Route 66 – The Ride

Today’s transits with all the action in Scorpio, Lilith through Pisces and the Cardinal Cross are particularly hard for people who were born in the mid sixties. People who were born in 1966 are in the middle of this and besides the fact, most of them have South Nodes in Scorpio conjunct Neptune: They also just had their Lilith returns, are in the middle of it; or have it coming soon.  Most of the Lilith positions are in opposition with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction from the mid sixties, in conjunction with Lilith’s polarity point Priapus. You can read more about the Lilith/Priapus mechanism in my previous post: Lilith and Priapus  and/or by clicking on Lilith and Priapus in my tag list.

Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.” Bruce Lee

The Lilith/Priapus and the North Node/South Node axes are karma related points, but do have their way of working out in people’s present life’s. I am not talking good karma, bad karma here: Lilith in a nutshell is a repressed part of the collective shadow simply because her qualities have been repressed for ages: the shadow part is how she has been repressed, those who did it, how they did it, why they did it and the subconscious trauma’s it has inflicted on a personal as well as on a collective level. The inquisition inflicted by the Christian church still is the best example of this and the Priapus/Lilith dilemma still is unconscious and deeply rooted into our human psyche’s. During history Lilith has been giving a bad reputation by many, But she  basically is about injustice:  Lilith is about assaults of human dignity. Each and every one of us carries subconscious memory’s with us of Lilithian trauma’s and some of us on a conscious level. Facing these shadows by identifying them and dealing with the rage about what they’ve inflicted on you, are the first steps and layers before you can tap into her power again in the end.

Lilith returning through the Lilith Zone; the degrees between Corrected/Natural Black Moon  Lilith and Mean Black Moon Lilith, can be a highly significant and deeply alchemical process in a person’s life. Lilith’s return is an initiation process based on dealing with deep trauma’s from the past. Because of the denial and rejection part which comes with Lilith and crossing over to her polarity point Priapus, it is very hard to predict what will happen and a person who broke through the denial simply doesn’t want to speak about what’s going on inside. Lilith returns are highly mysterious,  magical and hard but can give  deep powerful healings in the end and might bring you back into your own power again; as well as in tune with ‘true’ universal consciousness. You can read more about her return in my previous post: Route 66.


The Moon’s Nodes


Lilith’s story in the chart and how she live’s through you is connected to certain important transits, progressions and shifts on the axes of the spiritual points in the chart. Explaining this would take a book and if I ever decide to start writing on the technique; I will do it in book form so you can all buy it someday. But the Node’s do play a significant part in all this and with the Venus/Mars conjunction falling on the South Nodes of those who were born in 1966; I thought it would be a good idea to do some writing on the Scorpio/Taurus Nodes axis because right now in the middle of the Cardinal Cross and all these Lilith returns, it might be refreshing and can be truly relevant to some of you out there.  However as a person who is in the middle of this myself I can not bring you solutions nor will I sooth you with all sorts of spiritual techniques. With Lilith returns in Pisces they wont work anyway. It’s a road through the desert you’ll  have to walk alone, by going through the (e)motions. Which is particularly hard for people with Taurus North Nodes: Scorpio South Nodes do feel the need to merge with others deeply.


“Take inventory of everyone with whom you have contact.” Bruce Lee

What Taurus North Nodes need to learn more than anything is to discriminate  values of others from their own inner values. In other words: Their needs come before those of others.

In this incarnation it’s all about their own values instead of the values  of others. As long as they keep taking care of other people’s needs: they will end up going from one crisis to another. The lesson for Taurus North Nodes is to make a commitment to themselves. If the other treats you in a way which doesn’t feel good, it’s not in your best interest to stay within the situation. These people need to learn to stop feeling for the other and start feeling how the other is  treating them. If it feels good: no problem. If it doesn’t: stop trying to analyse it.

Stand up for your right and go for it; or leave. With Neptune as ruler of your Lilith position it is better to demand what you’re worth than just to leave. But do disconnect  until justice have been served or let go of it completely. There simply isn’t another way out then to stand up for equality if it comes to making sacrifice’s  and  equally shared values and resources, if you want to step back into your own power again.

Self worth are key words for those who have this nodal position. A  big key for Taurus North Node people is to leave people whose aura fields feels negative to them. Taurus North Node people have a tendency to attract  parasite’s and psychic vampires. As a person with the South Node in Scorpio: You can feel these people coming and with these nodes it is absolutely in your best interest to avoid people like this. Which is hard for people with Neptune conjunct the South Node and with Lilith being in denial of  being able to feel things on an aura level and skipping over to the analytical part of Priapus in Virgo, by trying to figure it  out with the mind. (Conjunct Uranus/Pluto in Virgo for a part of the year 1966)

With all the emphasis on Scorpio and the Venus/Mars conjunction which came into the orb with the Neptune South Node conjunction, this can be confusing and deeply painful: like being blasted back to the past and crisis situations you’ve already left behind, long time ago: The back to square one feeling.

Full Moon at November the 21 st

Besides all the action in Scorpio; Neptune rules  these people’s Lilith positions: they  are temporary blasted back to the past but will have to hang on to their Taurus North Node positions. Even though  it  feels like it doesn’t make sense anymore and it has  been all for nothing. It hasn’t: it’s an incredible tough road for those from the mid sixties and they are tired for all the right reasons. The up coming T-square between: Mars, Mercury and Pallas in Sagittarius with the Lilith in Pisces, Juno in Virgo opposition on top of their Uranus/Pluto conjunction, will fire them up again.

 The Full Moon on November the 21st will be somewhere around many of these Nodes axes, with the Moon on the 29th degree of  Taurus as well: it isn’t over yet. But this photo shows you pretty much how they are feeling today…

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2 thoughts on “Route 66 – The Ride

  1. LB on said:

    What a great post! And I love your description of North Node in Taurus/ South Node in Scorpio; I’m going to apply some of that wisdom as I continue to learn to work my North Node in Libra in the 2nd. I also love that last photo – it’s worth more than a thousand words. Thanks.


  2. Thanks LB

    Taurus North Nodes do have the same hang ups as second house Nodes. It’s good sometimes to re-check the gifts and hang ups of the Nodes.

    The photo is great: Very Venus retro. I love this one my self as well. Do wonder how they did it with those shadow’s on the wall.

    Take care xo


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