Mars in opposition with Neptune

When I all the sudden decided to open up my blog again, a week ago: transit Mars in Leo was in opposition with my Corrected/Natural BML in Aquarius, which is on the cusp of my 3rd house. Pulling myself up out of the shadows  was a lot of work. I closed the site for a while  a year ago because I was having technical problems and wanted to reconstruct. Soon after I closed the site, I found out it was hacked because I still had visitors. Word Press doesn’t count your own hits and I had to change the password to get rid of these uninvited guests. I had to re-read and check the complete blog  again to see if no damage had been done. At the time I was very busy, tired, and opening a blog just before your Lilith return is a stressful thing to do.

Lilith Returns can pull up a lot of shadows and in-between the  fights you’ll have with facing them, as well as keeping your daily life going, you just want to be left alone. But based on my second last Lilith Return I needed some confirmation about certain things I’ve noticed and came up with the wild idea to open this blog as an experiment. I do not regret it: but truly needed a break at the time. Eight weeks after my break I decided to pick up on the blog again, but had a few other things to do first. Did however start the computer already and dislocated my shoulder real bad: an hour later…

For a long time I just wanted to stop with blogging, because it actually is a demand on my shoulder I might not want to have these days. The injury corrected a physical condition I have been living with for 21 years, and also was the end of my dancing career. I actually want to join a Martial Arts school again and don’t think I can combine the two things together. On the other hand, a couple of years ago, I’ve had serious arguments with a couple of other Astrologers, as well as a Healer, because I wanted to retire from it all. I actually lost a friend over this: which looking back at it, wasn’t worth it, because I ended up being an astrological blogger anyway.

Corrected/Natural Lilith in Aquarius is a great position to have if it comes to astrology, as soon as you have faced and fought the shadows. Even though your Lilith position is the point of your most authentic self; somehow your ego isn’t attached to the qualities it represents in you. So for almost all of these months I didn’t know what to do with my “all the sudden new physical space”. The question: How will I waste my physical opportunities this time…? didn’t stop pondering inside of me, for a long time.

Until I decided last week, from one moment onto the other, I was going to give the blog another shot again. I didn’t have any appointments going against me this week. Just me, my daughter, and a photo shoot of an event we had planned into the weekend. I thought this week would be a week in which I could slowly without overdoing  anything, the shoulder is still healing, pick up on editing and re-designing the site. I made a start put my self on-line again and did a lot of the work out in the open, so people could get used to the fact that I was back on-line  again.

Last Monday, the Mars/Neptune opposition we  all  are facing and the passive aggression that comes with it, kicked in. My daughter came home from school with the news her Black Berry was stolen by a class mate; while my daughter had left it with the teacher who put it in to a box with other goodies, to prevent them from being stolen. My daughter was devastated by it, and so was I. These phones are expensive and she can’t live without one. My daughter has a form of autism, her Black Berry is the way she connects with her friends.

 I dropped everything and went to the school the next day to look  the kids into the eyes, and to talk to the teacher if the school has an insurance in these cases. Which they don’t have, BTW. After that I had to go to the police into the district where it happened to file a report. When I got there to file the report, an officer told me it wasn’t possible, but I could make an appointment. I wasn’t all to pleased: it wasn’t close to home, it was freezing outside, and my shoulder was hurting.

We pulled our agenda’s, but couldn’t find a time which matched up to both of our lives for a couple of days. I asked the officer why civilians had to make an appointment to file a report if they were  victims of a crime these days. He said they didn’t have enough manpower,  and this was the new rule. I thought about it for a while and asked him, politely, if this means if I get shot I had to make an appointment to file a report as well? When an armed to her teeth police woman, who was doing something else over there, completely exploded in my face and accused me of behaving badly…?! Which I wasn’t: I had just asked a question about the extent of the new rule. Which did however sounded like Monty Python to me as well. For most people this means they’ll have to take two days off, because it didn’t use to work like this before. I didn’t say all this but the police  woman hated my guts anyway. When I finally came home: cold down to the bone, and with an unwinding Mars myself, I opened my mail and ended up with some knives in my back I’ll also have to react on.

