Lilith as Handmaiden of Venus at Friday the 13th

At Friday the 13th we will have a situation going on in the sky.  Venus in Aquarius, ruler of Taurus where Jupiter and Lilith have a thing going on, will be in a conjunction with Neptune. She just moved out of orb to her quincunx with Mars in Virgo, which was kind of confusing if it comes to certain prudence’s versus liberated love. On Friday the 13th she will join Neptune to ‘fog’ up the situation. Right before she will join the Chiron, Lilith, Jupiter sextile they’ll  have to work out all together: before she will join the triple conjunction with Jupiter and Lilith at March the 14th, within the kite formation with Neptune, Chiron and Pallas at the apex; and the Mars Rx,Pluto,  Jupiter, Lilith, and Venus grand trine in the Earth signs.

“It was Lilith who brought the people in from the fields to Inanna’s (Venus) holy temple at Erech for the sacred sexual rites.”The Black Moon book by Demetra George

As a Lilith researcher the most interesting part of the triple conjunction in Taurus at March the 14th, is that Lilith in the Sumerian myth is a handmaiden of Inanna (Venus).  In other words: if we are talking the chakra‘s here, where Pluto rules the root chakra; Venus rules the heart chakra.  With Lilith as Priestess of the Kundalini and Chiron as initiator into the Kundalini, we could be talking major initiation with a beautiful opportunity to ground the full energy based on the Grand Trine, into the Earth Signs. All this is besides the fact that Lilith is in a sign this much connected to the Earth, made out of the Earth herself,  in a Grand Earth  Trine with her two most important connections: Pluto, her second consort and Mars, her sword. Jupiter might expand the energy and bounces it all over the place, the same day.

At December the 21st 2012: referred to as the end of the Mayan calendar, if you rule Carl Calleman’s version  out,  Jupiter and Lilith will still be in an 3 degree orb. Jupiter will be on the 8th degree of Gemini, and Lilith will be at the 11th degree of Gemini, in a Yod configuration with Pluto on the 8th degree of Capricorn; and Saturn at the 8th degree of Scorpio.

The Mayan calendar begins with what they referred to as:  the birth of Venus and the year 2012 will be particularly important if it comes to Venus her cycle, according to the Mayans. At May the 16th, Venus will start her Retrograde motion at the 24th degree of Gemini. Moves all the way back to the 8th degree of Gemini, where she will start moving Direct  again on June the 28th.  Do note that we are talking the same degrees as the apex of the Yod, which will be formed with Jupiter and Lilith on the apex on December the 21st, 2012.

At  the same day: June the 28th, Chiron in Pisces will be squaring Venus, which might make the wounds of the feminine visible on a profound level. Prior to that at March the 14th, we had the Chiron opposition with Mars Rx in Virgo: making the wounds of the masculine visible on a profound level, as part of the kite formation with the exact grand trine at the 10th degree between Venus, Jupiter, and Lilith in Taurus. Mars Rx in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn.

If we take a look at the time period between now and March 14th, we can call this period a time of initiation. If we look at Lilith as a handmaiden of Venus, we can call her sextile to Chiron as well as her conjunction  with Jupiter,  a way to open and expand the heart.  Getting an initiation in my opinion is over rated. Getting one is easy. Feeling the energies which are flowing all over the place isn’t all to difficult either. Keeping your balance while higher energies are making you bounce all over the place, is a lot harder already. Facing and working with the issues they’ll bring up without closing yourself off again, is seriously tricky. Grounding a serious initiation and keeping your balance for a long amount of time, is the truly hard part. But it can be done. The grand trine is an incredible good opportunity if it comes to that one. As well as the fact that Lilith will be in a conjunction with Jupiter for a complete year, which is pretty remarkable: The year of 2012.

Lets go back to Friday the 13th: At Friday the 13th  Venus in liberated Aquarius, just left her quincunx aspect with Mars in Virgo, at January the 12th. Mars in his prudence phase who was kind of boring lately, was followed up by a serious confrontation with soul mate Juno at the 24th degree of Scorpio. Who washed her ears by  explaining her the power of true intimacy in relationships. Even though Venus in Aquarius isn’t truly into intimacy the Scorpio way, right now; she also was moving into her trine with Saturn,  and gave the whole intimate relationships and the responsibility it takes a good thought. This close to Neptune it might not be a bad idea after all. In an idealistic way, it might be something to dream about.  While she is merging with Neptune, who truly knows how to fog the goddess of love; she looses herself into Neptune’s fog. Bringing her a higher love, which feels divine and detached at the same time: being in Aquarius.

However, the closest aspect on Friday the 13th, for a big part of the day; before Venus starts seriously to merge with Neptune, her higher octave, at the 29th degree of Aquarius: is the conjunction between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn trining Lilith in Taurus. Which brings us to the subject of trying to define where the boundaries of higher, dissolving love actually are in reality. Which is kind of tricky and definitely tided up with certain power structures, based on society as it is these days; and that’s without taking the judgemental side of the Priapus opposition conjunct Saturn, in Libra in consideration.

Friday the 13th is definitely a good day to party and to lose yourself in a romantic  love affair,  but there is a judgemental side to all this, at the backdrop. In other words: By the time she will reach her conjunction with Chiron, Lilith might put her back with her feet onto the ground. By cutting through the truth, the Lilithian way. Which isn’t a problem if you’re a truly high leveled person yourself, living close to reality as it is: but if you’re dreaming or using Neptune to escape reality, or worse even, to deceive people including yourself; it definitely will become a problem. As the dharma protector  that she is, she doesn’t take any crap if it comes to escaping reality.

With all the sexy kundalini energies out there in combination with the judgemental side of all this: It is definitely time for an other Bill Clinton alert. Go have a party, but make sure you do not end up in an “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” situation. For he ladies out there, I repeat: “I did not have sexual relations with that guy” and do make an affirmation out of it. The last time I pulled the Bill Clinton alert out of the closet, which you can read  here: I was right. The next thing we knew was Julian Assange ending up  in more than  serious trouble. We’ve also learned that Interpol  is manhunting, men who behave like  narcissistic jerks toward’s women they are dating: all over the globe. Wich is symbolized by the Pluto/Mercury conjunction, in Capricorn at Friday the 13th, as well. Which by far is the best news if it comes to change this century have come up with, so far, to me. (Lol!)

As soon as Venus totally love stoned (Neptune) comes out of her conjunction with Neptune, and hits Chiron’s wound; she will skip over to the sextile with Lilith and Jupiter.  They might have been dense at the first hit, but they do rock together. Especially to Venus right now. After that: she will join Pluto as well, forming a trine. We astrologers all know how compulsively sexy that one is, but on the other side do have the judgemental Priapus/Saturn in Libra, global dilemma going on; together with the Mercury/Pluto conjunction which also wants to define the boundaries of free sexual relationships, in combination with balanced responsibilities. Which is a fair and square dilemma with Saturn in Libra after all. The problem right now is the Jupiter/Lilith conjunction in opposition with the Saturn/Priapus conjunction together with the Venus/Neptune conjunction. Go figure that one out: It’s going to take time. Just be aware of the Ides of March, coming up soon.

I somehow managed to find a video clip which covers the Lilith/Jupiter versus Priapus/Saturn dilemma: With Chris Rock at the Lilith/Jupiter side of the discussion and Larry Elder at the Priapus/Saturn side of the discussion. Please do watch this one out, it’s just 3 minutes, and ask yourself where it is you are standing if it comes to this dilemma.

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