Venus in Scorpio

Venus is back in Scorpio again. Stronger and more a wake than before. Back in motion  after a few deeply frustrating weeks which ended with a re-evaluation of her true inner values concerning matters of the heart, relationships, money affairs, justice and the question: How are the scales truly balanced in my life, and what to do about it?

Her first motion through Scorpio brought dirt in to the light which was buried under the surface. It made me grumble inside on a very deep level about certain issues  in my personal life. Venus back into Libra has been a truly good position for rebalancing the scales, finding out what really matters to you; and making a plan how to get rid of problems which aren’t serving your sense of dignity, inner   values and have nothing to do with true vibrations of the heart.  It has been a good position to come up with useful strategies, and finding the right solutions in how to deal with open enemy’s. Finding helpers like  the right  attorney for example.

The latest Full Moon in Taurus  pointed  out issues  many people are dealing with these days, and deep emotions came up from the Plutonian depths while the Sun was in Scorpio.  The T-square between Black Moon Lilith, Priapus conjunct Juno squaring Mars, Pallas and Mercury pointed out the hard way: It is time to leave and deal with fake relationship issues. Juno nor Lilith wont take any Priapism or fake  crap if it comes to all sorts of relationships, and those who can’t stop bragging and going on and on, over fake relations and other make-believe stuff that actually isn’t there; because there are simply no authentic heart vibrations involved: will be in the spotlight soon.

“Liberate yourself from concepts and see the truth with your own eyes. — It exists HERE and NOW; it requires only one thing to see it: openness, freedom — the freedom to be open and not tethered by any ideas, concepts, etc. … When our mind is tranquil, there will be an occasional pause to its feverish activities, there will be a let-go, and it is only then in the interval between two thoughts that a flash of UNDERSTANDING — understanding, which is not thought — can take place.” Bruce Lee


Many people who were born in the mid-sixties and, especially the year 1966 will have to deal with this T-square and the issues it brings up, because it will be somewhere near to their Lilith/Priapus axis as well as to their Uranus/Pluto  conjunction in Virgo. On the next coming New Moon on December the 5th:  The Juno/Lilith opposition will still be in each others orb: So will be the Mars/Pallas conjunction and during this New Moon The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction will join the scene as well. Time for a serious freedom fight and expansion  if it comes to Priapism and fake relationships for many women and men  out there.  Mercury will be in his, soon to come, retrograde shadow on top of Pluto, and the North Node in Capricorn. This will give deep solid thinking and can truly dig deep if it comes to tangible solutions. Mars will be moving into a conjunction with the North Node in a 4 degree orb: The next coming month will be a period of  action in my opinion.

Think deep, investigate and make sure you make the right choices, whatever they might be. It will be a good time to boost through certain problems if you think things over and keep realizing that Saturn, ruler of  Capricorn is called Lord of karma for a reason, and right now is exalted in Libra on top of  fixed star Alograb. Lilith and Ceres will be in a sextile which is  interesting  if you think about it. Mean Black Moon Lilith is in her silent mode;  just witnessing while she is moving out of her trine with the Black Sun. On a more than interesting degree: The 18th degree of Pisces.  (You can check it out if you click on the black link; scroll down) Priapus has a show to perform:  To a large public.

Venus back in Scorpio maybe is in her detriment but she has been making quite some significant aspects this retrograde period and will make a few other ones soon. She just came out of her trine with the Neptune/Chiron Conjunction. Which made her feel her spiritual wounds deeply, but gave an incredible opportunity to open up the heart again, and her motion through Scorpio will help her to keep it open, but she does have some Plutonian cleaning to do, while she is crawling through the basement of Pluto’s underworld.

The New Moon of December the 5th on the 14th degree of Saggittarius  (scroll down) will make a sextile with Saturn in Libra. The Neptune/Chiron conjunction will be exact on the 26th degree of Aquarius, making  a kite configuration in a wide orb out of sign with Venus on the 2nd degree of Scorpio; and the North Node/ South Node axis on the 2nd degree of Capricorn/Cancer. The North Node on the apex  will be in a conjunction with Mercury and Pluto, while Mars is coming from behind followed by Pallas, on the 28th degree of Sagittarius, making a sextile with the Neptune/Chiron conjunction and in a square with Jupiter and Uranus: Time to take action from the heart if it comes to certain issues which got stuck in your life. Stressful maybe but might be worth it: Just think about it, but do think things through.

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9 thoughts on “Venus in Scorpio

  1. Great write up as per usual and oh so true…love it and love the depth in your astro articles! 🙂


    • Thanks for the steady support Ann Louise: I’ll appreciate it.

      We’re living in, in depth times. I thought it was kind of a short post this time, because I have many things to do lately. But I definitely tried to summarize some issues I am seeing happening around me. Do think they are tough but interesting enough to share with others who might be puzzled and frustrated by the times we are living in.

