Lilith and Jupiter in Taurus

Taurus is a truly comfortable sign for Lilith to be in. Lilith will be strongly connected to mother nature and it gives her the capacity to mould and shape in many ways. She will long for tangible results and will not rest until she has solid connections with what ever it is, she feels she needs these days. In the end there is no other sign in the Zodiac where she can work her magic this well creating tangible solutions, as the sign of Taurus.

Lilith in Taurus also is a position of a woman dancing a Gypsy Flamenco. The Gypsy Flamenco originally is  a dance of the womb, in spite of what  people might think a dance of seduction. The Gypsy Flamenco is Dolorosa. Reliving it through  the movements of the belly. Releasing the pain  into Mother Earth before she can let go. It’s deep, intense and magical, and tells the story of a woman’s pain giving child-birth, raising children and dealing with the pain agony and defeat, many men bring along with them. It all goes through a woman’s womb; and when I dance mine: I dance it alone.

Lilith in Taurus is about love and it makes her sensual, passionate and possessive. Lilith in Taurus is the Maria Callas version, who had Lilith in Taurus; of  Bizet’s Carmen  if it comes to love. Click here  for the Maria Callas experience

Lilith in Taurus often comes with the necessity to detach from people or things you feel, you need to be safe. Money, possessions, security and values often go down the drain: if we are talking the first shady layer of this Lilith position. Which is one of the things, we again, are facing on a collective level given the global financial situation.

Facing financial set backs right in front of  Christmas is not exactly my idea of having a Happy Christmas (Christ-Mess). Sorry, for that one; no offence, but many people will feel this on a deep level: I happen to be one of them.

Lilith’s opposition to Saturn brought into light for everybody to see that those who are in authority made decisions  which in the end didn‘t work out. On a collective level; as well as in  private situations if it comes to relationships. The cold hard selfishness behind those decisions are more than visible and do mark a point of no return. With Lilith and Jupiter in the sign of tangible, solid Taurus the void is clearly visible: The emperor simply isn’t wearing any clothes…

Lilith entering Taurus  conjoining Jupiter will temper a lot of the party fun if it comes to the holiday’s at the first hit. Most of us can no longer deny  the fact that we are out of money and will have to let go of our tangible securities in the times to come. It will shine a bright light on the monetary situation on a collective level and how we ended up here in each of our own individual situations. Based on the last eclipse, which made a T-square, with Mars in Virgo, and the fact that Lilith as well as Jupiter both are principle’s, who are connected with justice: Jupiter as ruler of the higher courts, and Lilith as  point of injustice and the  equalizer that she is: I personally believe many people will reach the bottom of their anger somewhere between now and March the 14th, 2012. I also believe this is necessary before she can work her magic. There are huge opportunities within Lilith and Jupiter dancing together in the sign of  the tangible bull. But before you can transform things: you’ll have to face and work with what they in alchemy call the Prima Materia, as it is. That’s where we all  are standing today.

Does this all mean we will be totally out of fun and in despair during holiday season? I personally don’t think so. I think it will draw many of us together even though it might feel different because of the seriousness of the situation to many of us. It also really might make us realize that the way things have changed over the last decades: We all are living on our own islands, casting everyone out who has a problem, or a hard time to feel safe for our selves. We will not survive if we continue doing this in the times to come. I think to many of us it will clearly point out we will have to go outside again: settle our differences to gather and consolidate our connections to one and other.

Both Jupiter as well as Lilith in Taurus like to celebrate, dance, have a party and to enjoy the beauty and good things of life. It will just have a different more serious undertone this particular year. Before we are ready to face the shadows, lift our selves up out of our paralysing sleep, and turn the tides all together: by starting to make our own decisions based on our own intuition. In spite of waiting and hoping for better solutions given to us by our so-called: authorities.

Jupiter in conjunction to Lilith will challenge our individual belief systems, spirituality and might smash our feelings of optimism into the ground: over and over again, for starters. Lilith will cut away the unessential, but together with Jupiter might change our values back to enjoying the basics again: as well as each other.

Lilith in one of her highest forms into the second house, for example, can become a wizard if it comes to  money. Jupiter/Lilith contacts in their highest form can be one ‘hell’ of a guardian angel.

Trust me, I know: I have Mean Black Moon Lilith trine Jupiter ruler of my chart as well as the Dark Moon in conjunction with Jupiter. My Jupiter might look and definitely works out differently because of this, but in the end: He always bails me out as soon as I truly connect with him and lose my fear of rejection, if it comes to the outside world.

Last but not least in the spirit of Christmas, my little girls favourite song in the world, at the age of seven: Chant de la Paix…  (Song of  Peace)

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4 thoughts on “Lilith and Jupiter in Taurus

  1. Real and true: “The emperor simply isn’t wearing any clothes…”
    No more clothes for emperors…


  2. Ima feelin transiting Jupiter conjunct natal north/south node [4th/10th] axis much more than I would have expected–must also be Uranus at Aries point as well. I despise the fake machismo mantra of “bring it” but in my own Lillith way thats kinda what I feel like. Harming none on its way of course.


    • Hi Diane

      I am truly sorry for my late response; but have been away for the holidays to a place without a computer: Happy New Year BTW.

      The energy of the first hit in Taurus is really dense IMO as well. I do think it will clear up eventually. According to Belgium Astrologer; Rosa Wouters (may she rest in peace): Lilith in transit conjunct the North Node will bring you in touch with your true purpose again. It can bring clues and clear up certain matters and will bring you back to your deeper intuitions and instincts. In your case (4th house), your inner most core. I remember this myself from the last time she went over my North Node. The first hits were not easy, but definitely worth while and even up lifting in the end.


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