The Ides of March Part 4

The Moon Eclipse of December the 10th

Where I come from we don’t celebrate eclipses. Even though many people do these days. To us this is weird: What they are celebrating is the absence of light. We do pay our respects and ask protection from our ancestors and good fortune for our families. Personally I don’t even do this when I am pissed or in a bad mood, and just keep my head down. I can only deeply pay my respects if  I am able to do this with an open heart (Venus) and totally feel like it (Moon). Where I come from, we keep our belief systems to our selves. We mourn our losses deeply, but let our diseased ones go quickly for the sake of their freedom.  Where I come from we will celebrate life anywhere we can.

This eclipse will be in an exact conjunction on top of my Mars,  ruler of my 4th house. My family background, roots and ancestors. The last couple of days my ancestors are pondering inside of me: calling me home. Pulling me back onto the right part of my brain: facing my ancestors inheritance and dealing with some of the male issues in my family background.

This eclipse will have the Moon in Gemini on top of the South Node: Old news has to go and shallow emotions wont pull the trick. Mars will be on the apex of the T-square into his retrograde shadow in Virgo. Here are some keywords for Mars in Virgo:

Mars in Virgo

Precision. Detailed work and practice: A Samurai Sword. Skilled techniques. Delay’s. Working on  details.  Sport practice. Health care and programs; giving them energy. Diet supplements and steroids. Testosterone in a box to keep the germs out.

Police activity and loads of report writing. Office managers. Office workers. Surgeons. Efficiency. Critical. Methodical. Boring Person. Neat. Clinical. Practical. Loves to concur others in the work place. Determination. Rival. Ruthless. Perfectionism.

Workplaces and straight forward energy.  Hard  workers. Angry co-workers. Selfish bosses. Factory workers. Pissed servants.  Servants who might show you every detail of their muscles.

The Sun will Be in Sagittarius on top of the North Node as part of a boomerang Yod, between Juno in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn;  and   the Moon in Gemini in  conjunction with the South Node, on the apex of the configuration. Oooops: News Flash…

In the mean time Black Moon Lilith at the critical degree in Aries, is sneaking up on Jupiter: Who has to shape up and is dispositor of the Sun/North Node conjunction in Sagittarius. For more information on the eclipse: Please check out Robert Wilkinson’s  Aquarius Papers . He has been writing his butt of the last couple of days; and it’s incredibly good, in-depth information: I personally am grateful for.

I will come back on the Lilith/Jupiter conjunction in times to come. But what it basically does if it comes to Jupiter’s archetype as King of the Olympus is:  It will give him a deeper, darker presence and might temper his enthusiasm. It will give him some raw edges and kind of shape shifts him into the archetype of a Gypsy King.

With this eclipse on top of the ruler of my 4th house: I’ll be down the rabbit hole for a while and will be into my silent mode. But felt I had to write this post for my fellow, born into the mid sixties, friends: based on the fact that the T-square with Mars on the apex of this eclipse will affect our Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. If you have personal planets atouched to your conjunction, knowing this can be kind of spooky. But I wanted to give you something to think about.

There are many ways to live a Mars/Uranus/Pluto contact: Here is one of them putt into music, I personally deeply connect with. Played through the violin of the golden boy (wink) of the gypsies: Robby Lakatos. You’ll have to hear him out to get my point and yes: It’s insane. But I love it: It kind of says it all…

BTW: I found this on a site called Gypsy Magic. It points out, loud and clear, one of the issues that will play a part of this eclipse from Gemini to Sagittarius and it’s called: The End. For more information about the Gypsies: Click here.

Keeping my head down in deep gratitude: Love and be well…

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