The Ides of March Part 5

The next coming weeks Lilith will be flushing Jupiter down  the drain. The energy between them was dense: Jupiter became cocky on her and she moved on to confirm her alliance with Chiron to clean the tubes, before she meets up with Jupiter again,  Pluto and Mars Rx in March.

At January the 6th the sextile between Lilith and Chiron became exact and felt really good before it brought the shadows up and the energy started to fluctuate. Leaving Lilith in exile being pissed and Chiron crippled as usual. but this dynamic of course is just the first hit into the initiation process they both represent. Like I’ve said in my post: The Alliance Between Chiron and Lilith, Chiron/Lilith contacts can be highly alchemical because they are both related to Kundalini energy; but they also can work out quite harsh and be painful in the beginning of the process. The first hit can blast open certain  chakra’s, by cutting deeply through your emotional body; as well as your physical system as an attempt to heal certain blockade’s and to remove miasmas from  past trauma’s. Many things still can happen during their sextile, for as long as they are dancing into each others orb. But sextiles do take work and consideration before the goodies come out.

Closest aspects on January the 6th, if we’re talking planetary bodies, were Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra making a trine to each other: Humanitarian ideals of one-ness trying to integrate with the reality of responsibilities, balanced responses and solutions, while being seriously wounded into our spiritual beings (Neptune conjunct Chiron, sextile Lilith). Which in the end can lead to all sorts of problems to break away from reality as it is: from escapism in all sorts of fantasies, to substance abuse. The challenge and opportunity the trine gives, will be to give these ideals a solid foundation into reality. Which takes time and with Lilith and Chiron working as initiator’s has to be rooted in reality as it is, by cutting away everything that not is. If it comes to that one: They will aim to misbehave to get the job done. So, you better work with them to come out of this in one piece instead of rejecting and outcasting their message.

On the same day the Moon in Gemini made a square to Chiron before it made  a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn; while the Sun was making a quincunx  within a three degree orb,  to the last Moon Eclipse degree on the 19th degree of Gemini, as well as to the South Node on the 15th degree of Gemini. Even though the quincunx aspect pretty much works out under the surface; it is a subtle call to face and deal with blocked emotions which are hidden somewhere in the Plutonian depths. With Pluto in Capricorn the fears this can bring up might feel and maybe even are, quite real. So will be the power plays which are going on under the surface these days. Never the less, they are asking for transformation by being worked through, instead of being kept down under: In the months to come.

Working yourself through the emotional body (Moon) these days is of great importance, if you want to take a hold on the alchemical process, the constellation on March the 14th contains. Right now: we are in  the middle of the first hit. Which always is the hardest. At April the 13th 2012, Black Moon Lilith will make a sextile to  spiritual point: The Black Sun, at the 13th degree of Cancer. Contacts between the Black Moon and the Black Sun represent the true alchemical, sacred marriage: The fusion between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. This might be an oppertunity if we get on terms with our feminine and masculine energies on a more profane level. Like the Sun and the Moon as well as our Venus and Mars energies. Rebalancing these are the first steps into the process. There is a lot of potential in  between now and the constellation, I call:  “The Ides of March”  at March the 14th, to get closer to this goal ourselves. Especially now that we are on the verge of an age shift. In the end the Universe in combination with the Earth will do what it has to do, to rebalance the situation anyway.

The up coming Full Moon in Cancer on January the 9th will make another demand on to the more emotional side (Moon) of our personalities. Up against the more rigid, keeping it all under control for the sake of the ego (Sun), opposition in Capricorn. The degree symbols once again, are more than interesting:


KEYNOTE: The ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.

This scene symbolizes the profound need for referring the interplay and the relatively permanent and productive union of all polarities to some third factor which either includes, or transcends and gives spiritual meaning to, the relationship. A conjugal union is essentially and traditionally the union of a man and a woman for the sake of producing progeny able to perpetuate the racial type, the family tradition and the way of life of a particular culture (or “subculture”), including a set of religious beliefs. The married couple is the basic productive unit in our society – as it has been for millennia in all patriarchal societies. The purpose of any established religion (including tribal cults) is to glorify, sanction and bless with a super-personal meaning all personal and interpersonal activities. This occurs through the “sacraments,” and indeed through most religious rites.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence we are given the basic technique used in all processes of effectual social or group integration. It is the technique which takes the form of sociocultural, and thus business or religious, ritualization. Through this technique commonplace individual endeavors acquire SANCTION; that is, they are ritualized and indeed “sanctified.” Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: Rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development.

What seems to be implied at this stage of the cyclic process is the value of early conditioning in teaching one how to fulfill the responsibilities of everyday life in our modern society. This twentieth scene of the complete process has been entitled “Group performance,” and today it is evident that Children at an early age are expected to assume a family role which at times will strain their natural capacities. This is part of the accelerating pace of our technological society.

This fourth stage symbol evokes the possibility of meeting a certain type of social opportunity which normally may seem premature. A pattern of ACCELERATED GROWTH can thus be established, with both positive and negative aspects. Rushing ahead of one’s natural development may be damaging; yet we are living in a particularly dynamic period of man’s evolution. Dane Rudhyar

Closest aspects on January the 9th will be: the sextile between Chiron in Pisces and Lilith in Taurus, the trine between Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra; followed by a square between Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. All within a one degree orb. Mercury in Capricorn will be in a five degree orb to Pluto: Trying to figure out how to break through the power struggles which are going on and on these days.

At the same day he will make a trine to Jupiter and Lilith in Taurus. So they can lighten up a little in the time being. In the end there will be no stopping her in the first three months of 2012 anyway. So, you better  a just, and jump on to her wave by going through the motions. Lilith  can give you one ‘hell’ of a ride, but the outcome can be truly awsome and powerful at the same time.

Happy 2012, to all of you out there!

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