Fauvism Astrology is reloading; but is still into the reconstruction mode. Keep checking in and I’ll see you as soon as I am ready to roll again…

I’ve Just added and still am working on a new page on Lilith and how she works out in the chart. You can find it on my pages by clicking on Black Moon Lilith. Just keep checking in…!

BTW: everything written in black on this blog is a link you can click on. You can also browse through the archives at the bottom of the sidebar on the  pages by clicking on the links on top of the front page; or by clicking on the  grey arrows at the side of the images. This  design reads like a book: just the other way around.

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7 thoughts on “Reloading…

  1. Its fantastic and wonderful to see you back, I hope you are well and that you get started on working on what you are seriously passionate about once again.

    I have twitter now, this year, for the first time.

    I wonder if it was the solar eclipse on my natal solar degree which provoked these new things.. much new and different works.. diversity, learning, new computer programs, (a broken computer :() but still always discovering new things.

    If there is one thing I could understand about you, from reading what you write, and from how you express yourself, I must believe that it is your sincere nature which gives me confidence and trust in you.. I don’t know if this brings out a more Lilith nature in me, but what you write strikes home with me.. it made me stop and re-assess the vibrations and listen to them with more accuracy.

    Your gift is stunning..your writing speaks to my heart.
    Welcome back!

    AET 🙂


    • Hi Alter Ego Trip

      Thanks much, for this heart warming welcome back message: it’s is a real “goodmorning” ego massage (Lol).
      It’s good to see you again. Wouldn’t be the same around here without having your in-depth replies. Truly glad to have you back.

      I am fine but have been recovering from a major shoulder injury. Haven’t looked my computer into the eye’s for months and months. What started out as a site reconstruction break, ended up being a reconstruction of my complete upper body. It was around the same Eclipse; which was in opposition with my Jupiter, who rules my chart, when Fauvism Astrology disappeared into thin air. I’ve healed well but it took a long time and there were no guaranties. Have been working around the clock the last couple of days though, and will take a break. But the hardest part is over.

      Good to hear about your new developments in the cartoon business. Maybe I should go on twitter myself in a while. I don’t know yet…

      Welcome back: and I hope you’ll like my new Lilith page. You’re on it!

      Big Hug



  2. I had to share this, I just found this morning from Japan.

    There must be something in the air.

    Hugs to you Fauve! You are great!


    • That is so sweat… And has your name all over it.

      But what does it mean: “I just found this morning from Japan….?” Your uncut Gem is getting carried away. Don’t worry my 3rd house Lilith understands: saying it all in short messages. Please explain…. Just know I can not react right away. My shoulder does need a break, (ouch) and I promised my daughter something for tomorrow. So,I won’t have a lot of time if it comes to it.

      Do want to know: It looks fabulous. I hope it’s what I think it is.



  3. Dear Fauve, so sorry for your right arm injury. I can relate. I was fast and furiously writing a book, had done years of research and was well into it, up to chapter 48 when I was literally struck down with frozen shoulder to my right arm! Being right handed, and like you, a single mother, it was the most painful experience and took a whole year and loads of Osteopathy, Accupuncture and Physiotherapy! EFT helped as well. It was a long way back and my Doctor offered me surgery, thank God I did not do this. So, what can I tell you about it in hindsight? That information came to light during that recovery time which would have been missed had I finished my book! It also slowed me down and made me realize it all doesn’t need to be in my time but the right time! Take care of you first…the rest will follow. Simple advice. From 5 planets in Fire and Mars in the first, Aries and Mercury in the 3rd and Venus in Gemini. in the 4th..opposing Saturn in the 10th in Sag, North Node in Sag in the 11th…as you can see, just by this chart… I was ripe for it! Be well! 🙂


    • Hi Shawn,

      It’s really good to see you again and thanks for sharing your story. Here is the funny thing: 21 years ago I dislocated my shoulder; it was bad. Usually paramedics relocate (so to speak) the arm back in, right on the spot.
      Mine was so far out of it, I couldn’t even keep my head straight (seriously). They took me to the hospital where 3 orthopaedics put it back into its place again. This is how I ended up with a frozen shoulder: In my case my shoulder was next up to my ear. In classical ballet this is truly inconvenient. The doctors said: “If it would heal It would take 8 months to a year at least.”

      This wasn’t good enough for me so I contacted a Classical Homeopath who worked miracles curing people from long term tennis arms and all sorts of rheumatism with his medications. With his help we brought the shoulder back to an acceptable level. But it was still partly frozen and the shoulder was visibly up and leaned to much to the front for 21 years. Six months after I started the treatment I went back to the orthopaedic again to tell him something still wasn’t right because I had to keep my shoulder down while I was dancing with the upper muscles of my back; and that wasn’t right. The doctor checked the shoulder and said he could see my point but in his opinion it was a miracle, because three months ago the shoulder was next to my ear.
      He also said the only way to correct it was to inflict the original injury again without having any guarantee the shoulder as a reaction to the injury, wouldn’t freeze up again. He wasn’t even considering doing this because he was the one who saw me coming in and had to get two of his colleagues to put that arm back in where it belonged. He basically told me to count my blessings; I wasn’t the first dancer he was facing during his carrier and thought we dancers were out of our minds crazy. (Lol) That sounds harsh and it was: but he was a very nice and good doctor and I felt he was right.

      A year later I ended up with serious rheumatism all over my body, which was the end of my dancing carrier. With the help of my Classical Homeopath we were able to reduce this to my upper body in the years that followed. We also reduced the amount and seruosness of the attacks.

      9 months ago Transit Mean Lilith made a conjunction with my natal Chiron/Saturn conjunction and Transit Chiron was in a one degree orb on top of my Corrected/Natural Lilith position; which gave me kind of a double whammy (ouch…!!!) and I literally broke my ‘wing’ again by dislocating it: Big time…!

      Even though my shoulder isn’t completely healed yet; they said a year till 18 months: my rheumatism is gone. When my shoulder is aching these days, it’s just my shoulder and the top of my arm; instead of my complete upper body as well as the muscles in my neck. It’s a miracle!

      It has been incredibly pain full for months and months and months. I did use these homeopathic medications again and somehow the Universe gave me a second chance to rebalance my complete body again.
      It’s incredible gift to me. One I will not mess with; for once in my life.

      Thanks for the warning BTW: Besides the fact it’s nice to have some one over here who understands what I am dealing with: It is good to see you again .

      48 Chapters….?! No wonder you ended up with a frozen shoulder….


      • Dear Fuave, Thanks for sharing that. I can only imagine the pain you were in and still are. It is one of the most painful experiences (beside birth) a body can go through. So I want to help by suggesting Acupuncture and EFT. I love Homeopathy and am really a believer and user but also acupuncture because it works on the chi (or energy meridians) and this unfreezes the shoulder very quickly (or any area) by unblocking the chi. I use it for my carpel tunnel and it is the only thing that works on it. (another Gemini illness!) and so I really hope you try it. My mother was a professional dancer…she suffered much with her feet, legs in her later years…it is just the way it is…the body is not built for a constant demand on it. When I was in the process of writing so much…my shoulder became frozen. The body likes balance…the middle road…all in harmony… I, as an Aries, struggle with this…since Libra is my opposite…yes 48 short chapters and still have much to go.,.but now, I don’t think I have to get it all done in record time..I learned to slow down and take it easier. That way I end up finishing my projects and still being alive and well to enjoy whatever fruits they might produce! Sending you healing light! And looking forward to your astrology posts which are always brilliant! 🙂 All the best, Shawn


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