes to giving my posts/comments substantiation (if possible anyway). But right now I just can’t pull it of. The best thing about my Venus position is the grounding she gives me: Right now Venus is at the other side of the Zodiac, smiling at me, saying: “ Hi Fauve how is the grounding going…? ”

          I’ll get back on all this because there is a lot more to say about it, but I‘ll have to cook on this myself for a while. First of all I never did this for my ego or career; nor to pull of a stunt. But needed more proof on the Lilith zone and the exact accuracy as well as what it actually is I noticed about the zone the last time she past through it in my case. Do have a few test cases, which I am highly greatfull for but not enough. Because truly testing this means pushing people through their trauma’s and that’s not who I am. Suddenly realized I could become my own test case to a certain extent. Can’t believe I did this and I am fine even though it wasn‘t easy. But do need a break right now.

          Will be back xo


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