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Venus just slipped out of Scorpio: Through  the backdoor. I can’t blame her after her second ‘Rendez Vous’  with Mars in Scorpio: What could have been  quite a sexy transition turned out being a road to hell for many out there. As a collective we are so much out of tune with our true nature  the pain, mostly felt by women almost feels unbearable. She will move back into Libra to  27′ 39;  where she will make a trine with Chiron and Neptune who both will have been  moving direct previously, on November the 19th.

Neptune conjunct Chiron trine Venus could be a promise for healing Venusian wounds. Based on what I’ve seen the last couple of months if it comes to how imbalanced we are as a collective; I’ll have to admit I am a little sceptical if it comes to the healing part of all this. All though if it comes to Venus there is one thing I am positive about: By the time she enters Sagittarius after her second odyssey through the sign of Scorpio;  she’ll never be the same again. I’ll refuse to do any kind of prediction about her upcoming make over. But  do secretly hope  she will give everybody hell after her re-evaluation in Libra if it comes to justice,  balance  of equality and in combination with Saturn: Maturity and responsibility.

Balance of equality will be important by the time she will pas the 13th degree of Scorpio again where she moved into her retrograde motion and made a grand trine with the spiritual point’s the Black Sun on the 13th degree in Cancer and Mean Black Moon Lilith on 12th degree of Pisces. With the Black Sun and the Black Moon being alchemical karmic points it is very hard to predict the outcome. But something tells me it would be good advice  for some of you out there if you already  started paying back the karma you’ve induced to certain people in your life. These are points who work out on a Vajra level and Vajra principles don’t fool a round in the end.

Let’s take a look at  the chart for November the 19th: The day Venus will start moving direct again. Interesting are the transiting Asteroids: Vesta, Pallas, Juno and Ceres. Especially if you look at their position towards Black Moon Lilith and the Black Sun. All this two day’s before the full Moon in Taurus. The closest aspect on November the 19th will be the trine made by the Moon to an almost exact conjunction between Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn. We will definitely take that one with us to the full Moon on November the 21st on the 29th degree of  Taurus.

Mars who has been a key player in all this before he moved on through Scorpio will be in a T- square to Black Moon Lilith in Pisces and Juno in Virgo; while he is in a conjunction with Mercury and Pallas in Sagittarius. Harsh words will be spoken by women with tongues like razor blades if it comes to the union of marriage and/or relationships: That’s for sure. The urge for freedom (Sagittarius)  from sacrifices (Pisces)  and services (Virgo) will be in the air. Emotions will run deep if it comes to tangible love,  fair and square deals with the Moon in Taurus trine Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn. The Sun Will have moved over Vesta’s sacred fire’s in Scorpio if it comes to intimacy and shared resources in the week  before the up coming full Moon.

Ceres in Capricorn will be in  a more than interesting  opposition to the Black Sun in Cancer. Making a conjunction with spiritual point the Diamond. Which means it is time for concrete love and family affairs without bs and empty promises: Time to settle the score once and for all if it comes to family matters from the mothers point of view. With Ceres on top of the Diamond the time for shaping, polishing and negotiation is over. The gates will close the rest will be evolution of karmic events for those who out of free will chose to for sake her values.

In the mean time Black Moon Lilith will be back into her karmic alliance in Quintile with her second consort Pluto together with  the karmic outcome of the North Node in tangible Capricorn. While ruler of todays North Node: Saturn in Libra is making a T-square with the Black Sun in Cancer and the Diamond conjunct Ceres in Capricorn.

Don’t look at me if it comes to predicting your future:  Look inside it’s already played out. The rest is evolution. Which will be giving to each, and every one of us, by laws of nature.

  © 2010 Fauvism Astrology

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  2. Oh lordy! True and true in the relating arena!…great writeup as usual! 😀


    • Thanks Ann Louise

      Mars isn’t very impressive anymore these days, is he…? Somebody should start a training for men: How to direct your testosterone into the right direction.

      In the mean time I will never shave my legs again and will be a angry, hairy woman for ever.


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