Aquarius New Moon

The upcoming New Moon in Aquarius will be in a T-square at the midpoint of the Jupiter/Lilith conjunction in Taurus, which is opposing the Saturn/Priapus conjunction in Libra and Scorpio. The free thinkers, versus the moralists. The next two weeks there might be a humanitarian, liberating  vibe going through the air, liberating the Earth from those who are abusing their power, if it comes to keeping her recourses to themselves. Lilith is slowly moving in to her trine with Pluto: who rules todays Priapus position.

Even though Saturn is preparing himself for his retrograde motion, the emphasis  will be on the Jupiter/Lilith side of the opposition, and  Jupiter  will be overshadowed for a while by Lilith‘s presence; if it comes to arrogance, exaggeration, overblown ego issues, and ethics. Lilith will be  purifying Jupiter and might shape him up again, for as long as they are into each others orb, in their first meeting this year: till May the 5th.

What happened on January the 13th on the Italian cruise ship the Concordia, is a good example of how terribly wrong ’showing off ’can work out these days; concerning, losing your balance, boundaries,  Jupiter’s principle’s, and ethics. With Lilith around: you better be aware of those, before she starts to cut away the unessential’s; Vajrayogini style (in her most wrathful form). The Captain of the Concordia made a horrific mistake which he will be responsible for, for the rest of his life. Not  exactly a nice position to end up in, because you over estimated yourself.

The Sun and Moon are in a separating sextile with Uranus and Ceres in Aries: being focused on liberating Mother Nature from inhumane conditions.  They also are in three degree orb into a quincunx with Saturn in Libra, on one side, and Priapus in Scorpio on the other side: aching Saturn’s  boundaries  if it comes to social justice. Uranus in Aries who rules this New Moon isn’t fooling around these days. As we all have seen during the Arabic Spring, last year, when he joined his forces with Black Moon Lilith. Moammar al-Qadhafi is a good example of this: the bedouin (read gypsy) revolutionary who sold out his true essence Lilith/Uranus part of the deal, did not get away with it: Lilith took him out.

What many people don’t understand about Lilith as the point in the chart that she is, is  that if it comes to it, and she’s making a contact to another planet or point in your chart (especially the conjunction): She is the heavy weight!  I am not the only Dutch Astrologer pointing this out; trust me. If you work with her because you  have an astrological tool to work with: you simply can not get around this fact.

Let’s go back to Venus: Venus, still is in Pluto’s separating sextile,  had a party with Neptune, stumbled into Chiron’s wound, and also has been rocking around with Jupiter and Lilith; is moving into a conjunction with Vesta’s sacred fire. Which might be a relief after all the Piscian confusion, lately.  Right now she can keep the sacred heart fire burning, without loosing her true spirituality for a while, and take a break: retreating on her own.

Mars however, is starting his retrograde motion through Virgo the same day. At the day of the new Moon he will be in a trine to Mercury in Capricorn. Which, to me, is good news. I believe the degrees and aspects where a retrograde planet is going stationary, are of great importance. The trine will make up for serious thinking, if it comes to serious action,  at a certain point. Mars Rx in Virgo, in my opinion,  will  work out as a cleaner: He go’s inward, and will overthink every detail if it comes to where he is standing today; karma wise: in the best case scenario.

In the Earth Signs he  also is  concerned about  tangible solid conclusions and solutions, to aim his energy at in the end. We will have to give him time to clean up his environment (the house where he will be in during his Rx period, in the personal chart), before he connects with Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Lilith in the grand trine on March the 14th;  and give him the space to work out the details. Even though Mars Rx periods can be frustrating: There is no doubt in my mind he is capable of working things out in the sign of Virgo. But it might give some frustrating situations in the mean time. Especially for those like me, who were born into the mid sixties, and do have their Uranus/Pluto conjunctions in Virgo: we will have to live this one out; the best way we can. Maybe Mars going Rx  (slooooooowing doooooooown) after the Eclipse of December the 10th, might be a good thing if it comes to us…

If you look at this chart: the new ways, up against the old ways: Jupiter/Saturn with Lilith as one of the oldest principles of this Earth, living in exile, doing Jupiter as a freethinker. Together with the Aquarius New Moon energies, giving it serious strife through a T-square, somewhere before we will enter the age of Aquarius. Working out the details through Mars Rx in Virgo; digging up the dirt with Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter and Lilith trying to shape and mould the future: it’s kind of exiting in an old fashion way. Let’s just go for it, and give it another try our own way.  Just one more time: We might owe this to our parents, and the generation before us, no matter how angry we are these days…

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