Mars Slowing Down

Mars in Virgo is slowing down before he go’s retrograde on January the 23rd. I wanted to write a post which is building up in my mind for a while already; when my computer got stuck for at least 45 minutes. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it going. Which is all very Mars Retro. Even now that it’s running again; everything go’s wrong. I accidentally published my first draft just yet. Some of you might have it already through the feeds or e-mail. Sorry it was a false alarm. I don’t know about this Mars Rx, seriously. I have it in my 9th house and it looks like it is going to bring me many delays. With Mars in Gemini squaring Uranus and Pluto in Virgo; I am not exactly known for my patience.

From the moment it entered his retrograde shadow I am already dealing with delays. I am actually running from one office to another, and I have a pile of paperwork I have to work myself through: which is giving me the shivers, just by looking at it. However, I’ll have to do this, it seriously needs my attention. Mars retro in Virgo can give many delays in the work place and lots of paperwork as well. Good time to reorganize things, and I’ve just redecorated the site again. Which also took a lot longer than it was supposed to take (sigh).

At January the first I ended up with a hideous fever which turned out to be a vicious virus infection. It took me out for nine days! I couldn’t even sit up straight more than twenty minutes for at least three days; and still have to take it easy because I didn’t go for the antibiotics. It hardly can get more Mars in Virgo than this. Then, of course, there are the anger issues: They’ve already started when the Eclipse of December the 10th on top of my Mars, kicked in. The real Mars retro period haven’t even started yet, but I swear I’ve already had steam coming out of my ears (more than once) lately (sigh).

So, I am going to give you all a rain check, if it comes to the post I originally wanted to write; but will end this one with a short video of how this one started. Some of you might recognize it. If not: You might end up like I just did, in the months to come…

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