To make a long story short: I am back on-line, but didn’t had the time to even make a preparation if it comes to  the articles I want to write. With Mars going through his retrograde shadow, I am not all to sure if this is going to work out the way I ‘ve planned. So I might be a little slower than I ‘ve used to be. Mars in Virgo up until now made me run from one office to another, and  I do hope that  changes. But I at least did made it my way back on-line again.

Thanks for reading me and the support many of you have given me behind the scenes.

Don’t open the You Tube: it’s just me, blowing off some steam after a frustrating week. I have Mars in Gemini squaring Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, in a  quincunx with Neptune in Scorpio, on top of my South Node, on the cusp of the 12th house, and in a trine to True/Osc. Lilith on top of my part of fortune in Aquarius; into the second house: no other outlets. Somehow this works for me, and I don’t want to end up on my couch with an empty bottle of Vodka on my Neptune position, being passive aggressive.

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14 thoughts on “Mars in opposition with Neptune

  1. Its quite upsetting to think of how much you and your daughter go through. Especially when you are being calm and the police don’t have any time for anyone…

    And then there is something about a power struggle ongoing concerning the Sun being transited by Pluto. But you have probably gone through that Mars transit of Pluto..its probably some lesson you can pull out when having some sensitive axis points transited by not only Neptune and Mars in opposition but also Chiron. These situations tend to reopen the hurts of the past.. a very sensitive time, but also a part of understanding what the establishment is really about.

    The people such as the teachers and police, in our collective civil societies are the gate keepers… and when they are inept or corrupt, its the society which will feel it.

    When Neptune and Mars are in opposition, there is problem with how society and the world is going to deal with the individual anger, aggression and actions. Not to mention dealing with the confusion..

    Since my other half has a natal Mars/Neptune opposition, I will just say there is much often a frustration with getting those energies out, but also a confusion, and sometimes projection. How this transit works in a universal way, much difficult frustrating and dogmatic..energies.

    Like anger is a perfume, almost undetectably, people’s buttons get pushed.. swinging at their own projected shadows. On the other hand, the balance of these energies are a great gift of active spirituality… the spirit of aggressive healing thus an opportunity for clearing bad vibes and putting them into different and new contexts.

    I was interrupted which happens allot, so hope this makes some sense.

    There with natal squares are always these lessons of awareness.. its the part of the dynamic territory of these gifts.. but its also the sign of the more independent need for a system created by and for individuals.. why so many people who have these squares often start their own businesses and work for themselves?

    Best wishes and take care.

    I’m working through a death of a computer.. and the lack of animation sustaining graphics cards… my own challenge and quite small in the face of the larger picture.

    AET 🙂


    • Thanks AET

      It was frustrating and I wasn’t pleased, but calm and polite. The police woman exploded on me. Not just being upset but really exploded in front of every body by saying: “I don’t like the way you’re treating my colleague, (who was a desk officer, but a really nice man) and the way you’re making a joke out of this!” In which I replied “I am not making a joke out of it: I am just asking how far this new rule is going: because this is new to me too, and it’s not a joke to me right now.”

      Thanks for mentioning the Chiron factor BTW: I just wanted to keep it simple. My daughters phone was stolen by a class mate who was reacting in a passive aggressive way towards her. (Mars/Neptune). Which is an issue in both of our lives: my Neptune is in a 1 degree orb on the cusp of the 12th; into the 11th. Story of my life; and she herself has a contact like that as well.

      But the desk officer already said it himself if it comes to the Chiron factor: “I am sorry but we don’t have enough manpower.” which wounded us too, as if we weren’t already: than the woman power, armed to her teeth, exploded in my face. Which definitely was my Corrected/Natural BML, in opposition with Mars in transit, triggering her feelings of powerlessness, or what ever…. But she said it herself by saying she didn’t like me making a joke out of it. Which I wasn’t! But it is Monty Python:

      Civilian: “I want to report a crime.”