      Take care xo


  2. Ah Venus is back in Scorpio.. yes… and lots of closets were cleaned last weekend with Venus in the last degrees of Libra, I noticed.

    Yes, very harmonious in some sense. And yet here we go, in the darker more directness of Venus in Scorpio.. it echoes an urge to go deeper and get to the heart of disorder that prevents harmony, but doesn’t give immediate harmony in its results.

    Knowing a few born in the late April/May of 1966 I can see those planets in Taurus in the relationship to the Pisces Lilith return being a more stabilizing influence, especially those with those later degrees of Taurus. Sometimes I guess with the transformations happening, its needed to clear the air of old habit and bring in newer perspectives. I mean I think about the ideas that were conflicts only a few weeks ago, have become AGREEMENT these last days. Probably only to be reexamined again in serious and forced disharmony in the future to take apart those ideas failed or succeeded.

    I am perplexed but I understand that things operate various levels of how to bring different dimensions into the perspective— sometimes awareness brings conflicts within which are those ideas which are externalized (especially in the case of those Earth sign influences) and must be faced, and sometimes even lashed out against… we are all a part of this lesson, as we are all learning, but those born in 1966 are now center stage.. and soon, (possibly too soon) those of us with the energies of 1968 will ALSO be brought into the center stage.. (some say 1968 is what they call a “crack in time”).

    Its all relative I keep telling myself; I mean in the perspective that Venus in Scorpio is very relevant to me in its aspect, and its vibration, and its aspects that it creates to my natal planets, it looks like it takes a very hidden side of the Venus vibration and highlights it for all to see.. and then finally, when it makes its final move out of Scorpio, it travels to my natal 6th house (also a double vibration of detriment) and conjuncts natal Neptune!

    What does Venus in Scorpio want anyway? For me, I think she wants what Psyche would have brought back from the Underworld..(within the myth) considering Venus will be meeting up with Natal Psyche in a few short degrees.. and Psyche, like Mercury, travels to the underworld willingly, and almost bravely. Why did Psyche go to the Underworld?


    These other massive influences suggest to me that much activity is afoot for all of us collectively (Pisces), and there has to be an important expression of public outcry for injustice that is now so bold, it is not even hidden within the contexts of the media illusion. Over the last few days, masks have been pulled down, and diplomatic relationships have been strained between international politicians who are fine examples of what humanity should NOT be.

    There are no surprises for those who have never been able to see the masks or who have seen that political figures are nothing more than egotistical projections of the worst sort.

    There is much more, obviously in store, whether people care or not.. or if its intentionally shown to be this… but my gut feeling says there are many many sources of information and all of them have a vested interest in certain things and less vested interest in others.. its what the news doesn’t report which always seems to be that of most interest.. sort of the hidden information in plain sight… its not like they try to cover it up either, its like there is a consensus to throw as many distractions in front of the “hidden” so that it does not come up to the surface, as it has become so huge and so much the “elephant in the room”.. decorating it by tossing things in front of the people is the only way it stays hidden for the masses.

    This “elephant” in the room is our own personal ignorance to the power of our selves and how we co create the universe. The hidden potential to turn the negative around because it is ourselves which are part of the whole.

    The quote “don’t blame the maggot or the vulture if there are corpses laying about” comes to mind.

    Our power obvious as you have always hinted at, concerning Lilith, is our potential to access the genuine. 🙂

    I know we all have to deal with others projections in the mean time before the elephant comes out.. (no one really wants fireworks shooting in their face when they are trying so very hard to focus on the elements of vision and other perceptions to gain an understanding and its often just trying to stop those who are doing harm to talk out why they don’t want you to see that which they themselves can not..)

    So these days of excitement continue! Spectaculars become bigger and bolder.. but they still are no match for the genuine reality which obviously will set up tents and put the show on regardless of those who try to hide it!

    I feel so right brained now, its not funny (but maybe silly!) But I know I only had a little time to answer your new post!

    Hope all is well! Be well! 🙂


    • Thank you for that incredible in depth reply AET and giving my post extra substantiation with it!

      Harmony wont be around the immediate corner but I said it before: By the time Venus enters Sagittarius she will have had a complete make over. All the earth signs that are going on, are good balance for many of the mid sixties because we have Neptune on our South Nodes in Scorpio. It makes us dreamers on certain things. Right now it’s kind of a “If it looks like shit: It is shit”; wake-up call for many of us. My advise for those into the frontline: Look at it carefully this time… ( Tick, Tack, Tick, Tack …) Definitely multi levelled if it comes to the dimensional part you’re noticing as well and not easy to deal with either.

