The Ides of March Part 3

The Eclipse of November the 25th

The last Eclipse who brought this whole glorious story into motion: kicked off the T-square between Mars, the Nodes, Juno, Chiron, Pallas and Neptune, on March the 15th;  at the second + degree of Sagittarius. Mars who is going through his Rx shadow is facing the fact that he hasn’t enough Manpower working (Virgo) for him. He somehow ended up being wounded in his consensual expression.

Jupiter retro,  in between parties, is basically focused on his sextile with Chiron and Neptune: Pondering on his belief system and how solid (Taurus) it actually is; before he starts to move  direct again, at December the 26th. By the time he focusses on his trine with Mars again, he will realize he has to shape up, because Mars in Virgo: his co workers, police and army, are out of Manpower. After all, it is Jupiter who is King of the Olympus, not Mars. In the end who do you think will be held accountable  if it comes to our legal court systems, our school systems,our belief systems, our social values and our freedom to party as well …? Jupiter has some serious  shaping up program to do and has to cut back on the booze  (Neptune).

Neptune and Chiron on the apex of the kite; and as part of the T-square are  showing us our wounds  by being deceived for a complete age,  if it comes to our religious systems and spiritual dreams of one-ness, and the results it has if it comes to  dividing us from one and another; as well as from our deepest selves. We are in serious trouble if it comes to the balance between the Masculine and the Feminine. Personally: I am out of Manpower already for years. So are many other men, women and children on this planet, if it comes to the true essence of the word. Drumming on drums into  woods to get back in touch with your male-hood is not going to solve this one, that’s for sure.

Lilith and Saturn have been into an opposition for quite some time. Remember Priapus and his fake: “We are the authorities and will bring you a balanced solution…” Saturn in Libra conjunction…? It is going to fall through. I am absolutely convinced of it. But it will take  autonomous and individual (Lilith) choices in all layers of society: based on  our multidimensional selves as human beings, and keeping it intact; before we will be able to turn the tide again. This is why I call this alignment  “The Ides of March” : Half Division.

We all are in front of a major decision: facing a bunch of people who truly believe they can out do the  Laws of the Universe. But the Laws of the Universe needs us as their channels to make it solid on this Earth; so it can work through us by saying enough is enough: Period.

Here is the chart of the Eclipse at November the 25th. Click on chart to enlarge.

Does all this mean these people will stop joking around and fear mongering us? Of course they won’t: They are this pathetic and will come up with all sorts of stuff to drive us crazy and scare the shit out of us. Trying to save their balls, after they’ve already sold their souls. My next door neighbor is convinced there will be a nuclear war with Iran; and yes, the media is all over the European, Iranian sanctions and more of these things. What is it they want to do: Start a war without having enough Manpower…? Do you really think this is what Iran wants, right now…? A big part of the region just has been cleared.

Are you kidding me…?! Think political: It is not going to happen. Starting a nuclear war would be a truly stupid thing to do if it comes to political opportunities. But they will drive us nuts with this one, trust me: they will…

What these people really want is continuing the cold war we’ve had in the past. (in my honest opinion) All the signs are there. The Eclipse of November the 25th is directly related to 18 years ago, at the end of the year 1993. Just a few months before Pluto in transit was making his conjunction with the North Node. I wrote about this in my post; Mercury conjunct Pluto back in 2010.

These people are ritualists and can’t stop running after their own tails, like dogs. I’ve been reading yesterday on the UK BBC News, that the UK intelligence agency has launched a code-cracking competition: to help attract new talents into the spy games internet field. They will never stop unless the people in between: Their co-workers like the army and police for instance, just say “No, I am not going to do this; it just doesn’t make sense anymore: Period.” It’s my hope the Mars Rx through Virgo is going to help us out if it comes to this one. I also suspect to hear more from the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the months to come. Strikes and Labour Unions  also could be in the cards. Maybe even some new Movements will pop up in the times a head.

In the mean time government programs might come up with ways to keep us women off, of the streets: Women will be the ones who will be the most receptive to the Feminine infusion which is going to spread all over the planet: Coming up soon.

I can’t stop wondering what they will come up with this time, with all the motion in Taurus and the grand trine in Earth signs, to keep us occupied for the time being; so we can’t seduce Jupiter to help us out. Maybe they will pull this one out of the closet for us, again…

Our fundamental task is to adjust the use of labour power in an organized way and to encourage woman to do farm work.

“Our Economic Policy”
(January 23, 1934)

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4 thoughts on “The Ides of March Part 3

  1. Love your blog. Great content + style, Will be adding it to my blogroll. Looking forward to reading more.


    • Thanks Robert

      I didn’t even know you had a blogroll. It was the story on ‘the Dude’ which converted me, adding you on mine.
      Great post: which truly gave me a big, Jupiterian smile on my face for the rest of the day.


  2. Paul Kelley on said:

    “…so it can work through us by saying enough is enough: Period.” Nice blog. Strong, straightforward, telling it like it is. This quote sounds like a description of Sedna, the TNO that represents victimized Earth. Like Mars, Sedna is a red planetoid, and when she’s had enough, the goddess at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean becomes a warrior. The Black Moon is beginning its transit of everyone’s natal Sedna in Aries and Taurus.


    • Well, I am not saying it might be that simple. But if many people would start doing this, it would be one hell of a start. These people won’t stop. I have my reasons not to explain the full alignment yet: but between now and March the 15th we will have one hell of an alignment to stop this ourselves by adapting to the alignment.

      These guy’s are already played out.(IMHO) They just don’t know it yet. So will their co-workers; all of them. No matter what reason they have to keep playing along. That’s the choice people will have to make, in my point of view.

      Interesting about Sedna. I don’t know anything about her. But most definitely interesting.


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