      Police Officer: “Do you have an appointment sir…?” (Lol)

      I mean: You are a cartoonist yourself…. And she knew it, but took it out on me. Just because I had to report my daughters phone had been stolen and questioned “the extension” of the new rule. Crazy situation if you think about the planetary positions that were involved.

      Sorry for the computer problem: I keep telling myself as well, that it could have been a lot worse if you look at the bigger picture, but it was frustrating me. I just can’t help myself in situations like this. But thanks for the reminder.

      Take care….


  2. I enjoy reading your blog posts, how you work through things and consider their astrological meanings, or figure out which astrological things the events in your life correspond to. That’s how we all learn astrology and use it to help others, is it not? And finally, I like reading your posts because I always seem to be surprised by how many placements you write about that are similar or identical to mine – the Aquarian Liliths and a square to Uranus and Pluto with a quincunx to Neptune in this case (though Jupiter instead of Mars for my chart – maybe a little easier to work with). Glad to see the blog again – was wondering what happened.


    • Thanks Paul

      I am still wondering what happened myself. Quincunx to me is not an easy aspect to have: they some how never blend. You are always on one side of the quincunx or on to the other. I prefer being on the Mars side of mine, myself. The “live on stage” side of transits and aspects will never stop surprising me. I can’t come up with some of the stuff that’s happening as soon as some transits kick in. It’s really fascinating to me.


      • thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think I know what you mean about the quincunx. Mine involves a fifth house retrograde Jupiter, which quincunxes both the Capricorn Ascendant and Neptune in the tenth. I have a kind of stage personality when I’m teaching that I work hard to improve on and be confident about, but there’s always a side of me that I feel I don’t express when I am in front of the class, and that leaves me feeling kind of disconnected afterwards. I am more and more drawn to that other, Neptune side of the equation (and the self-respect and hard work and discipline of Saturn, which is in Pisces along with many of my progressed planets). It feels like the way forward, but is much harder to manifest than a lecture!


        • It sounds like a Yod: not easy to handle either, but at least they do have creative potential.
          Yes: Saturn in Pisces. Isn’t that a nice one to have: Sinking into the swamp, or swimming through thick syrup. Which is why I love the dynamics the Mars/Uranus/Pluto square is giving me.


          • Those mutable squares are really busy. You can get a lot done and by very good at it. Do you also have the square to Chiron on the other side? In my chart it conjuncts Saturn – hasn’t been a lot of fun, but since it trines Neptune, there is consolation, and it reminds me to act from my values rather than what most in society would think of as opportunity.


            • Fortunately, I don’t: The challenge with having a T-Square like this is to ground the mental fire it withholds because of the Jupiter/Uranus factor. Which isn’t always easy and can become quite manic. A key factor into the grounding process is the way you process the emotions your Moon position is giving you. A Moon/Pluto contact for instance, could be an advantage here: Pluto will pull you in; one way or the other at a certain point.

              I agree with you on the value factor and do have Chiron in trine, in a 3 degree orb to my South Node and in a 7 degree orb to Neptune; on top of my natal Saturn in Pisces.


              • Grounding is a term I still feel like I don’t understand, on a definitional or experiential level. It makes me think of the time when we were kids and our parents said, “you’re grounded,” which meant you were restricted or denied the freedom to do the things you normally look forward to, as a form of punishment. For a Capricorn, I have a very strong Uranian/Aquarian influence! It seems the important task for me in this life (indeed, the key to successfully negotiating my Saturn issues) is to reconcile my feelings toward Saturn, my chart and sun ruler, and find a positive expression of its energy and an acceptance of its lessons, before “flying off the handle” about how things should be otherwise.
                Saturn opposes the Moon and Pluto in my natal chart, which are otherwise not directly linked.
                The Virgo Moon trines my twelfth house natal Mercury in Capricorn, so those mentally-oriented emotions are also very influential. They have direct access to my thinking process. Perhaps grounding is when I can quiet the mind and the emotions it embroils rather than continuing to stir them up. The Moon is on the cusp of the eighth house, so this a difficult task – it is easier to stir things up than know what to do with them. Easier to analyze than ground them and respond from a quiet center. But not quite as hard as it used to be. I appreciate your sharing information, insights, and reflections.


