Goodnight Moon


That was quite some New Moon we had on October the 7th.  Besides the fact that I had my little girls birthday coming up and me and my girl both got stuck on memory lane; many things happened a round us. So, we took a break and celebrated her 15th  birthday in silence. We both needed that. During the Venus conjunct Mars days she came home from school one day and said : ” Mom whats going on…? Everybody in school is down and depressed and I have never felt more tired. ” I told her I’ve noticed the same thing and tried to explain we’re having a Venus/Mars Conjunction in Scorpio going on in combination with one hell of a New Moon. I have to admit I totally forgot what a downer Saturn/Mercury can be as well. It wasn’t just us: It was everywhere…

Besides the fact that we in the Netherlands finally after all this months ended up with a new government coalition. The most depressing one ever:  We also have been seriously threatened as a country by Al Quida, as well as an Afghanistan Taliban Warlord. It’s show time up here. On October the 7th we had other breaking news as well, because one of our best actors, and most special persons committed suicide: He was born  August the 25th 1966. This to me, and many others, was mind-blowing and deeply depressing. They say he suffered manic depression; which is quite possible if you look at his planetary positions in combination with the transits, and Mean BML just came into a 1 degree orb with his Corrected/natural BML in Pisces, in opposition with his Uranus/Pluto conjunction; which can be an overwhelming  experience at the first kick in. Mean Lilith touching Corrected/Natural Lilith can have a huge impact: especially in Pisces.  His sudden death really got to me and for a while I didn’t want to have anything to do with Astrology anymore. Nor the time frame we’re living in.


  RIP, Antonie Kamerling:  25-08-1966 – 6-10-2010


 The Venus/Mars conjunction in combination with the last New Moon has been kind of a heavy-weight to me in the outside world, as well as on the inside. To me it wasn’t really a surprise: I knew we would be in for another reality check, but I did had some of my hopes up. Many people from the mid-sixties are experiencing this in combination with their South Nodes in Scorpio, their Lilith returns; as well as the rest of the Cardinal Cross. It’s hard on us. So, where is all this leading up to if we take a look at the next Full Moon…?

This Full Moon doesn’t look bad to me at first sight: There are many trines and sextiles going on if it comes to the Moon, the Sun Venus  Mercury, the Moon’s Nodes, the Asteroids; as well as pluto, Chiron and Neptune.

Mars will be in a trine with Uranus and Jupiter, and in a square with Neptune and Chiron. Venus will still be in her trine with the Black Moon in Pisces , the Black sun in Cancer: the closest major aspect will be Mars square Chiron as well as the Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. There still is an emphasis on feelings of being spiritually wounded, and there will be some sort of  tension on taking  action and/or not knowing how to express the Mars energies into the right direction…

If there is one thing I learned last week it’s: I don’t have the answers either, trust me, I don’t. But Jupiter and Uranus might be of some help during this Full Moon. However, Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto, will be digging deep under the surface… The Asteroids also are playing a profound part in the upcoming Full Moon.  Unfortunately my knowledge about the Asteroids is limited, but I will be watching them. We’re still in for a Female/Male issued  Full moon this month at the end of Aires, if you’ll ask me.

 I did do some digging on the Astrodienst  forum if it comes to the Venus Rx into the spiritual heart thread of one of my forum acquaintances who go’s by the name of  Twin Wolf: It’s a more than interesting thread started by a more than fine astrologer. I also found out he started a blog of his own: Twin Wolf Astrology. He has an interesting theory on Venus Retrograde, and knows a lot about her cycles. He also knows more than his share if it comes to the Asteroids:  Juno, Pallas,Vesta and Ceres and the thread as well as the blog are very informative digging material. Nice food for thought during the Mercury/Vesta conjunction sextile Pluto, that’s coming up soon.

 In the mean time I’ll be editing more than a 1000 photo’s in my Venus Rx mode on my other computer. Dwelling on all this on our (we from the mid-sixties) South Nodes: Wasn’t it Martin Schulman who said about Scorpio South Nodes that the biggest lesson was to walk on, and never look back…?  Besides the fact that I am a Cancer: my Lilith returns made me realize, the hard way, it wasn’t possible and how are we supposed to do this under these circumstances…?! I have to admit, though: I am glad this New Moon is behind me. Or will Venus Retrograde bring me back there, in a while…?  I hope not.

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4 thoughts on “Goodnight Moon

  1. Yes, its a somber sort of effect; peace is good.

    My son and I, were not escaping each other last week before the mother in law came back and when his father was away for business.. the two of us just managed to “just be”.. with him sometimes he can be reactive, and yet he’s been very calm talking excitedly about planets, stars and his desire to see the Lunar Eclipse in December.

    We just put the fireplace on and cooked food on it.. while he did his homework and then we just sat beside each other and talked.. using me as a pillow..a real non-stop momma time..really kind of quiet comforting times.

    Hope your daughter has a happy birthday in any case. 🙂

    Sometimes we just need to be. I hope that you are well and that everything else is fine.


    • Hi AET

      Thanks and she had a good birthday. But we had many events in the weeks before in the house as well as out of the house. She also had her school celebration as well as a celebration on her new intern space: She has her first real life job the last couple of weeks (one day a week). Total new routine into her life. She is doing very well btw, I am truly proud of her. But you know how it is with children who have autism: It takes weeks, sometime even moths to adjust to new events in their lives and re-balance them selves.

      So it became to much and we both decided to pros pone the party with friends and take it easy in between things. I did fill the house with balloons, cake and stuff and we both ended up being truly happy we did it this way for now. It felt kind of sacred and like a warm oases in the middle of very busy times especially for her. (Very much Vesta.) She has a lot of things coming next week as well. I am really glad we made this choice because she is still into her own centre. Usually in the weeks after and before her birthday she trembles out of it because it all is just to much and becomes truly difficult and/or gets the flu to re-balance her system.

      I am fine but very busy. Felt the new moon week was kind of heavy and also have a delay in the money department: Very Venus retro.


  2. hannah lagasse on said:

    I lived NL for 2 years…I love your writing yet the beautiful face thing sure gets annoying. is that on purpose?


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