Mercury conjunct Pluto

Prometheus came down from  Heaven to bring
Humanity the gift of Fire: He shouldn’t have done that.

Robert Ludlum

Didn’t I mention something about up coming sex scandals and possible financial scandals in my previous Venus, Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Lilith post…? Well, it looks like we’re having one with an major impact: Julian Assange.

I will not dig deep into his chart, because it is one thing to leak and publish secrets the public should be aware of in the name of freedom of speech; but another thing, to me, to do a deep  analysis on a public platform if it comes to  a persons personal psychology. But interesting is that he has Mean Black Moon Lilith in Libra, on the midpoint between Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Libra.

True Lilith in transit is on the first degree of Aries in opposition to his natal  Mean Black Moon Lilith. Jupiter and Uranus are making an opposition with his natal Pluto on the 27th degree of Virgo: Challenging times for Mister Assange these day’s, as we all can see on our global stage. However a fully realized Lilith in contact with Uranus or Pluto is very powerful and can boost through armed concrete. Which in my opinion is what this world need. But I do not believe in heroes: It will take many people to turn a round the tide.

The Pluto, Mercury conjunction on top of the North Node will bring up issues to investigate things which started in February 1994: which was the last time Pluto made a conjunction with the North Node on the 28th degree of Scorpio. We all have some digging to do if it comes to this one, and what actually was playing in our live’s behind the scenes; back in the beginning of 1994. Pluto/Mercury also is related to spying, spies and/or uncovering news about spying; as well as in-depth, deep-throat  investigations.  All kind of plots behind the scenes are (un) covered by this aspect as well as the relation with the previous North Node and Pluto conjunction in Scorpio, back  in 1994. Karma is ticking and we do are living in interesting times…

I do not have a lot of time to write at the moment but I will provide you with some good astrological links that in my opinion are relevant within our planetary situation for the rest of  this month.

The first one is from Astrologer  Theodore White’s blog: Global Astrology. It’s an incredible long in-depth article from a man who knows the background of his country a lot better than I do and I do recommend it to people who want to know more about the in-depth situation and impact of the Cardinal Cross in relation to the next Lunar Eclipse on December the 21st, in the USA. I will also give you the link to the same article on the Astro Dispatch because the article is better readable on a smart phone in that particular version.

The second one  is from Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow’s web site: Astroflash in relation to the latest New Moon in Sagittarius as well as the Eclipse on December the 21st. (Scroll Down)

The third one is from Robert Wilkinson’s blog: Aquarius Papers. His  latest three articles are  up to date and very good if it comes to the next coming month, as well. Enjoy…

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2 thoughts on “Mercury conjunct Pluto

  1. Perhaps this arrest that has taken place today, recently is another firework in the way of some real actions that people may not be seeing completely: The “Take away bank day” so far has not made much news, hardly a blip or two.. and only in small details, but people like Max Keiser has reported on such things… and has his own ideas about the people of the world taking back financial power, by crushing the system of short sellers in the silver market.

    The theory is that the silver market sold much more than is actually real, and so buying an actual asset will only cause it to go up in price as opposed to it being artificially made lower by paper silver flooding the market at low prices. If there is no actual silver available for companies that trade in paper to back it up, then they will subsequently have to buy an actual asset at a much higher cost.. thus bringing silver to maybe even cost more than gold and “break the bank” of those false traders. (namely JP Morgan and other banking cartels)

    But the money things like that were basically what I would call a quiet revolution. The people who propose these ideas are simply trying to find the way to cause the greatest damage to the institutions without harming people…(since people are already being harmed, it would actually in theory marginalize the damage of the cartels)

    It brings back the all incredible questions of “what IS money anyway?” an interesting question with Mercury conjunct Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn (conjunct the North Node). This is a question I ponder because it just doesn’t make and has never made any sense to me… but it seems to make sense to almost everyone else..

    Perhaps I have fraud blindness in my eyes..? If its a fraud of some kind, it just doesn’t register as “real”? I don’t know..

    I too don’t believe in heroes, but I just I believe that there are people who care.. people wan to do something and don’t let fear stand in their way. I wish I could say the same for me sometimes!

    hope you and your family is well!

    AET 🙂


    • He was arrested while I was working on my post in between many other things I have on my plate at the moment. The arrest wasn’t a surprise to me because he already decided to turn himself in. It’s a strange situation all together. I still don’t know what to think about it, because it is a situation with a very wide range; if you think about it…. (Mercury Rx shadow already started)

      I remember the buying silver plan: It was very relevant in 2008/2009. But have to admit I lost track at the situation. Like you: I never understood the money thing either. But is that just me or are we living in a times nobody gets it anymore…? Because it has been totally screwed up in the mean time and the emperor simply doesn’t have any close on by now…?

      I also believe there are people who do care and IMO we do reached a point where we have to over come fear and just deal with those who lost their soul’s if it comes to the rest of humanity and the planet we’re living on. For the sake of our children as well as theirs….

      Be well…!


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