      Your mentioning the year 1968 as ‘a crack in time’ could be true in December 2012 you guy’s will have your Lilith returns and she will make a close conjunction with Jupiter Retrograde somewhere around the 10th degree of Gemini (which in your case is on top of your Corrected Lilith position). Especially people who where born around your date. Right now Saturn is on your South Nodes which is a big one as well. Together with the Pluto oppositions first 10 degrees Cancers you’ll have; it will be a good but tough preparation for you guy’s. People like you out of 1968 also will feel the next coming month deeply because you also have Uranus/Pluto in Virgo: It is what it is: A… T-square with the apex in Sagittarius.

      Hmmm: What does Venus in Scorpio want from you/us? I do have my thoughts about it. But sometimes you’ll have to let the magic do its work. Totally agree with the Psyche feeling: Sorting out the seeds. Kind of a 6th house feeling, isn’t it…?

      We do have a big elephant in the living room soap opera coming with Lilith stepping back into the shadows for a short while. Becoming the void again: carrying Priapus projections…

      Be well and thanks for that reply: Hang in there xo

      To all my readers:

      I made a change in my comments because I kept receiving a lot of spam. They will be open for three days to a week and close automatically afterwards. This also feels good to me when I am busy in my personal life. Because it means I can let go of my blog and my last or previous posts after a few days to a week: Depends how busy I am in the moment. Please do feel free to comment on the posts if they interest you: I just need some boundaries if it comes to being connected and focused on the blog all the time.

      All, be well and take care.


  3. Hi, just want to say another great article and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can say that I had a very unusual experience with the Venus in Scorpio and then back to Libra and now back to old boyfriend got in touch after many, many years to apologize for his behaviour towards me when we were a couple. It was a bit of a shock because I had thought he had died some years back! Not only that, he is born in 1967 and has Venus in Scorpio in his natal chart. So, you never isn’t always about just what we do, others, like him, surfaced from the Underworld (and he is a true Plutonian which is why I left him and why I also thought, due to his drug usage, he was dead!) Now I can see where he wounded me there needed to be retribution and justice (Libra) and also what he himself, now more grown up and awaken had to do this for his own soul growth. I have to say, even all these years later the shock of both experiences I am still reeling from, because never did I think that would happen! So, just another point, another angle of how these experiences can manifest. I have no intention to be friends with him or any other contact. I am in another relationship with also a long ago love…and happy in that one, but nevertheless it is all quite disarming and healing. Thanks for all your work, truely appreciated. All the best, (Ms.) Shawn C. (April 6, 1956, Pittsburgh, Pa. 2:00am)


    • Thanks Shawn, I am glad it is appreciated. Lilith is such a tough topic and most of this blog is dedicated to her cycle.

      You’re lucky getting apologies from a Venus in Scorpio: I am waiting for apologies by a Venus in Scorpio for more than 25 years already. Gave up on it somewhere down the line. But this is a Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. Might pop up some day at my grave dropping a flower; mumbling: “Sorry, I just didn’t knew what to do. “

      Good to know it is possible though. You must have been really surprised, I can imagine. Strange position it is, Venus in Scorpio; they like to keep their love under the ground or something. I have to admit me with my Taurus Venus have a hard time understanding these people. My daughter has this position as well: Even though Venus is direct and hers is as well, she is very retro today. But they do feel passionately. Did teach me the difference between ‘fast food love’ and passionate deep love. But somehow people with this position have a hard time dealing with it themselves. So, they mess up in their younger years.

      Sounds like a good Venus retrograde experience. We do have one more round to go through Scorpio. I think this retrograde period is incredibly strong to redefine your real inner values and totally get back into your own authentic Venus ‘groove’ again. Working on the heart chakra by going through the depths of the past and rising out of the ashes again. Thanks for passing by and take care.


  4. Paul Kelley on said:

    I am a 1966 birth – early in January (10th), and lately I’ve begun delving into the world of Lilith and the associated points. She covers a wide swath of my first house and has Mars and Venus within while squaring Neptune on the MC. In the last few years, I’ve met two other 66ers at astrology conferences and reconnected with several former classmates of the same vintage. Encouraging. I think we’re ripening.


    • Paul Kelley on said:

      oops. meant to post under Lilith.


      • Sorry, for the comments confusion: They close after a couple of days to a week because I keep getting a lot of spam and promoting stuff. I also am very busy lately, so I don’t spend a lot of time behind my computer.

        I agree with you: Lilith is an awareness process and because of the fact that most part of the year 1966 has quite stressful aspects on the Lilith/Priapus axis; the channel blasts open in many cases. I am covering a part of Lilith in the first or in aspect to Mars or the ruler of the first house in my post: Lilith in aspect, part 2. You can also read Lilith conjunct Neptune and Lilith and the flower Power children: If you haven’t found them already

        Good luck with the Lilithian process…


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