The Ides of March Part 2

On October the 10th I posted the following words on one of the forums:
 “On October the 12th we will have the Full Moon in conjunction with Mean Black Moon Lilith on one side, and the Sun conjunct Saturn and Priapus, on the other side of the Aries/Libra axis. Venus will go trough her last years retrograde zone in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron are sandwiching the age shift degree as their mid-point.
The Priapus side of the Lilith/Priapus axis is the fake personality, in opposition to BML: the most authentic part of the self.  It’s where the little boy’s hide who wanna play with the big fellows, and want to be acknowledged for their ‘infinite powers’ by establishment and the rest of the guy’s. The Priapus side of the Lilith/Priapus axis, in a nutshell, is the reason why Lilith keeps being associated with psychopaths. People like this are what I call: the Zealots of our society and pretty dangerous to all of us, these days.   I do not have a lot of time at the moment to explain all this, but the next song by the Fugees which actually is called: Zealots, – explains how these guy’s work quite well… Zealots – Fugees on YouTube

Saturn in Libra wants us to rebalance and take responsibility into our relationships for one thing.  It also is a position which is calling for social justice on a greater scale, in context with the Cardinal Cross, and the financial situation (Venus) we have going on, on a global level.
Right now, we are in tricky territory with Priapus on top of the Saturn/Sun conjunction where Venus just crossed over. Be aware of fake resolutions and deals that seems to do you justice. Within the planetary positions right now, they could be scams. Make sure you don’t get ’fogged’ again… (Neptune)

The Sun just past all the last summer Eclipses Points by squaring those and with Venus going through the last years retrograde zone in Scorpio: we might be in for another ride before social and personal justice sets in.

I did some reading on the blogs and here are a few links from Astrologers who are covering the situation. The first comes from Willows Web:

Venus enters Scorpio: An Energetic Discharge of Venus Retro 2010

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, First make sure you are not,  in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

– William Gibson, sci fi novelist and Scorpio South Node: Willow’s Web

Personally: I love that quote as I have  Scorpio South Node myself and truly know the feeling. Please do check out Willow’s article, it’s an excellent up to date, piece of work.

The next one go’s to Theodore White’s, Mundane Astrologer: Global Astrology. It’s one hell of a long read about the global financial situation, but I do recommend it to every one: Global Astrology

The last link go’s to Robert Wilkinson’s blog: Aquarius Papers and he wrote two article’s about the relation of the Nodes to Eclipses. He also wrote a couple of excellent articles about the last Eclipses which you can find by browsing through his blog: Aquarius Papers

I am reposting this post on this blog  because it is of great significance, if it come to what I call ” The Ides of March”. I think The Ides of March is all about settling the score concerning our global financial situation. Lilith, who has a bad reputation actually is an equalizer. It’s the Priapus side of the axis we’re talking about, if it comes to the zealots of our society, who keeps screwing around with everything that should be sacred to us.

At March the 14th we will have an exact triple conjunction as part of a kite, between Venus, Lilith, and Jupiter; which will demand transparency and social justice on a tangible  level. Simply because people will have enough of fake resolutions. The grand trine in the Earth signs needs solid solutions.

During the triple conjunction, Priapus will be in Scorpio sticking his oversized dick into other people’s money and resources. This time he might not get away with it, and even if he does: Saturn will enter Scorpio on October the 6th, to restructure the underworld. Which might be a good thing now that Pluto is digging up the dirt, if it comes to the infra structures of our government’s. It might not all be easy, but Saturn is Lord of Karma: Gate Keeper of the Earth, and we are living on the verge of an age shift. Karma technical speaking, Lilith’s repression for more than 2000 years gives her one ‘hell’ of an advantage.

Here is the chart of March the 14th 2012: Click on chart to enlarge,

For what it’s worth Robert Wilkinson from the Aquarius Papers just wrote an article about the situation around our bankers: Click here.  This time, please do open the You Tube I’ve posted above: It’s  very relevant if it comes to the Lilith/Priapus axis. Will be continued.

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