                • With grounding I mean puling the energies of Uranus/Jupiter into the body. The mental fire a T-square like this can give can get centred around the head, which is not easy to handle and you can’t “fly off the handle” without getting the plain back on the ground again. The position of the Moon can help with this because it’s connected to the emotional body; so you can balance all that fire through pulling it through the emotional body onto the physical plane. Instead of heaving it all centred into your head. Which is a lot to handle. Virgo is an earth sign, which is a good position to ‘ground’ all that energy so you can “fly of the handle” from time to time.


          • Oh, and yes, the Jupiter thing is yod-like – but backwards, since Jupiter’s the fast moving planet.


  3. I’ve been mulling over what you posted in response to my last comment, as in, not thinking too hard about it, but just letting ideas or concepts float through my mind, considering what they have to say to me, without having to have a final answer right then. I have found this less forceful approach helps in all aspects of my life. It calms the Virgo tendency toward perfectionistic thinking and turns life into an ongoing learning process. Perhaps that is grounding in a way. It is at least more gentle.
    I think it also helps ground the “mental fire” when I write slowly and deliberately, so that each idea gets onto the paper before I start writing out the next. I seldom take the time to do this, but when I do it helps immensely, like slowing down to read something that you are impatient with at first. This is not something encouraged in our society at all, but it certainly makes my life feel saner.
    Another thing that seems to feel grounding is expressing the emotional content of something regardless of how rational or polite it is. Thoughts that can get tangled up in one’s mind create knots in one’s body while one runs around in his head trying to figure out a rational explanation rather than expressing the feeling of it, saying what is there simply and straightforwardly despite all one’s training to act otherwise. This releases the energy. Perhaps that is something of what you meant by pulling the energy into the emotional body. Acting it out physically, too, when teaching, for instance – demonstrating with one’s body, what one is talking about, in the way a performer does, is another way I thought of to ground the energy.
    Uranus, the energy of lightning and Jupiter, the planet of expansion feeding it from the house of creative expression. Or in your case, it is Mars there. Yes, I can see how that creates a large mental fire that gets up around the head.
    Oh, and “flying off the handle” is an expression meaning to become suddenly and irrationally angry. Sounds like it could be something a Mars-Uranus square would experience from time to time. In your blog piece, the woman police officer “flew off the handle” when you asked making appointments to report a crime.
    Time to move on the next blog post perhaps…


    • I actually said it quite clear in my previous comments. I’ve had a lot of experience during the years with people who have contacts between Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus. It’s an aspect which gives brilliance but also is very hard to ground on a physical level; as well as to quiet and slow it down. The Moon and what it stands for is one of the key factors to do so.

      If you meant sudden anger with “flying of the handle” I didn’t. I don’t think this is the case in your case; and I was talking in general about contacts between Saturn/Jupiter and Uranus, and the challenge it beholds: but I have seen a few to many with these contacts who ended up on Lithium. There simply wasn’t any other way to get them back with their feet on the ground. Not a pretty picture BTW: very sad and heartbreaking.


      • Sounds like you have a lot of experience with this particular configuration, and I thank you for sharing your insights – it was explained well, I just haven’t heard it discussed in this particular way before, so I am learning.
        Personally, I have noticed increased mental activity in the last few years, sometimes enough to make me wonder whether it could become manic, but before that it was primarily just regular, sometimes severe depression and insomnia. Now, I feel like I know who I am and have a good, stable mix of physical and intellectual activities to put the energy into, though there is definitely room for improvement. As you said, the Virgo Moon undoubtedly helps ground these things, and you say that is the key to managing these aspects. Transiting Pluto is exactly trining my Moon right now, too, and you had mentioned a link to Pluto being useful, too.


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