Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto and the North Node

Isn’t it strange that  under the influence of Uranus and Jupiter direct we ‘suddenly’ ended up in an info war over leaked government secrets  on the internet with a huge impact. Hackers who are attacking financial corporations standing up for Julian Assange and Wikileaks: A  new form of revolutionaries is rising up and as an Astrologer I am truly surprised.  The cause of all this looks extremely Pluto conjunct Mercury Rx on top of the North Node, to me.

I mean: I could have seen this coming. Julian Assange already is around for a while but I have to admit I didn’t see it coming. I saw many other things coming; but not this. Truly Uranian development to me. It turned me in to an Assange addict. My 8th house Mercury is working overtime. I have been digging on the net for days. Just still haven’t made up my mind if I think this is scary or not. The man simply doesn’t feel scary to me. But that doesn’t mean anything with my 8th house Mercury ruling my 7th. I don’t scare easily if it comes to men and I do sense a lot of  unusual ‘stuff’ around him. But still haven’t an answer to the question is he good, bad or truly for worse: The next phantom of menace…?

I have been reading many angry as well as enthusiastic reactions the last couple of days. Ended up on a conspiracy forum where someone opened a thread named: Is Julien Assange an Alien…?  Even though I havent made up my mind yet about the situation because of the huge impact it can have both way’s: I do not in the least think Assange is an Alien and I do hope that you (my readers) are ok with that. In the end this isn’t about Julian Assange anyway. But right now,  because of the show which is built around his personality, including the fog that is surrounding him: Its going to take time before I’ll draw my conclusions. But it is kind of exiting and with all the action we had in Sagittarius my sense of humor is returning after my truly grumpy Venus Rx weeks.

Naomi Wolf’s letter to Interpol in my previous post, really gave me a good laugh and brought some perspective into this crazy soap opera. Naomi  showed up writing the letter while Venus was moving into the sextile with the North Node,  Mercury and Pluto. Besides the fact that they both share a Lilith in Libra:  Hers is conjunct with Saturn in transit making a trine with her Natal Saturn; she also has a Sun Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Both of them are fighting in their own ways, for years already to remain our freedom of speech and to stop the process of closing off our open society’s by chancing the constitutional laws on us. Both have their own ways of exposing what is happening behind the scenes.

Even though I don’t know where this is going: I do  feel we are living in historical times and have the North Node, Pluto and Mercury Rx to back it up. This Mercury Retrograde like the last Venus Retrograde is going to be of great significance and I am convinced a lot of  dirt will come up if it comes to the last Pluto/North Node conjunction in the beginning of 1994: On a personal level for those who have planets around the 28th degree of Scorpio, as well as on a global level. We’ll just have to wait and see.

With Mars joining in: Besides the cyber wars we’re having, we’re  ‘suddenly’  also have  riots in the UK and the attack on the Royal Family while they somehow lost their security guards, which were driving somewhere around them. A typical Mercury Rx situation: Angry mob; no contact with your security team.  All this is the beginning of the Mercury Retro period  making a difficult contact with Mars, Pluto and the North Node. We’ll have to sit this one out like Camilla Parker Bowls  just did, when she was hit with a stick and go within: one more time…

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2 thoughts on “Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto and the North Node

  1. Gilly on said:

    This is all happening on my DC and south node and I have no idea where I’m going, none at all.

    Laugh or die, as my nan used to say… *G*


    • Nice nan: Sounds like some sort of a threat to me. Take care…

      To all my readers:

      I do not have a lot of time to reply to comments these days and will close the comments until I have more time to answer them. Sorry.


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